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Carlos and James!!,
Big Time Rush logo :),
taking off his sweat with his shirt :'),
Carlitos :'),
Carlos with weights!,
Big Time Rush logo :),
Big Time Rush logo :)
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Submitted by AshleyVanessa14 6 years ago

Big Time Rush
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Kendall Schmidt :),
big time rush,
Logan from BTR, Logan is so attractive!
heh he's Logan ;),
No H8 James :),
Kendall's tattoo! :),
Kendall is a huge rocker ;),
James with tall hair!,
btr mtv awards,
Kendall with a beanie!,
Kogan rocks c:,
Kendall in sunglasses!,
haha this is funny :),
James looks angry ;),
haha funny dudes!,
Kogan in the air.,
BTR COLLAGE, They are so gorgeous and breath taking!
Kendall, It's Kendall
Fox! James' dog!,
I found this ultra funny. :),

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Big Time Rush
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Big Time Rush
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big time rush

BOOM! get outta your mind ;)

Justin Bieber and BTR

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Kendall c:

Performing :)

Carlos and Logan :)

Kendall and Dustin :)


Big Time Rush
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