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06/18 02:17.52 PM


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06/30 10:38.59 AM

True Directioners don't have a favorite and I am a True Directioner,

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06/30 06:33.22 PM

lol true directioners..

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07/01 04:17.27 PM

Their f*gs

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07/01 05:32.32 PM

Zayn xD

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07/01 08:57.30 PM

okay wow, but they actually gonna be out in a few months or years give em 2013 or around december we will forget them like he jonas brothers sorry but its true.

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07/01 10:38.25 PM


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07/15 11:21.21 PM

Niall <3

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08/19 01:49.07 PM


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08/20 04:49.15 AM

I like them all but i LOVE harry

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08/20 07:12.06 AM

Zayn Malik

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11/13 07:35.38 PM

They're gunna be around for a lot longer, don't worry I love them all but I really fancy Niall ;D

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11/13 09:19.42 PM

True Directioners Love All Of Them! BUT NIALL,LOUIE,LIAM,AND HARRY!! !!!Zayn's Mine!!!True Directionerr

Earnings: 274,715 points

11/13 11:11.59 PM

Eh, Not so fussed about them. But if i had to pick... Then it would probably be that Blonde dude.

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11/14 12:38.22 AM


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11/15 05:34.52 PM

Lol it sucks for Mwah and VongolaValeria cuz hes already married to me

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