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Park Tae Jun, CEO and model for aboki, Birthday: 03/09/1985
Park Tae Jun
Won Jong Jin / The J, A Korean model for Hootboom
Won Jong Jin / The J
Lee Chi Hoon, Annyeong ~ Have A Good Day
Lee Chi Hoon
Lee Chi Hoon, Korean models for Aboki and Mens-on, Birthday: 30/04/1988
Lee Chi Hoon
Song Ah Ri, Korean Ulzzang Hosishop's model Birthday: 9 march 1987
Song Ah Ri
Lee Han Young, Korean Ulzzang model for tomonari
Lee Han Young
Park Jae Hyun, Korean Ulzzang models for gabalnara, mr-s 
Birthday: 20/10/1992
Park Jae Hyun
Park Ji Ho, Korean Ulzzang models for daita, Birthday: 09/01/1989
Park Ji Ho
Park Hyung Seok, Korean Ulzzang models for aboki, Known as Hara, Birthday: 28/02/1992
Park Hyung Seok
Park Tae Jun, Annyeong ~
Park Tae Jun
Park Chang Min, Cute ulzzang from Korea
Park Chang Min
Kwak Min jun, Korean Ulzzang model of Alex&Queen Birthday: 4 November 1992
Kwak Min jun
Tsubasa Masuwaka, Kawaii model from Japan
Tsubasa Masuwaka
Lee Han Gook, Korean Ulzzang models for ganzinara Birthday: 11.02.1989
Lee Han Gook
Oh Jung Kyu, Korean Ulzzang models for okun, Birthday: 05/02/1989
Oh Jung Kyu
Park Chang Min, Red hair
Park Chang Min


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