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Gaia Online Gameplay - First Look HD, Gaia Online is a 2D anime inspired browser based social MMO by Gaia Interactive.
Gaia Online Gameplay - First Look HD
How to get free gaia monthly collectible, Link:
How to get free gaia monthly collectible
Skater Boy- GMV (Gaia online music video)      - YouTube, My second music video o_O;; Created only 3 days after the first one..; The credits before and after the song says all, so I'll skip the credits part. Well ho...
Skater Boy- GMV (Gaia online music video) - YouTube
GAIA Online music video      - YouTube, Some music video i made using Avatars from enjoy my gaia name: Shining Wizard
GAIA Online music video - YouTube

Official Gaia zOMG! Teaser,
Official Gaia zOMG! Teaser


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