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Criss Angel and Mandy Moore, Criss Angel with Mandy Moore, Season 1 of Mindfreak, Blind driving trick
CA Candle,
Mindfreak College,
A Real Angel, Criss Angel is a real angel at Make a wish foundation
Mindfreak Angel,
CA Candle,
CA Candle
Keys: illusionist, mindfreak, mystifyer, picture, pictures, criss angel
Submitted by toxic_innocence 4 years ago

Criss Angel
popular images
Criss Angel 3,
Criss Angel 10,
Mindfreak Wallpaper 2, This one looks really cool.
Trick Angel 4, Picture of Criss Angel with a Razor Blade in his mouth
Trick Angel 5, The woman in half
as featured in season 2 of Mindfreak
Mindfreak Angel 3, With a microphone. :)
Sarantakos Family, Criss Angel with his mom and older brothers. The Mindfreak loves his family.
Motorcycle Mindfreak, Criss with one of his many motorcycles
Mindfreak Angel,
Blue Criss Wallpaper, Another really cool wallpaper. I love this one a lot.
Cowboy Criss, Criss the cowboy with a white horse and an awesome watch.
Criss Angel and Sully Erna of Godsmack,
Criss Angel Goth Angel,
Criss Angel Wallpaper 4,
Trick Angel, A picture of Criss performing one of his mind blowing tricks
Levitation 2, Criss Angel levitating a random woman on Fremont Street on his show, Mindfreak.
Super Sarantakos, Criss Angel, Supernatural Goth era
Inspiring Illusionist 3, And yet another quote by this amazing man
Criss Angel and Gene Simmons, Criss Angel with the lead singer of Kiss, Gene Simmons. It looks like they're having a longest tongue contest.

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Criss Angel
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Criss Angel
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Criss Angel
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In what year did the Mindfreak make it's television debut?

Criss Angel
Criss Angel's new show!
4 years ago

Criss Angel
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