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Gaia Online Rewards
By participating in fan clubs on Stuffpoint.com you will earn points that you can actually spend on real life Gaia Online merchandise! Check the earn points page for more ways to earn.

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Gaia Monthly Collectable
2,500 points
Crunchyroll Membership
7,000 points
$10 Gaia Cash Card
10,000 points
$10 ijji Card
10,000 points
Gaia Online Mini Keychain Kiki Kitty Plush 3"
from 7,990 points

Gaia: Conscious Yoga, Meditation, and Spirituality
from 0 points

Gaia Herbs Golden Milk with Organic Turmeric Powder and Ashwagandha,3.7 Oz
from 12,990 points

Gaia Online Mini Plush Keychain Coco Kitty Plush 3"
from 7,990 points

Gaia Online Mini Keychain Plush Gwee Plush 3"
from 5,000 points

Gaia Herbs Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength 120 ct (Pack of 2)
from 55,350 points

Gaia Yoga
from 0 points

Gaia Online Mini Plush Keychain Coco Kitty Plush 3'
from 8,000 points

Gaia Herbs Oil of Oregano Liquid Phyto-Capsules, 60 Count
from 17,540 points

Gaia Herbs Liquid Herbal Iron, 8.5-Ounce Bottle
from 16,890 points


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How much is Ninja and Worth on 7?21/2013
7 million
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