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Sundays at 9:00 PM on FOX

Sick, twisted, politically incorrect and Freakin' Sweet animated series featuring the adventures of the dysfunctional Griffin family. Bumbling Peter and long-suffering Lois have three kids. Stewie (a brilliant but sadistic baby bent on killing his mother and taking over the world), Meg (the oldest,...

Family Guy
Family Guy - Peter Griffin,
stewie funny,
family guy, funny cartoon show.
Funny Stewie, Stewie is being funny
Quagmire Wallpaper, A wallpaper with Quagmire!
OHMYERGERD, #quotes #pervert #creep #quagmire #funny #humor #tv #television
Funny moment, family guy, funny moment image
family guy, family guy good

Family Guy
Family Guy - Breast Feeding, Stewie sucks Peter's  and gets a  hair stuck in his mouth.
Family Guy - Breast Feeding
Fart and Fire Fart Montage, This Video is a solute to Farts and Fire farts, including clips from Family Guy, and The Worlds Longest Fart. None of the clips in this video are ours. Pleas...
Fart and Fire Fart Montage
Retarded Horse - Family Guy - YouTube, -Sorry about the brightness, if you want I can remake the video, and make sure the video is in perfect quality, + 720 HD :) Also the ep. is Family Gay, not s...
Retarded Horse - Family Guy - YouTube
        FAMILY GUY - Bird is the Word!      - YouTube  , All-new episodes of FAMILY GUY return this fall to FOX! Available now on DVD! ('Like' on Facebook)
FAMILY GUY - Bird is the Word! - YouTube

Family Guy
Family Guy Quotes no comments
Family Guy Wallpapers no comments
family guy voices seth macfarlane - YouTubeno comments
Why Did Seth MacFarlane Kill Brian On 'Family Guy'? - YouTubeno comments
Watch Family Guy Online Streaming | Quick-Streamno comments
family guy (stewie)no comments
Family Guy
Do you like Meg Griffin
Most users say yes
Will Family Guy last over twenty years?
Most users say Yes!
No. .
Do You Think Lois Griffin is hot?
Most users say YES
who the best family guy character
Most users say stewie
Who is better?
Most users say Quagmire
Family Guy
questions and answers
How many times did peter fought with the chicken?
3 people have answered this.
How come Peter doesnt have to work everyday. Hes like so free and has all the money to buy stuffs
2 people have answered this.
what was the name of chrisses pimple and what did it make chiss do?
8 people have answered this.
While learning to drive, who did Meg run over and kill?
14 people have answered this.
During the THIRD encounter with the Big Chicken, what happened to Peter after the Chicken hit him up side the head with an odd number of objects??
5 people have answered this.

Family Guy

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frey16 says...
turn up
posted @ 05/09 12:28.14 PM

huslaa says...
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posted @ 04/12 11:03.24 PM

Sinnoccent_sl says...
poor brian
posted @ 12/21 11:32.07 PM

GRInde789 says...
posted @ 12/16 03:02.38 AM

lightsewar says...
i like stewie too he is so cute and evil in the same time
posted @ 12/13 03:21.41 PM

Jeanyboy101_sl says...
i Love that Stewie is a baby in the show because it makes it ironic that he is evil and violent lol because most babies are seen as innocent and sweet little angels HE isn't and i LOVE IT lol
posted @ 12/10 02:41.08 PM

luke_williams says...
got to love it
posted @ 11/18 12:22.45 AM

xdivaxgeekx says...
god do ilove this show
posted @ 10/06 12:37.34 PM

balot77 says...
posted @ 09/30 07:20.41 AM

Dimineutro says...
ksksksksk - ♥
posted @ 09/25 11:52.03 AM
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Family Guy
trivia quiz

What is Brian's favorite drink?
Whiskey Sour
Family Guy
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What running gag do you enjoy the most?
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