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Idiots cause stress,
Writing, :)
Trying to Take a Shower, A cute cat!
how to get on a diet hehe,
Writing, :)
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Submitted by samanthablue463 1 year ago


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lady babangg,
Weird Looking Llama, This is one weird looking llama, with the weird hair-do, the enormous teeth, and the bulbous nose, this is one homely animal. One wonder how much is REAL and how much is picture MANIPULATION.
Sarcastic Remarks, LOL. ...
lol so true!!!,
This is how always encourage myself, Don't worry, Friday's coming. :}
funny puppy,
directioner quote,
funny monkey,
I hate you so much,
Lol darnit Skyrim, Lol
Corgi is not amused., -_-. xD I love it
so true,
creepy s**t,
Friends with Benefits,
haha! mr. grumpy cat,
Skiing Chickens, A weird concept of skiing chickens, funny pic.
A Pile of Sloths, This pile of sloths with stuffed animals is too cute.  These little guys move so slow, they could be easily be mistaken for the stuffed animals.
Walmart at 3am,
Chimp Bottle-feeding a Baby Tiger, This young chip is playing house, by bottle-feeding a baby tiger. She seems to be really into it, look at the love on her face.  Soooo sweet, little mama.
Little Buck and Tabby Cat, This little yellow tabby and fawn buck look close.  This is a sweet picture.

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Funny pictures!
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LOL cat search engin xD Corgis are great

Erhmagerd Kerrits!!!!!

Look at this lil grill mate...Ain't he a cutie!???? :D

Lol idk why this is funny to me..

They see me rolllinnnn they hatttinnn

A lil boost, if you ever think your fat, think your just a lil husky :D

I won't apologize to the cat..NO!

Erhmagerrrrd berdsktixxxxxxxx

He is a good boy!

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