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Stone Dragon Egg,
Water Dragon Egg,
Dragons of Atlantis- New Icon!, Lovely icon for the fanclub. :D
Baby Water Dragon, The hatched Water Dragon.
The Adorable Stone Dragon, The absolutely adorable baby Stone Dragon. Jaskoaieur they are SO CUTE.
Water Dragon Egg,
Water Dragon Egg
Source: Dragons of Atlantis wiki
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Submitted by Ozzkat 5 years ago

Dragons of Atlantis
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Origin of the Fire Dragon., You can check the story out on Kabam. (:
Chrono Dragon, The armored Chrono Dragon, ready for battle. Pretty cool fella, but powering up the keep sucks up your resources!
Amber Crest Dragon Egg, An Amber Crest Dragon egg, which can be found in level seven forests and above. Took forever for me to actually find one, but finally did!
Baby Water Dragon, The hatched Water Dragon.
Steelshard Dragon Baby!, The (ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE) baby Steelshard. (:
Lord of Ice, The adult Frost Dragon, fully-armored and poised to fight.
Mephitic Serpent, The absolutely beautiful Serpent. (: Love this dragon.
LUNAR Scales & Armor- Great Dragon!, SO excited and thankful to Kabam that I won their recent writing competition in the "dragons" category!! ^^ This was one of the awards, lunar scales and armor (with massive boosts!) for the beautiful Great Dragon. (:
Arctic Leviathan, An Arctic Leviathan, the strongest ranged troop in the entire game. Right now it is only available in challenges and tournaments. I won 1K in the latest Tiered Challenge. :D
Frost Dragon., The adult Frost Dragon before being garbed in its armor.
The Wraith Dragon, One of the coolest dragons there is. Finally made my own Spectral Outpost today! Big enough to use as a wallpaper. (:
Mephitic Serpent Dragon Egg, The egg of the Mephitic Serpent, to me the coolest dragon I've yet to obtain. :D
Steelshard Dragon, The Steelshard Dragon, the newest addition to DoA!
Kaiser Dragon, A pretty nice dragon, but I've yet to get this fella.
Wraith Dragon (armored), The absolutely beautiful Wraith Dragon, armored and ready for combat
Amber Crest Dragon, The adult Amber Crest Dragon, capable of bringing back over 10M resources in one march! However, like the Chrono Dragon, it can take a couple days to return to full health.
Physic Dragon Baby!, A baby Psychic Dragon, which I've finally bred in the Sanctuary! :D Her parents are a Wind and Helio dragon. I named her Gypsy. c:
Battle Dragon, An available troop in "Dragons of Atlantis," the Battle Dragon. They're slower than Swift Strikers, but deal much more melee damage.
Winter scales + Granite Armour,
The Great Dragon, The Great Dragon in its adult, unarmored form.

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There is no possible way to successfully defend against a Wraith Dragon attack.
You don't even have the option TO defend

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