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Dragons of Atlantis
Origin of the Fire Dragon., You can check the story out on Kabam. (:
Chrono Dragon, The armored Chrono Dragon, ready for battle. Pretty cool fella, but powering up the keep sucks up your resources!
Amber Crest Dragon Egg, An Amber Crest Dragon egg, which can be found in level seven forests and above. Took forever for me to actually find one, but finally did!
Steelshard Dragon Baby!, The (ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE) baby Steelshard. (:
Baby Water Dragon, The hatched Water Dragon.
Water Dragon Egg,
Lord of Ice, The adult Frost Dragon, fully-armored and poised to fight.
Mephitic Serpent, The absolutely beautiful Serpent. (: Love this dragon.

Dragons of Atlantis
Great Dragon Attack, First attack on Anthropus Camp with Great Dragon.
Great Dragon Attack
Water Dragon Attack, Watch as the armored Water Dragon prepares for its first attack! (:
Water Dragon Attack
Stone Dragon Attack, The Stone Dragon once it's been fully-armored! (: The Stone Dragon is my personal favorite as a baby.
Stone Dragon Attack

Dragons of Atlantis
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Dragons of Atlantis
Do you have "Dragons of Atlantis: Heir of the Dragon" on your cell phone?
Most users say Yup!
Do you have any hybrid dragons in your sanctuary?
Most users say Yes!
Do you have the Kaiser Dragon yet?
Most users say Not yet...
Not yet...
Yes, I do. (:
Have you yet to obtain the Steelshard Dragon?
Most users say Yes!
No. :c
Do you attack active members?
Most users say I only attack inactive ones unless I must defend myself.
I only attack inactive ones unless I must defend myself.
I never attack anyone.
Dragons of Atlantis
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Dragons of Atlantis

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Dragons of Atlantis




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Dragons of Atlantis
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There is no possible way to successfully defend against a Wraith Dragon attack.
You don't even have the option TO defend
Dragons of Atlantis
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Dragons of Atlantis
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