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Multigaire says...
Starting at 1pm ET Monday we'll reveal the cover in sections unlocked by your tweets using #iHeartARTPOP
AWWWW!! I'm so excited!
posted @ 10/06 09:48.26 PM

ElahehKhorasani_sl says...
Love music want to earn alittle extra cash its an awesome site, i use it myself , they pay you for reviewing music its not big money but the more you review the more you earn just copy and paste the link and go from there if your interested
posted @ 08/16 03:35.13 PM

AhududuSekeri says...
ArtPop come quickly pleaseee
posted @ 12/24 04:24.13 PM

SageShepard_sl says...
I really like the Born This Way album
posted @ 10/14 08:57.42 AM

Lirikio_sl says...
Lady Gaga is awesome. She's such an inspiration to me. She doesn't put her voice over anyone's lyrics and she got famous the proper way, not going on some talent show. I really respect the effort she's made, and I admire her for it to be honest, and I also love her music!!
posted @ 09/26 12:12.57 PM

Emily1 says...
I love lady gaga she is so pretty
posted @ 07/16 07:08.57 PM

elle123 says...
I LOVE Lady Gaga. She's so new and original. Also, unlike many other singers, she actually has a nice voice and doesn't rely on autotune.
posted @ 06/28 07:57.57 PM


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