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Do you guys have suggestions on zOMG? The things to do to earn orbs/items/gold, whatnot, to become better in the game.

posted question 6 years ago

EnglishPatient says...
The easiest way to avoid a time-sink is to complete quests, rather than grind monsters. Grinding monsters is really only good for pocket money, badges, and wasting a few hours.
alostinnocence says...
Go to bassken lake and grind the saw mill on norm...its hella easy and givs u rings orbs and gold....also get a fortunes fav ring from the mp and a fitness with those on your luck i hella high and all ur drop rates increase so more orbs rings gold and loo
If you want to earn items and gold and such, best bet is to fight the little monsters. It can be a little boring sometimes, but it gets a lot of gold.
to get more gold do gaia forums in aquariums and for other items do pinball
for gold just write in forums! its easy and thats what i do when i want to make quick gold! To get gold in zOMG (i recommend forums) just keep killing monsters with higher leveled ppl and collecting the gold!
to get orbs,items,gold you always stay huddled up in a crew and make sure your crew has the correct rings and make sure your crew is always high ranked because once you do buzz saw or shrine your level drops but once you use your rings it becomes easier no matter what.
purging says...
Farming is a simple albeit boring way to earn gold. Try to make sure you recharge your ghi up in barton town if you are going solo to make sure you keep getting drops .


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