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01/11 08:58.38 AM

If so, then i would like to start a icon contest, but i have no idea if anyone even are active on v---v

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01/11 02:19.52 PM

yea some are active but I don't think an icon contest would be that good unless the reward is something tangible for the games ppl on here play.......

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01/11 03:20.59 PM

over: Thank you for taking your time for anwering, honestly, it means a lot to me.

Yes i just taught about that..crap, it seems like i mistaked it for a certain similar site where you could give props but here only Points ill Think something out! just you wait guys, we need to give this club a kick in any way possible.

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01/11 08:16.56 PM

Sounds interesting! Good Luck!

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