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Burning Red Skills (Cleric, Sorceress), Modification of Red and Black skills :D
Kali, The new Class!
Otah & King Cassius III, :v !!!!!!!!
Death of A Person Close to You - DeviantArt Dragon Nest Commision, It's a sad death, but Geraint's sadder! :v
PIxie Queen, Cute is cute but she is a meanie :v

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The new Class!
Source: deviantart
Keys: girl, kali, picture, pictures, dragon nest
Submitted by Diathedia 4 years ago

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Cleric & Jake, "Don't cry and move on"
Geraint & Argenta, Geraint & Argenta
Nerwin, One of the Six Heroes. Nerwin the Elf.
Terramai, One of the Six Heroes. Cleric Terramai.
Karacule, One of the Six Heroes. Karacule Fairystar. Killed by the Green Dragon Karahan, her brother ;^;
Desert Dragon, The new Dragon for 60cap. Not so new in DNkor and DNchina though.
Summer Beach, Summer Beach~
A New Journey, A second prophet, born beneath the shadow star, has emerged from a desert town hidden away from the rest of Altera. She was trained to wield the power of her ancestors at an early age, but the time to fight arrived sooner than anyone could have predicted.
ABCD Archer Costume, ABCD Archer Costume ~
Sorceress Bat Costume, >:D
Barnac, One of the Six Heroes, Barnac. He's once of the villains now D:
Majesty, All Hail Your Majesty! :v
MoonLord Black and Red Skills Modification, Seems legit for a dark Moonlord :v
Ian [Inqui], A Fanart of Ian
Rainbow Pegasi Mount,
Geraint, Geraint :v
Argenta, Argenta and her brother Gerrant was involved in The Dragon Raid. She disapproved of the 5 heroes that Gerrant enlisted. Argenta was responsible for defending Saint's Haven against the attacks of Elena and her army.
Burning Red Skills (Cleric, Sorceress), Modification of Red and Black skills :D

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