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crystal azaroth, p
enthralled, female vamps so alluring seem to mesmerize  rendering you unable to resist attacks
sidekick bite, any of you girls got the sidekick bite animation please send request such a cool way to subdue your victims
lady cassandra dale, .
andreania marchiori, we will attack you from all directions     until you become a revenant with no more vital to steel
enthralled, female vamps so alluring seem to mesmerize  rendering you unable to resist attacks
female vamps so alluring seem to mesmerize rendering you unable to resist attacks
Keys: picture, pictures, bloodlines bite back vampire lycan
Submitted by andrewmarsland 6 years ago

Bloodlines Bite Back
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vampirella vs lucy the lycan, maybe this is one catfight i should not try to get in the middle off
bloodlines war, looks like a clan invasion just went belly up
noire luminos, prob the most famous of all vamps if you have problems with your bloodlines gear contact noire she will sort it
neko girl jackeline silva, she moves so quick and packs a mean punch for her size
elizabeth bathori, remember folks fanclubs good way to earn pts the more you upload the more you will get i earned 168 with fanclubs yesterday
concetta, you meet some crazy girls at bloodlines
Tayshia Xenga, seasoned war player my 1st fight was with her she beat me 3 times with instant one shot kills didnt even get chance to blink was gutted
Seductress Mary Shelma, my new minion i`m so proud of her i know she`s gonna be so formidible she`s such a hottie the guys will be begging her to bite them
humanity destroyed,
Charmed Death, i will lay down my life to defend her
seductive vampire,
legbite, my fav
legbite, seducing a newbie with my charm and erotic legbite if you think im taking advantage it did cost me price of a thirst hud and she was keen to join the bloodlines rank
sherry warblood, alluring and hypnotic with all that body swaying
kass lange noir, ..
kass lange noir2, x
kass lange noir,
Tayshia Xenga, upload anything second life bloodlines here, ive gone from vampire soul hunting too the war unfortunatly im rubbish at it if anyone got any tips
rosange, []
best bite, this won a bloodlines best bite contest on facebook

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Bloodlines Bite Back
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Bloodlines Bite Back
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kass lange noir

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