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stuffpoint -> Lord of the Rings -> images -> pictures -> Gondor's white tree
Aragorn, Aragorn is so nice o.o
Gondor's white tree, In Minas Thirit
Minas Tirith, :O
Helm's Deep, Oh my,, that was the dramatic scene in all the film :O
War, Looks pretty cool :)
Gondor's white tree, In Minas Thirit
Gondor's white tree
In Minas Thirit
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Submitted by Tereez 4 years ago

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lord of the rings, :)
Gollum, my favourite caharacter!
ring, :)
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sydnee, evo jedne slike koja je slikana jako davno u južnoj americi
Uruk Hai, He is scary :D
Gandalf, Artwork by John Howe

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Why was Legolas GreenLeaf sentenced to Exile?
Because he broke his wedding vows.
He took Aragorn's side during the case of who murdered Arwen's husband.
Because someone heard him say he desired to leave his people and it's treason cause he's a king.
He killed one of his own people.

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