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stuffpoint -> ice cream -> images -> pictures -> Oh my! Apple pie!
yummy ice cream~~ korilakkuma~, ~~~~~~
Oh my! Apple pie!, Ben & Jerry's: Oh my! Apple pie!
Baked Alaska, Ben & Jerry's: Baked Alaska
Strawberry Cheesecake, Ben & Jerry's: Strawberry Cheesecake
kawaii ice cream cake ring~~, kawaii right~~
Oh my! Apple pie!, Ben & Jerry's: Oh my! Apple pie!
Oh my! Apple pie!
Ben & Jerry's: Oh my! Apple pie!
Keys: apple, ben & jerry's, oh my! apple pie!, picture, pictures, pie, sweet, tasty, ice cream
Submitted by rosasmurf 2 years ago

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Yoghurt + Chocolate Ice Cream = :), I've never eaten Yoghurt before - it just don't seem to fit my appetite, but this thing sure made it looked quite appetizing! Chocolate, Ice Cream and Yoghurt altogether!
Three Scoop Ice Cream Cone, Just a three scoop ice cream cone.

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colorful ice cream~~~

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