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fantage characters, Top fantage users
Fantage, love fantage
fantage with pokemon, fantagians in match with pokemons
fantage posing characters, all fantage posing characters
Fantage, I o on Fantage everyday!
fantage map, fantage map
fantage, wao amazing
fantage idfone, an awesome id fone
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who want ecoin or membership?
Most users say do u want membership free?
who wants free ecoins?
Most users say yes
um No
is Fan tage a lie?
Most users say i think
i think
no it never lies
dose everyone want free hair?
Most users say yes
Who want fantage membership or ecoins
Most users say ecoins
questions and answers
fantage membership cards
5 people have answered this.
fantage membership cards
3 people have answered this.
fantage membership code
1 people have answered this.
How long have you playing fantage for?
6 people have answered this.
Can this be a two-player game?
16 people have answered this.

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stellar28 says...
who want membership plzzz be patient in 2014 we are gonna give out 50 fantage 10 dollar cards
posted @ 07/05 07:05.42 AM

cutie12 says...
Love fantage and wish to be a member
posted @ 12/27 05:10.14 AM

Hola123321 says...
Love fantage
posted @ 12/19 02:20.23 AM

Glimmerox101 says...
I think there should be a only a member server we members deserve it!!!
posted @ 11/26 07:19.02 PM

kat2689 says...
Fanatge is awesome my username is kat2689 on fantage im buy a membership house here in a few so this site wiill help pretty muchthxx

posted @ 11/22 11:38.43 AM

aio0oda20000 says...
hey guys ::::: i am from the lover of fantage but we all want to be member and get ecoins !! Dx i am saad for that >>
posted @ 10/31 01:05.12 PM

emmy2469 says...
hi i love fantage
posted @ 10/06 11:57.35 AM

kaleb174 says...
How can you get ecoins without buying them or being a member?
posted @ 09/17 02:59.10 AM

hanah5153 says...
ok im liking this site so far
posted @ 09/10 12:10.33 PM

Sharabear34 says...
Haii evreyone my name in fantage is sharabear34 she just got membership for free YAY but i bought it TnT Lol cant i get free membership for jake27278 he was a great mem his lvl was 1346 high lvl huh? but now he is non i have 26 pointz i just made the account yestrday!! i wish i get enough points for membership
posted @ 09/05 08:21.13 AM
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