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burger king, burger king is good place to eat plus they have lot of food.
whopper, Burger King Whoppers yum
food, burger king food
Burger king,
bacon sundae,
whopper, Burger King Whoppers yum
Burger King Whoppers yum
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burger king
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burger king, burger king taste very good.
Anyone remember the burgerking kids club from the 90s and early 2000s?, I remember lol this was the logo for it way back when..I feel old and I am only 20 lol.
burger king, tasty.
Burger King Food,
Oh Yummy, #ketchup #indie #girl #beauty #swag #fries
If I am correct the 2nd logo, This is from 1971, recently used for the anniversary of the whopper.
burger king, burger king is good place to eat plus they have lot of food.
Drink., burger king : drink . cold
BK advertsiment, Burger King, advertimsment
Burgerkings Original Logo, I certainly don't remember it but my father does..But then again hes 60 LOL
burger king, burger and fries
hash browns :O,
Burger King, Burger
Chicken Royale,
burger king, burger king expensives tasty good
BK, Burger king fast food
burger king, burger king tasty good yummy tasty
drink bk, Burger King Slushie
BK walk thru!~, bks walk thru sign!

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burger king
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burger king
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burger king

Oh Yummy


Burgerkings Original Logo

An AWESOME burgerking!!!

If I am correct the 2nd logo

Advertisement for the 55c whopper!

burger king

burger king

burger king
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burger king
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