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Nobody likes you, Slenderman, Weeelll, based on Slendy's ever growing fan base, I wouldn't trust the title XD
Jeff, Slenderman & Smile, Jeff made a friend...
Creepypasta full house (comic), An amusing creepypasta comic by fatal-impurity
Creepypasta Valentine, One day I shall post "creepy" pics again
Pastamonsters 02, Pastamonsters is a creepypasta comic series by XcomickittyX
Jeff, Slenderman & Smile, Jeff made a friend...
Jeff, Slenderman & Smile
Jeff made a friend...
Source: moto0523
Keys: picture, pictures, slender man, slenderman, slendy, smile, smile dog.jpeg, creepypasta, jeff the killer
Submitted by ziachan 1 year ago


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The Slender Family,
Say hello to Slenderman's many relatives! Its not complete since when Arvata made this some of of the other Slender parodies weren't made.
Cutesy Creepypasta wallpaper, Tagging this was a pain, you know? Well anyway, I say cutesy because you  do have to admit it does look cutesy. Various pasta monsters here. Do you see your fave?
Pastamonsters 02, Pastamonsters is a creepypasta comic series by XcomickittyX
Slender Bros, The slender brothers. You can obviously see who\'s the most mature in this.
Creepypasta wallpaper, Bobombdom of DA made 3D models of Creepypasta characters and used them all to make this awesome wallpaper! Well, technically it's a bit small for Stuffpoint to consider it a wallpaper, but nevertheless it's an awesome picture
Creepypasta perception, True, true!
Grinny Cat ~Human~ (Adventure Time style), Grinny cat is a creepypasta monster made by XcomickittyX. XcomickittyX also make comics about Creepypasta called PastaMonsters
Creepypasta Valentine cards by sannycool261, Creepypasta Valentine cards by sannycool261. ..They're strangely cute, no?
Proxies, Gotta love Slendy's proxies, yeah?
Toby is a creepypasta OC by fatal-impurity
Mr. Nice Guy, Do you really think that Slenderman is a nice guy.....oh maybe he can't handle the chance of being the "SPLENDORMAN"
Oppan Slender Style, *is speechless*

Uh, enjoy?
Loneliness and BRVR- Abandoned, Two Pokemon Creepypasta characters that have one thing in common- they were both abandoned.
Loneliness- Blue, and then Leaf
BRVR- His best friend
Creepypasta sticker set, A nicely drawn sticker set by dethkira of deviantart. Come on now, admit it, its very cool.  Next of them is a catchphrase. ..Not sure 'bout the Eyeles Jack one, though.
Creepypasta breakfast, Jeff loves strawberry jam ;D
Who ate all the raspberries, Who ate all the raspberries...?
Slenderman & Jeff, Like the knife...
Tackled by Masky, Masky used tackle! The enemy is down! Wait, Masky wants to use punch, let it?

Anyway, screenie of a Marble Hornets episode.
Smile pup.jpeg, Smile dog.jpeg as a yeah, Smile pup :)
Creepypasta Alice of Human Sacrifice, That girl doesn't look like Jane, though? Ugh, but nevertheless, its a nice picture.
Slenderman is an artist, *is busy being amused*
Slenderman is an artist!

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