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temoo says...
love you
posted @ 01/29 02:52.35 PM

chloedizzy says...
love it
posted @ 01/23 02:24.32 PM

1Pink says...
No words can explain how 14,095,816 of her fans love her. This page is for the Queen!!!!!!
posted @ 08/10 01:02.50 PM

lolipop4real says...
luv nikki crazy cool raps in love with roman revenge and roman holiday love ya nikki your at the top now
posted @ 08/02 06:23.12 AM

irockfreshresident says...
lmaoooooooo i was thinking the same thing bout the spelling o.O bahahaha
posted @ 07/19 05:03.44 PM

MagicBeans says...
Dear Lord up in heaven, its Nicki Minaj. Why do people always spell it wrong? D:
posted @ 06/14 02:30.06 PM


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