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The Shoe, The Dominix turned into a Shoe!
The Shoe
Eve Online,
Eve Online
Eve Online Banner,
Eve Online Banner
Eve Online Apocrypha,
Eve Online Apocrypha
Eve Online,
Eve Online
Eve Online Caldari,
Eve Online Caldari
Bug in Eve, A bug looking ship I stumbled upon while mining. ;`~}--™
Bug in Eve
Apple Core!, 2 Avatar's stuck together!
Apple Core!
Eve Online Gallente,
Eve Online Gallente
Eve Online Amarr,
Eve Online Amarr
Eve Online Logo Square,
Eve Online Logo Square
Mine-Time!, Me in the Barge and my friend in the Cyclone!
Ships Working Together, Talliss en Tilavine and Iro Kozaki Salvaging together.  ;`~}--™
Ships Working Together
Dominix & Drake, Warping Together ;`~}--™
Dominix & Drake
EVE, Absolution


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