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One Piece Plot Summary
Years ago, the fearsome pirate king Gold Roger was executed, leaving a huge pile of treasure and the famous "One Piece" behind. Whoever claims the "One Piece" will be named the new pirate king. Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who consumed the "Devil's Fruit", has it in his head that he'll follow in the footsteps of his idol, the pirate Shanks, and find the One Piece. It helps, of course, that his body has the properties of rubber and he's surrounded by a bevy of skilled fighters and thieves to help him along the way. Monkey D. Luffy brings a bunch of his crew followed by, Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Tony-Tony Chopper, Nico Robin, Franky, and Brook. They will do anything to get the One Piece and become King of the Pirates!

One Piece episode list

Angry Finale! Cross the Red Line! Season 1 Episode 1
After leaving Battleship Island the Going Merry is now towards the Grand Line, and the crew now returns to the Great Adventure.

Sandai Kitetsu and Yubashiri! Zoro's New Swords, and the Fem Season 1 Episode 2
While searching for new swords to replace the ones shattered by Mihawk, Zoro meets a woman named Tashigi, who looks exactly like an older Kuina, who then helps him look.

Usopp vs. Daddy The Father! Showdown at High Noon! Season 1 Episode 3
(filler) Usopp manages to anger the daughter of bounty hunter Daddy the Father, and finds his own life at stake. When Daddy discovers that Usopp is the son of Yasopp, the only man to beat him, he challenges him to a duel.

A Burning Culinary Battle? Sanji vs. The Gorgeous Chef Season 1 Episode 4
(filler) In order to win a rare fish, Sanji enters a cooking contest and faces a woman named Carmen.

Buggy's Revenge! The Man who Smiles at the Execution Platfor Season 1 Episode 5
Luffy arrives at the execution platform only to be caught in a trap by Buggy and Alvida.

The Legend has Begun! Head to the Grand Line Season 1 Episode 6
Miraculously saved from death by an unnatural green fog and a lightning bolt to Buggy, the Straw Hats rush out of Loguetown, only for Zoro to be stopped by Tashigi and Luffy to be stopped by Captain Smoker.

Foreboding of a New Adventure! The Puzzling Girl, Apis Season 1 Episode 7
On a stormy night a girl called Apis escapes from the Marines and arrives at Straw hat's ship, but the girl upon knowing that they are pirates begins to hide some of the reasons which she is being wanted by the Marines. As the Straw Hats escape from the Marines, they get caught in the Calm Belt.

The Holy Beast! Apis' Secret and the Legendary Island Season 1 Episode 8
The Calm Belt is revealed to have no winds or currents as well as being the home of many giant sea kings. Apis forms a plan with Luffy's help and escapes the sea kings by riding with one's sneeze. Later, the crew reaches Battleship Island, where they listen to the soporific story of the island's creation. After following Apis into a cave where a dragon is hidden, Luffy and Nami find the reason why Apis is being chased.

Erik's Raid! Great Escape from Gunkan Island! Season 1 Episode 9
Now that the crew is informed about the reasons for which Apis was followed, they hurry to escape the island so Ryuuji could be saved, but they meet with a foe that wants Ryuuji to himself. Zoro and Usopp bring the ship to a thin rock at the side while Nami and Api get Ryuuji onto a cart. Luffy and Sanji fight the Marines to buy time for all preparations. In the end, the ship pulls the cart away on the search for Lost Island.

Lone Island in a Distant Sea! The Legendary Lost Island Season 1 Episode 10
After arriving to what might seemed as the Lost Island the Straw hats where looking for, they find an old Temple with paintings that might indicate where the Lost Island really is, and also Erik who has been following them throughout the sea.

Duel in the Ruins! Strained Zoro vs. Erik Season 1 Episode 11
Zoro is left fighting with Erik while Luffy and the gang run to the ship in order to get to Lost Island, but only find more problems.

Luffy, Completely Surrounded! Admiral Nelson's Secret Plan Season 1 Episode 12
At last Admiral Nelson has seen through the ambitions of Erik, but takes it a little too personally and now the mystical dragon's life is in danger.

Those who Soar in the Open Skies! Revival of the 1000 Year L Season 1 Episode 13
With his last breath, Ryuuji calls all his fellow dragons, and the Lost Island re-surfaced. Meanwhile Luffy takes out Admiral Nelson and his gang.

Setting off with a Smile! Farewell my Hometown, Cocoyashi Vi Season 1 Episode 14
Arlong's reign of terror is over, and no one has anything on their mind except to party. As the crew celebrates, Nami reflects on her hometown and decides to officially join the Straw Hat Pirates.

Bounty! Straw Hat Luffy Becomes World Famous! Season 1 Episode 15
As a result of defeating Arlong, Luffy now has the highest bounty in East Blue. News quickly spreads to both friend and foe, including Shanks, who celebrates Luffy's arrival into the world of pirates.

Following the Straw Hat! Little Buggy's Big Adventure Season 1 Episode 16
After his fight with Luffy, Buggy was sent flying to another island with several body parts missing. Thus, Buggy begins his journey to find his crew and his body parts, making some unlikely friends.

You've Been Waiting For It! The Return of Captain Buggy! Season 1 Episode 17
With Buggy assumed to be dead, his crew fights over who will be the new captain, only to be captured by a tribe of cannibals.

Zeff and Sanji's Dream! The Sea of Dreams - All Blue Season 1 Episode 18
With Zeff held captive by Gin, Sanji has no choice but to take Pearl's hits, and he reflects on why Zeff means so much to him.

The Coldhearted Devil-man. Gin, the Pirate Fleet Battle Comm Season 1 Episode 19
Gin finishes off Pearl, claiming that he wants to kill Sanji himself. Still wounded, Sanji faces Gin while Luffy attacks Don Krieg.

I Won't Die! Conclusion: Luffy vs. Krieg Season 1 Episode 20
When Gin refuses to kill Sanji, Krieg uses a poison gas on him. Luffy seems to have the advantage in the fight until Krieg pulls out his explosive Battle Spear.

Outcome of a Deadly Battle! The Spear Inside! Season 1 Episode 21
Even after taking several hits from the Battle Spear, Luffy refuses to give up.

Departure! Sea Chef and Luffy Travel Together! Season 1 Episode 22
After the battle, Gin decides to go back to the Grand Line with Krieg despite still being poisoned, and Sanji makes the difficult decision on whether to stay or to go with Luffy just as Yosaku comes back with news that he knows where Nami is.

Prehistoric Island! The Shadow Lurking in Little Garden! Season 2 Episode 1
As the Straw Hat Pirates sail toward Little Garden, the Baroque Works agents Mr. 3 and his partner Miss Golden Week receive new orders.

Humongous Battle! The Giants Dorry and Brogy! Season 2 Episode 2
Nami and Usopp meet Broggy, the strongest warrior of Elbaf. Elsewhere, Luffy and Vivi meet Dorry, also the strongest warrior of Elbaf and engaged in a one hundred year long duel with Broggy.

Luffy's Anger! A Dirty Trick in a Sacred Battle Season 2 Episode 3
Usopp, who is immensely impressed with the giants' fight, decides to strive to be like them and starts calling Broggy his master.

Brogy Wails in Victory! Elbaf's Judgement Season 2 Episode 4
Mr. 3 captures Nami and Zoro while Mr. 5 and Ms. Valentine go after Vivi and Usopp.

The Devil's Candle! Tears of Regret and Tears of Anger Season 2 Episode 5
Mr. 3 creates a large, cake-shaped pedestal to turn Vivi, Nami, and Zoro into wax figures. Karoo, Luffy, and Usopp arrive at the scene just as Zoro attempts to free himself by cutting off his legs.

Luffy Attacked by Magic! Colors Trap Season 2 Episode 6
While Usopp and Karoo try to out run Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine, Luffy tries to destroy the wax pedestal threatening the lives of his friends.

Critical Counterattack! Usopp's Quick Wit and Kaenboshi! Season 2 Episode 7
While Mr. 3, in a in a waxen battle suit, fights Luffy, Usopp and Karoo attempt to bring down the wax pedestal. Meanwhile, Sanji stumbles upon Mr. 3's hideout, where he receives a call from Mr. 0.

Try Hard, Koby! Diary of Koby-Meppo's Marine Struggles Season 2 Episode 8
Coby and Helmeppo have enlisted into the navy and Coby works hard towards his goal of becoming an officer.

Koby-Meppo's Determination! Vice Admiral Garp's Fatherly Pri Season 2 Episode 9
Coby and Helmeppo settle in at Marine headquarters, while Garp makes sure that they are not slacking off.

Farewell to the Giants' Island! On to Alabasta Season 3 Episode 8
Sanji, pretending to be Mr. 3, convinces Mr. 0 that he has eliminated Vivi and the Straw Hat Pirates. Dorry and Broggy see the Straw Hat Pirates off, and, to thank them, sacrifice their worn out weapons to kill a giant goldfish as it attempts to feed on the Going Merry.

Nami is Sick? Beyond the Snow that Falls on the Ocean! Season 3 Episode 9
Nami is sick, but the crew doesn't have a doctor to help her.

Ambush! The Bliking and Wapol the Tin-man Season 3 Episode 10
While looking for a doctor, the crew meets the pirate Wapol. Meanwhile Smoker manages to intercept the conversation between Mr. 0 and Sanji and plans to go to Alabasta.

A Doctorless Island? Adventure in the Country Without a Name Season 3 Episode 11
The Straw Hat crew manages to gain the trust of the people that attacked them, and are taken to the village, except for Zoro and Carue, who guard the ship. Luffy and Sanji must take Nami to the island's sole doctor who lives on a mountain-top. Vivi and Usopp discover the past of the island, and about the pirate Wapol from Dalton.

Ya Happy? The Doctor who is Called a Witch! Season 3 Episode 12
While Sanji and Luffy fight off the wilderness, the islander's worst nightmare turns true, as Wapol returns to the island. The doctor is discovered to be on the other side of the island, and Usopp, Vivi and Dalton rush to find her. Dalton however returns as he hears of Wapol's return.

Dalton's Resolve! Wapol's Forces Land Season 3 Episode 13
Dalton faces Wapol, but only gets himself hit by arrows thrown by his former comrade Chess. An avalanche stops the battle, but injures Sanji. Luffy must carry both Nami and Sanji to the doctor, and begins his ascent.

Island that Lives in Snow! Ascend The Drum Rockies! Season 3 Episode 14
The Lapahn help Luffy escape from Wapol, giving him enough time to climb to the castle where doctor Kureha lives. Vivi, Usopp and Zoro deal with the king's army in order to save Dalton. The recovering Nami meets a strange creature.

The Blue-Nosed Reindeer! Chopper's Secret Season 3 Episode 15
Nami asks Chopper to join the crew, but he isn't interested. Kureha tells Nami some of what was Chopper's background. After realizing the abilities that Chopper has, Luffy is eager to make him join the crew.

Dream of the Outcasts! The Quack Doctor Hiruluk Season 3 Episode 16
Doctorine continues to tell how Chopper lived his life and how the quack doctor Hiruluk took care of him.

Hiruluk's Cherry Blossoms and Inherited Will Season 3 Episode 17
More of Chopper's past is revealed, including the fate of doctor Hiruluk and Wapol's cruelties as the king. Meanwhile, Wapol reaches the castle where the crew is residing.

VS. Wapol's Army Corps! The Abilities of the Baku Baku Fruit Season 3 Episode 18
Wapol is determined to bring down Hiruluk's flag, and to do that, he engages Sanji, Luffy and Chopper in a fight.

Devil's Fruit of the Zoan Family! Chopper's Seven-Level Tran Season 3 Episode 19
Chopper demonstrates the abilities of Rumble Balls when fighting Chessmarimo. Dalton is uncovered from the avalanche.

When the Kingdom's Rule is Over! The Flag of Conviction Last Season 3 Episode 20
After trying every trick in the castle, Wapol is finally hunted down by Luffy. The villagers along with Zoro, Vivi and Usopp start their ascent to the castle through a ropeway.

Hiruluk's Cherry Blossoms! Miracle of the Drum Rockies Season 3 Episode 21
After finally been convinced to join the team, Chopper announces his intentions to Dr. Kureha, who doesn't take it too well; but after escaping from the castle, she has decided to give the whole Straw Hat crew a farewell gift.

Farewell, Drum Island! I'm Going Out to Sea! Season 3 Episode 22
Chopper joins the Straw Hat crew as they continue their journey to Vivi's homeland.

The Hero of Alabasta and the Ballerina on Deck Season 4 Episode 1
Crocodile appears to stop rampaging pirates. Luffy and his crew meet Mr. 2 Bon Clay who shows off his devil fruit power and Vivi sees a shocking sight.

Coming to the Desert Kingdom! The Rain-Calling Powder and th Season 4 Episode 2
Luffy separates from the rest of the crew, right after arriving at Alabasta's port city of Nanohana. The crew dons disguises while Luffy learns of Dance Powder.

Reunion of the Powerful! His Name is Fire Fist Ace Season 4 Episode 3
While in Nanohana, the Straw Hats encounter Smoker and Tashigi. A powerful pirate named Portgas D. Ace appears, and is revealed to be Luffy's older brother.

Ace and Luffy! Warm Memories and Brotherly Bonds Season 4 Episode 4
Ace fights Smoker while the Straw Hats run for their ship. Luffy reunites with his brother, and together take down agents of Baroque Works.

The Green City, Erumalu and the Kung Fu Dugongs Season 4 Episode 5
Ace decides to travel with the Straw Hats, as he is hunting for a man known as Blackbeard. The group arrives first at the 'Green City' of Erumalu only to find it abandoned to the desert. Vivi and Nami explain what Dance Powder is and what it has done to Alabasta.

Adventure in the Country of Sand! The Demons that Live in th Season 4 Episode 6
After leaving Erumalu, the Straw Hats plus Vivi & Ace continue through the desert, facing the many dangers of it.

Here Come the Desert Pirates! The Men who Live Free Season 4 Episode 7
Nami and Vivi found themselves an easier way to travel in the desert and leave all men behind. While trying to catch up with them, Ace gets lost. Luffy and the rest of the gang find the Desert Pirates, and Vivi meets a figure from her past.

Spirit of the Fakes! Heart of the Rebel Army, Kamyu! Season 4 Episode 8
After hearing that a small village has fake Rebel Army bodyguards that have been keeping peace, Vivi asks the men of the crew to test if they're worthy of staying.

Rebel Warrior Kohza! The Dream Sworn to Vivi! Season 4 Episode 9
Still trekking through the Alabasta desert, the crew beats up a giant desert scorpion for lunch, while Vivi tells Nami about her past and her friendship with Kohza.

Heat Haze Duel! Ace vs. Scorpion Man Season 4 Episode 10
Ace finds out that Blackbeard isn't in Alabasta after all, and leaves the group to continue looking for him. He leaves Luffy a mysterious piece of paper, explaining that it will let them meet again.

Ruins and Lost Ones! Vivi, Comrades, and the Shape of a Coun Season 4 Episode 11
Zoro, Chopper and Luffy manage to get themselves lost and stumble across some huge underground ruins.

At Spiders Cafe: The Enemy Ringleaders Meet at 8 o'clock Season 4 Episode 12
Baroque Works plan starts to take effect, and for that, the Number Agents gather to meet Mr. 0. Meanwhile, crew finds out that the Rebel Army has moved out of Yuba and headed to Katorea, and the rebel leader Khoza is determined to attack.

Luffy vs. Vivi! A Tearful Vow for Comrades Season 4 Episode 13
Vivi and Luffy disagree in how to stop the rebel army and Baroque Works, leading to a fight.

The Alabasta War Front! City of Dreams, Rainbase Season 4 Episode 14
The crew travels to the city of Rainbase to take down Sir Crocodile and Baroque Works, but run afoul of Smoker and Tashigi.

Trap in a Desperate Situation! Breaking Into Rain Dinners Season 4 Episode 15
Most of the Straw Hats, along with Smoker, are trapped by Crocodile. Vivi reunites with the royal guardian Pell, but is captured by Miss All-Sunday. Crocodile reveals his invincible Devil Fruit power.

Operation Utopia Commences! The Wave of Rebellion Begins to Season 4 Episode 16
Baroque Works' plan to take over Alabasta is set in motion. The king is kidnapped and framed for a crime, and the rebel army begins to move.

The Fearsome Bananawani and Mr. Prince Season 4 Episode 17
Most of the Straw Hats are helplessly trapped, but Crocodile is contacted by "Mr. Prince".

The Key to Turning the Tide and a Great Escape! Doru Doru Ba Season 4 Episode 18
Chopper distracts Crocodile while Sanji frees the rest of the crew, but find themselves trapped yet again. Smoker's view on Luffy changes a little.

Merciless Fight to the Death! Luffy vs. Crocodile Season 4 Episode 19
After escaping from Rain Dinners, the Straw Hats and Vivi cross the desert to Alubarne, where the final battle will take place. Crocodile, however, manages to catch Luffy, beginning the first round of their battle.

The Miracle Sprint! Alabasta the Animal Land Season 4 Episode 20
Luffy is left for dead by Crocodile, but is helped by the mysterious Miss All-Sunday. The rest of the Straw Hats reach Alubarna.

Rebel Army vs. Royal Army! The Battle will be in Alubarna! Season 4 Episode 21
The revolution is on the verge of starting and the crew comes out with a plan that could stop it.

Alubarna is Crying! Fierce Fight of Captain Carue! Season 4 Episode 22
Vivi's attempts to stop the rebel army go to waste, and she is attacked by Mr. 2 Bon Clay, but manages to escape. Meanwhile, the battle of Usopp and Chopper vs. the Mr. 4 team begins.

Swear on Your Comrade's Dream! Battle at Molehill 4th Avenue Season 4 Episode 23
Things look hopeless for Usopp & Chopper as they continue to suffer from every attack that the Mr.4 team makes. However, the tides may be beginning to turn as Usopp learns what it truly means to be a man.

Today's Grand Performance! Mane Mane Montage! Season 4 Episode 24
Albeit severely beaten and bruised, Usopp and Chopper have finally defeated the Mr.4 team. However, Mr. 2 has figured out Sanji's weakness.

Transforming Into Nami! Bon Clay's Hard-Hitting Ballet Kenpo Season 4 Episode 25
Though Mr. 2 discovers Sanji's weakness, Sanji still defeats his opponent after an evenly-matched fight. Meanwhile, before Vivi could give the word to blow up the palace, Crocodile appears.

Nami's Whirlwind Warning! Clima Tact Explosion Season 4 Episode 26
Nami faces off against Miss Doublefinger and tries to figure out her new weapon, the Klima Takt (Climate Baton), at the same time.

Secret of the Royal Family! The Ancient Weapon, Pluton Season 4 Episode 27
While Crocodile reveals to Vivi about the ancient weapon Pluton, Nami attempts to defeat Miss Doublefinger with her most powerful attack: The Tornado Tempo.

Essence of a Mighty Sword! The Power to Cut Steel and the Br Season 4 Episode 28
While Miss. Doublefinger's fight with Nami was challenging, Zoro is having an even more difficult time fighting Mr.1: A man who can change his entire body into steel - something that Zoro can't cut. As Zoro nears death, he must discover the secret to "the breath of all things".

The Battle is Over! Kohza Flies the White Flag Season 4 Episode 29
When Vivi reveals Crocodile's plan to Kohza, he attempts to stop the fighting, but is shot. Crocodile reveals that he has set up a massive bomb in the city.

Vivi's Voice Goes Unheard! A Hero Descends! Season 4 Episode 30
As Kohza tries to stop the Rebel Army, both sides are once more fighting due to the intervention of Baroque Works. Vivi is thrown to her certain death when Luffy saves her and challenges Crocodile to a second round.

Sand Crocodile and Water Luffy! Death Match: Round 2 Season 4 Episode 31
Luffy fights Crocodile with more success this time by using water, but still loses this round. Meanwhile, the other Straw Hats hurry to locate the bomb before it goes off. Nico Robin forces the king to take her to the tomb where the Pluton Poneglyph is hidden.

Smells Like Croc! Run to the Tomb of the Royal Family, Luffy Season 4 Episode 32
Crocodile joins Robin in the tomb, and orders her to translate the Poneglyph. Robin tells him that Pluton was not mentioned and that it was only about history, but Crocodile figures out that she was lying and stabs her in response. When Luffy recovers from the last round of fighting, he chases after Crocodile into the tomb.

The Nightmare Draws Near! Secret Base of the Sand Sand Clan Season 4 Episode 33
Luffy fights with Crocodile by using blood on his fists. Meanwhile Vivi finds the bomb, and calls the Straw Hats together.

Magnificent Wings! My Name is Pell, Guardian Spirit of the K Season 4 Episode 34
Vivi finds the bomb inside of the clock tower, but the Mr. 7 pair of Baroque Works are there to protect it. Vivi defeats them, but she realizes the bomb cannot be stopped so easily. It has a timer, and right before it blows up, Pell shows up and takes it into the atmosphere, where he sacrifices himself to save Alabasta.

I Will Surpass You! Rain Falls on Alabasta! Season 4 Episode 35
Luffy defeats Crocodile by punching him through solid bedrock. When Crocodile falls, the rain-drops calm the soldiers.

A Farewell to Arms! Pirates and a Little Justice Season 4 Episode 36
Now that the battle has ended, the outcome is tallied. Igaram appears with proof of Cobra's innocence, as well as Kohza telling everything. Tashigi and Smoker both are rewarded for taking on Crocodile, but neither one of them believes that is right, considering the Straw Hat pirates did all the work.

The Pirates' Banquet and Operation Escape Alabasta! Season 4 Episode 37
Luffy is rescued from the collapsed tomb where he fought Crocodile and brought into Cobra's palace to rest. When he awakens, a magnificent banquet is thrown for the pirates, then, the Straw Hats are invited to enjoy the hot spring steam room inside the palace.

Everything Began that Day! Vivi Tells of her Adventures! Season 4 Episode 38
It's the day for Vivi's speech and her decision whether or not to continue to be with the Straw Hats. Meanwhile, Bon Clay and his crew attempt to protect the Straw Hats from Hina.

Beware her Scent! The Seventh One is Nico Robin! Season 4 Episode 39
The Marines fail again to catch the Straw Hats. After escaping from the Marines, Nico Robin (Ms. All Sunday) appears from inside of the Straw Hats ship. She manages to persuade the crew to let her join. Pell is seen at the end standing over his own grave.

The First Patient! Anecdote of the Rumble Ball Season 5 Episode 1
The Straw Hats land on an uninhabited island; Sanji immediately notices that it is covered with fruit-bearing trees. The crew decides to divide the work by drawing straws. Luffy, Zoro, and Usopp are sent to gather the fruit while Nami and Sanji survey the island. Chopper is left to guard the ship. He enjoys himself but suddenly realizes that Robin is nearby and flees into the cabin. He works on producing Rumble Balls and talks to himself about his mentor, Dr. Kureha, but notices that Robin is listening to him and breaks a barrel of water in surprise. Robin accompanies Chopper as he goes to replace the spilled liquid and he tells Robin about Dr. Kureha and how she became his first patient.

The Navigator's Mutiny! For an Unwavering Dream! Season 5 Episode 2
While fishing with Chopper and Usopp, Luffy fishes an ammonite-shaped vehicle out of the sea. The pirates debate if it is edible, but to their surprise, its side opens and a traveling salesman emerges. He offers them obscure items and tries to sell a pile of paper to Nami. However, before he can settle the deal, the salesman realizes that he is on a pirate ship and flees in panic, abandoning his merchandise. With the paper, Nami can finally begin drawing the map of the world that she has dreamed about making since her childhood. However, because the rest of the crew is causing mischief, she has trouble completing her work and has to restart twice before finishing her map of Reverse Mountain.

Inherited Recipe! Sanji the Curry Expert Season 5 Episode 3
In a thick bank of fog, the Straw Hats run into a fleet of navy ships. Surprised by the sight of the skull and crossbones on the pirate ship's sails, the young trainee cook Tajiyo falls off of his navy vessel. Robin catches him before he hits the water and the boy regains consciousness in the Straw Hats' cabin. Scared at first, he loosens up when presented by Sanji with a soup of surprising quality. The small cook reveals his problem: he spilled the day's production of curry and has been charged with replacing it. To compound the issue, the fleet's captains plan to dine aboard his ship. Luffy and Sanji take Tajiyo back to his ship, where Sanji provides him with subtle cooking advice. Tajiyo's new curry turns out perfectly and the Straw Hats escape before the fog lifts in the mid-day sun.

I'll Make it Bloom! Manly Usopp's Eight-Shaku Ball Season 5 Episode 4
Because it is raining, Luffy reads out of boredom. Fortunately for him, the Straw Hats' ship reaches the next island. Walking through its port town, they learn that the island known for its yearly fireworks show, which was to occur that day. The fireworks factory, run by an old man named Odama and his granddaughter Kodama, is on a hill outside the town. Usopp goes there, hoping for an opportunity to buy gunpowder. At the factory, he helps Odama and Kodama prepare for the show. Usopp learns that Kodama plans to secretly fire the second of two eight-shaku-tall firework balls to fulfill her parents' dream. Her parents died the previous year after the first misfired, and Usopp convinces Kodama that it is too dangerous for her to fire it. Usopp uses a tall, ancient building to safely launch the large firework ball.

Infamous Pirate Hunter! The Wandering Swordsman, Zoro Season 5 Episode 5
Before he meets Luffy, Zoro traveled the world in search of "Hawk-Eye" Mihawk. In a flashback, Zoro captures the target of the bounty hunters Johnny and Yosaku in a bar. According to bounty hunter rules, they demand that he relinquish the victim's body to them. Zoro, who does not consider himself a bounty hunter, complies, explaining that he only brings in a bounty from time to time so that he can survive until he can become the greatest swordsman in the world. Later that day, a group of bandits, led by a man with a much higher bounty, plunders the village. Johnny and Yosaku, inspired by Zoro's conviction, decide to take on the villain, but are quickly defeated. As the bandits prepare to kill the pair, Zoro returns and saves Johnny and Yosaku. After he defeats the bandits and their leader, Johnny and Yosaku become his followers.

Zenny Lives on Goat Island and There's a Pirate Ship on his Season 5 Episode 6
A few navy ships chase the Straw Hats. To escape them, the Straw Hats sail through an area of wild currents, which surround an island that is only inhabited by an old man named Zenii and his goats. Zenii realizes that the Straw Hats are pirates and sends his goats to attack them. During the fight Zenii's heart stops from fear. The Straw Hats take him to his home, nurse him back to health, and complete his chores, such as cleaning his house, preparing meals, and chopping wood. Zoro searches for food and discovers a small nearly completed pirate ship atop the island's mountain. At the day's end, as the crew is about to leave, Chopper reveals that the old man will die within three days. Driven by guilt, the Straw Hats decide to stay with him until then.

How's That for Profit? Money Lender Zenny's Ambition! Season 5 Episode 7
The Straw Hats continue to do Zenii's daily work and finish building his pirate ship, which he intends to use as a coffin. Zoro eventually realizes that the three days until Zenii's death, which Chopper had diagnosed, have long passed, but by the time he convinces the others to leave, Nami has already lost the Straw Hats' ship in a game of chess. Robin wins it back and they all have a party. As Zenii becomes drunk, he recollects his past as a moneylender who lent money to pirates. He describes how he was shipwrecked twenty years earlier, and that he, in hopes of one day becoming a pirate, started building a ship. As the years passed, he became too old for a pirate's life. Luffy disagrees, saying that pirates can be of any age. The next day, a group of marines lures the Straw Hats into a trap. To save them, Zenii and his goats ride his ship down the mountainside.

Where the Island's Treasure Lies! Zenny Pirates Full Charge! Season 5 Episode 8
The commotion caused by Zenii's arrival allows Nami, Sanji, Usopp, and Chopper to board their ship safely. Zenii and his goats get on the navy ship and Zenii uses of his martial arts skills, with a counting frame to fight. Luffy attempts to slingshot himself over to help him, but lands in the water instead. Zoro immediately jumps in after him to rescue the non-swimmer, only to be run over by the Straw Hats' own ship. The marines are eventually defeated, but a fleet of nine more ships is still waiting in the fog surrounding the island. Zenii tells the Straw Hats that, on his arrival on the island, the goats ate all of his money and that they became his treasure instead. The Straw Hats give Zenii enough medicine to survive and leave the island, escaping from the navy.

Legend of the Rainbow Mist! Ruluka Island and the Old Man He Season 5 Episode 9
After escaping from another fleet of navy ships, the Straw Hats drop anchor outside a town with a huge tower. After they set foot on land, an official demands that they pay a harbor tax. The Straw Hats meet a scientist named Henzo, who asks them if they have seen what he calls the "Rainbow Mist." The other citizens of the town dislike Henzo because they have to pay high taxes to fund for his research. While shopping with Nami and Chopper, Sanji has a violent encounter with a tax collector, who is wearing an electric battle suit. A large, unmanned galley appears in the harbor, in the same condition that Henzo saw it fifty years ago. Henzo, Luffy, Robin, and Usopp aboard it. Further out at sea, a rainbow-colored mist appears and the group uses the Straw Hats' ship to enter it.

Inhabitants of Neverland! The Pumpkin Pirates! Season 5 Episode 10
Inside the mist, Luffy and his group discover a large ship graveyard. Luffy salvages a chest filled with gold and jewels from one of the shipwrecks, but a distant voice tells him to return the treasure and leave the mist. Usopp believes the voices to be ghosts, but they actually originate from a group of children who call themselves the Pumpkin Pirates. In his youth, Henzo was a member of this group, and they are the reason for his research. He spent his life in search of a means to rescue them from the Rainbow Mist. Only a short time earlier from their point of view, but fifty years earlier from Henzo's perspective, a group of pirates, led by a Captain Whetton, attacked the children's town. When Whetton came after the children, they tried to escape by stealing the pirates' ship. During the fight, Whetton smashed the ship's helm, and Henzo jumped overboard, taking Whetton with him, while the other children sailed into the mist.

A Longing for Home! The Inescapable Pirate Graveyard! Season 5 Episode 11
After entering the Rainbow Mist, the children followed the orders of Ian, the only pirate left on the ship. He mistreated them and they eventually locked him up in the brig of the wreck of a navy ship. Luffy and his group try to escape the mist, but they soon realize that they need help. The Straw Hats persuade one of the children to lead them to the Pumpkin Pirates' hiding place so they can ask them for a way out. Usopp prepares a steaming meal, which causes most of the children to like the Straw Hats; however, their leader, Lapanui, remains suspicious and unwilling to help. Henzo's snail-o-phone rings and the son of Whetton wants Henzo to investigate the mist, not knowing that the professor is already inside the mist. When Lapanui hears Whetton's name, he loses what little he trust has for Henzo.

Frantic Struggle! Whetton's Plans and the Rainbow Tower Season 5 Episode 12
Lapanui accuses Henzo of being Whetton's lapdog and says that in the past, Henzo would have never allowed that to happen. Usopp tells Lapanui that Henzo had endured the same insults from the townspeople yet still tried to rescue the children. Then, for no apparent reason, Luffy slingshots himself and Lapanui to another part of the mist. At the harbor, Nami ties a long lifeline, prepared by Henzo, to a boat and enters the Rainbow Mist. Once inside, Ian, who convinced one of the children to release him, steals the boat and escapes. He reaches Whetton and describes to him the mist's treasures. Whetton orders his men to invade the mist. The town's large tower falls into the water, creating a bridge from the island into the mist, and Whetton and his men cross it to attack.

And Then the Legend Begins! To the End of the Rainbow Season 5 Episode 13
Luffy and Lapanui are outside the mist and use the newly created bridge to re-enter it. There, Luffy fights Whetton and, as it becomes clear that he cannot defeat Luffy face-to-face, Whetton detonates the tower, trapping everyone else inside and Whetton's abandoned men join forces with Luffy's group. An exit appears in the distance and they row toward it, but it closes too fast for them to reach it. Hoping to generate enough wind to blow the Straw Hats' ship clear of the mist, Lapanui stays behind to destroy the navy ship's armory. The other children follow him, promising to meet Henzo again. The explosion they cause successfully blows the Straw Hats' ship outside the mist. There, a group of navy ships, led by an aged Lapanui, arrives and confiscates the Rainbow Mist's treasures from Whetton and takes him and his men into custody.

The Log is Taken! Salvage King, Masira! Season 6 Episode 1
Nami's log pose begins to point to the sky, after that, a big ship falls from sky and the crew finds a map in of an island named 'Skypiea' on a 200-year-old ship. They compete with the monkey-like Masira's salvage crew while they search for more clues on how to get there.

Monsters Appear! Don't Touch the Whitebeard Pirates Season 6 Episode 2
The Straw Hats decide to go to Jaya island to look for information on Skypeia. Meanwhile, Ace suddenly shows up on Buggy's ship; Buggy doesn't let any of his men attack Ace, fearing Whitebeard's retribution.

Stop Dreaming! The City of Ridicule, Mock Town! Season 6 Episode 3
Jaya's main town is full of famous pirates that are constantly brawling with each other. Luffy and Zoro have a run-in with a pirate known as 'Bellamy the Hyena,' who ridicules their dreams and beats them up.

A Pirate's Height! The Man who Talks of Dreams and the King Season 6 Episode 4
Luffy, Zoro and Nami meet the man who is later revealed to be Blackbeard. They leave Mock Town, and get into a fight with Masira's brother Shōjo, another salvage monkey.

The Legendary Family! 'Liar Norland' Season 6 Episode 5
The Straw Hats meet with Montblanc Cricket on another part of Jaya; Cricket is a descendant of Montblanc Noland, an infamous "liar" who told of a gold city on Jaya, and Cricket was outcasted for looking for artifacts of the gold city. He may be the only person who knows how to get to Skypiea.

Hard Turn to the Clouds! Find the Southbird! Season 6 Episode 6
Cricket explains how the Straw Hats can ride a dangerous vertical current called the Knock-Up Stream to get to Skypeia. However, they first have to catch a southbird to point them toward the point where the stream will erupt from the ocean.

Dreams Don't Come True!? Bellamy vs. The Saruyama Alliance Season 6 Episode 7
While the Straw Hats are looking for a Southbird, Bellamy and his crew attack Cricket's house, and steal the gold artifacts he'd collected over the years from his salvage work. When the Straw Hats return and see what happened, Luffy decides to take a side trip back to Mock Town.

The 100 Million Man! The World's Greatest Authority and the Season 6 Episode 8
Luffy takes out Bellamy with a single punch. Meanwhile, the world government heads are concerned over Whitebeard, Shanks, and Luffy. The marines try to decide who will replace Crocodile as a Shichibukai - one of Blackbeard's crew shows up uninvited and nominates his captain.

Sail into the Sky! Ride the Knock-Up Stream Season 6 Episode 9
The Going Merry is refitted by Masira and Shōjo to be more flight capable, and the Straw Hats catch a ride on the Knock-Up Stream for Skypeia.

This is the Sea of the Sky! The Knight of the Sky and Heaven Season 6 Episode 10
The Straw Hats arrive in an ocean above the clouds. Usopp almost falls out of the Going Merry but is saved at the last minute. The crew is also attacked by a mysterious looking warrior, but is saved by the Knight of the Sky. Finally, they arrive at the border which transports them to the upper realm, Skypiea.

Godland Skypiea! The Angels Of the Cloud Beach Season 6 Episode 11
As the crew arrives in Skypiea, they're greeted by Conis and her pet, Suu. Both she and her father start explaining how the life in Skypiea is and how the different Dials work.

Forbidden Sacred Ground! The Island Where God Resides and He Season 6 Episode 12
Nami finds out what should happen to anyone who enters the forest. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang are waiting for the wind to change but are rudely assaulted by Skypiea's police who are going to carry out Heaven's Judgement.

Criminals Already!? Skypiea's Upholders of the Law Season 6 Episode 13
The Straw Hats have some problems with the local justice enforcer force called "The White Berets."

Can we Escape!? God's Ordeals are Set in Motion! Season 6 Episode 14
Before they can leave Chopper, Robin, Nami and Zorro are abducted by a giant shrimp. Luffy, Sanji and Usoppe go after them to the upper yard

Trap on Lovely Street! Almighty God Enel Season 6 Episode 15
Conis leads Luffy, Usopp, and Sanji to a boat to get to Upper Yard, but she tells them it is a trap and almost gets hit by "Heaven's Judgment".

Go Forth, Little Crow! To the Sacrificial Altar Season 6 Episode 16
Luffy, Usopp and Sanji finally enter Upper Yard, only to find out that the whole road is trapped heavily, but at last they arrive at the Ordeal Gates. Meanwhile Robin, Zoro, and Nami go out to explore Upper Yard while Chopper stays behind to guard the ship.

Survival Rate: 10%! Priest Satori with the Power of Mantra! Season 6 Episode 17
Luffy, Sanji, and Usopp enter the Ordeal of Balls gate and encounter the Priest Satori.

Peril of the Ordeal of Balls! Fight to the Death in the Lost Season 6 Episode 18
Usopp, Sanji and Luffy fight Satori, but the power of Mantra seems to be too strong.

Chopper's in Danger! Former God vs. Shinto priest Shura Season 6 Episode 19
Chopper, threatened by priest Shura, blows the whistle for Gan Fall to come, but before he can arrive, Priest Shura assaults Chopper and begins destroying the Going Merry.

Ever Mysterious! Ordeal of String and Ordeal of Love!? Season 6 Episode 20
Satori is defeated by Luffy and Sanji. Mainwhile has Gan Fall been defeated and Chopper jumps in the water to rescue him.

Light the Fire of Shandia! Wiper the Warrior Season 6 Episode 21
Chopper is saved by a bunch of giant Southbirds, who tell him that Gan Fall was actually God. Nami, Zoro and Robin discover the reason why Upper Yard is a soil island: It was once part of Jaya, and this is the part that Liar Norland saw. Meanwhile the Shandians attack Upper Yard.

Floating Land of Gold, Jaya! To God's Shrine! Season 6 Episode 22
The Shandians' attack on Upper Yard has started. The crew is finally reunited, and everyone speaks up about what has happened. Chopper takes care of Gan Fall, and the pirates plan to steal the gold on the island.

Eve of Gold Festival! Feelings Toward 'Vearth'! Season 6 Episode 23
After befriending a wolf pack, Gan Fall tells the crew a little more about the history of Upper Yard.

God Enel Appears! Aubade to the Survivors Season 6 Episode 24
Eneru takes away the limitations of the priests. Also, Usopp witnesses a mysterious person fixing the ship; the next day Merry is found to be back to her original form. After getting her off the altar, the pirates plan out their course of action.

The Python Strikes! The Survival Game Begins Season 6 Episode 25
A giant python makes Luffy, Robin, Chopper and Zoro split while going to the ruins at the south.

The Life-Threatening Reject! War Demon Wiper's Resolve Season 6 Episode 26
Wyper takes out Shura and tells his goal to the Shandians, and Eneru speaks up about how many people will be alive by the end of his plan.

Fierce Sky Battle! Pirate Zoro vs. Fighter Braham Season 6 Episode 27
Zoro fights the Shandian warrior Braham, and defeats him with One Sword Style: 36 Caliber Phoenix technique.

Howling Burn Bazooka!! Pirate Luffy vs. Wiper the Berserker Season 6 Episode 28
Luffy fights Wyper, but after some time, he falls into some underground ruins. Meanwhile, Eneru appears on the Going Merry and after telling that his true goal was the City of Gold, he takes out both Usopp and Sanji; then he vanishes and leaves Satori's brothers: Hotori and Kotori to avenge him.

Ordeal of Swamp! Pirate Chopper vs Gedatsu!! Season 6 Episode 29
Chopper is attacked by Gedatsu, who turns out to be a complete moron, and eventually defeats him, sending him plummeting to the Blue Sea. Conis and Pagaya help Aisa, and head to Upper Yard.

The Invincible Ability! Enel's True Nature Revealed Season 6 Episode 30
Eneru defeats several members of the Shandian Tribe. Meanwhile, Gan Fall and Nami start and finish their fight with Kotori and Hotori. Hotori is defeated by Nami while Kotori is defeated by Gan Fall.

The Vanished City! The Magnificent Ruins of Shandora!! Season 6 Episode 31
While Robin is looking at some ruins she found, Yama, The Chief Enforcer, attacks her. Yama is easily defeated by Robin. Later, she discovers the legendary city, Shandora.

Chance of Survival: 0%!! Pirate Chopper vs. Shinto Priest Oh Season 6 Episode 32
Priest Ohm appears and starts fighting everyone.

Climb Giant Jack!! Showdown in the Upper Ruins Season 6 Episode 33
At the Upper Ruins, the fight between Ohm, Zoro, Gan Fall and Wyper begins. When Nami appears, she is swallowed by the giant python, along with Gan Fall and Aisa.

Ultimate Test of the Ordeal of Iron! The White-Barbed Death Season 6 Episode 34
Ohm makes matters worse, creating a barbed wire cage around the area. Laki is knocked out by Eneru, and Nami, Aisa, and Gan Fall find out why the python was rampaging so much.

Gushing Blade Attack! Pirate Zoro vs Shinto Priest Ohm!! Season 6 Episode 35
Zoro finally defeats Priest Ohm with his 108 Caliber Phoenix technique. Meanwhile Pagaya and Conis hear the terrible truth about the goal of Eneru: to eradicate every person in the sky.

The Upper Ruins Crumble! The Quintet Finale!! Season 6 Episode 36
Eneru appears only to reduce the group as close to his prediction as he can.

Battle in the Ancient Ruins! God Enel's Desire!! Season 6 Episode 37
Eneru counterattacks Gan Fall and lands a finishing hit. He then knocks out Robin as she tries to manipulate him. Zoro impresses Eneru with his power but is easily beaten, while trying to make him pay for what he did to Robin; but it takes Wyper with a secret weapon to take Eneru down.

Ambitions of Fairy Vearth - The Ark, Maxim!! Season 6 Episode 38
Eneru defeats Zoro and Wyper. Upon seeing this, Nami follows him to a cave where his ark, Maxim, is. Luffy finally gets out of the snake, along with Aisa, only to find out the outcome of the fight against Eneru. When Aisa tells him that she knows where he is, he asks her to take him there.

Finally Clashing! Pirate Luffy vs God Enel!! Season 6 Episode 39
Luffy and Eneru start fighting. Conis tells the dangers of staying in Sky Island to the other Skypieans.

Maxim Rises! The Start of Deathpiea!! Season 6 Episode 40
Eneru starts a machine that would bring the death of Sky Island: Deathpiea.

Luffy's Fall! God's Judgement and Nami's Desire!! Season 6 Episode 41
Luffy falls from the ark. Nami starts fighting Eneru while Sanji and Usopp try to rescue her.

Two People Awaken! A Rescue in Front of Burning Love!! Season 6 Episode 42
Usopp and Sanji split up to rescue Nami, but the first one to get on deck is Usopp.

Capriccio to Destruction! The Impending Doom of Sky Island!! Season 6 Episode 43
Eneru's thunderclouds are coming down to Sky Island while the evacuation is half complete.

Guidance from the Sound of a Bell! The Great Warrior and Tal Season 6 Episode 44
The history of Norland and Calgara is told, as a flashback from Wyper.

Released from Disgrace! The Tears of the Great Warrior!! Season 6 Episode 45
Norland and Calgara are enjoying themselves, as well as the villagers and Norland's crew, but that changes one day, as the villagers start hating their new friends.

Eternal Friendship! The Bell of Oath Echoes Throughout the G Season 6 Episode 46
The cause of the hatred is discovered and explained. Meanwhile, Calgara vows to meet Norland again.

The Destruction of Angel Island! Terror of The Descending Ra Season 6 Episode 47
Angel Island is destroyed by Eneru's attacks. Luffy decides to go and ring the golden bell before Eneru takes it away.

Chop Down Giant Jack! The Last Hope of Escaping Season 6 Episode 48
Nami finds out a way to get to Eneru, by cutting down Giant Jack. Wyper finds out from Robin that Norland has a descendant that is searching for the Gold City, and that's the reason why Luffy wants to ring the Golden Bell.

The Miracle in God's Country! A Love Song Heard by Angels Season 6 Episode 49
Luffy defeats Eneru, ringing the Golden Bell in the process.

The War Draws to a Close! Ringing War and Wide, the Proud Fa Season 6 Episode 50
The 400 year war on Sky Island comes to an end. Montblanc Cricket and the Masira Brothers hear the Golden Bell ringing and realize that the Gold City was always in the sky. Eneru, who was thrown to the Blue Sea heads out to the Fairy Vearth (the Moon). The Sky People (both Skypieans and shandians) celebrate the end of the war with a great bonfire.

I Have Come Here! The Weaving of the Poneglyphs Season 6 Episode 51
Robin deciphers the poneglyphs on the Golden Bell and realizes how to find the Rio Poneglyph. She also discovers poneglyphs on the Bell that were written by Gol D. Roger, who could understand poneglyphs, who had discovered the Rio Poneglyph, and had once visited Skypiea. Soon afterwards, the Straw Hats steal a bunch of gold from the Giant Anaconda's belly and they begin to leave Skypiea.

Now Heading Towards the Blue Sea! Memories of an Interwoven Season 6 Episode 52
The Golden Bell rings as the Straw Hats are going down to the sea, meaning that they are welcome and are deeply thankful for what they did. When the ship finally rests on the sea, problems appear, as the ship has landed in a Marine base.

Marine High Admiral Aokiji! The Threat of the Greatest Power Season 7 Episode 1
The man they met, Marine High Admiral Aokiji, appears to be incredibly lazy. He first displays his Devil's Fruit ability by freezing the sea so some deserted people can get off the island. Unfortunately, he's determined to catch Robin. Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro attack but they seem to be no match.

Rubber and Ice One-On-One Fight! Luffy vs Aokiji! Season 7 Episode 2
Robin is frozen by Aokiji and Luffy tells the others to escape with her. In the Going Merry, Usopp and Chopper try to thaw her in the shower. Luffy gets defeated (frozen), but his life is spared as Aokiji believes he must repay the debt the marines incurred from Crocodile's defeat at Luffy's hands. With the crew defrosted, they continue sailing as usual. Zoro spots the giant frog they heard about and they chase it to an island with a lighthouse, but it appears they'll sink before they get there.

Zoro's Imprisonment and Chopper's Emergency Operation! Season 7 Episode 3
Zoro is taken prisoner as Chopper and Nami assist a nervous doctor in treating injured Marines.

The Marine Search Party Draws Near! Another of the Crew is C Season 7 Episode 4
Robin and Usopp both disguise themselves as the same visiting inspector, and Usopp is thrown in the brig with Zoro. Luffy and Sanji are discovered by Jonathan after a slight mishap.

Luffy and Sanji's Determination! The Great Escape Plan! Season 7 Episode 5
The real Inspector is thrown in the brig with Zoro and Usopp, while Sanji and Luffy race to rescue the two while avoiding detection.

The Squadron of Burning Souls Attack! Battle on the Bridge! Season 7 Episode 6
Sanji and Luffy, after freeing Usopp and Zoro, try to escape Navarone. As the Burning Soul combat unit is deployed, Dr. Kobato leads Nami and Chopper to the docks.

Breaking Through Enemy Lines! The Rescue of the Going Merry! Season 7 Episode 7
The crew meets at the docks and are surrounded by Marines. Using Nami as their fake hostage, they trick the Marines into letting them back on the Going Merry.

The Pirate Ship Disappears! Stronghold Battle, Round 2 Season 7 Episode 8
The crew disguises the Going Merry as a Marine ship so they can get their treasure back. With the gold, they decide they'll hire a shipwright.

Operation Gold Recovery and Operation Waver Retrieval! Season 7 Episode 9
Usopp splits up the crew into two teams: the gold retrieval team and the waver retrieval team. Inspector Shepherd decides to catch Luffy on his own.

The Pirate Round-Up Plan! Jonathon's Secret Winning Strategy Season 7 Episode 10
Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, and Robin continue to search for their treasure. Sanji leads Nami to the captain's quarters where they retrieve their gold.

So Long, Marine Base! The Final Battle for Freedom Season 7 Episode 11
The Going Merry is grounded during a period of low tide and Jonathan believes they've reached “checkmate”. They cleverly use the impact dial to boost the ship and the breath and flame dials to inflate the octopus balloon again so they can escape.

Big Adventure in Long Ring Long Land Season 7 Episode 12
Luffy and company come across a mysterious pirate ship after trying to escape a giant wave. Soon, they arrive on an island inhabited by strange animals. Going Merry is captured by the Foxy Pirate crew.

The Foxy Pirate Crew and the Davy Back! Season 7 Episode 13
After Tonjit re-unites with his horse, they are soon attacked by Captain Foxy and his subordinates, who challenge Luffy in a Davy Back Fight, a contest of pirates where the stakes are members of the crew.

Round 1! One Lap of the Donut Race Season 7 Episode 14
The first round of Davy Back Fight involves a race around the island with tiny boats. Zoro's and Chopper's boat is eliminated.

Foxy the Silver Fox! A Violent Interference Season 7 Episode 15
With only Luffy, Nami, and Porche's boat remaining, it's an all out war to the goal, but after Foxy exposes his Devil Fruit powers, Porche wins and takes Tony Tony Chopper from Luffy. The second round prepares to start.

Round 2! Shoot into the Groggy Ring! Season 7 Episode 16
Without Chopper, Sanji and Zoro must face the Foxy Pirates in a ball game, but are hampered by their blatant cheating and the crooked referee.

Rapid-Fire Red Cards! Groggy Ring Season 7 Episode 17
The bickering rivals Sanji and Zoro manage to overcome the opposing team by working together. Luffy chooses Tonjit's horse, Sherry over Chopper.

Round 3! Round and Round Roller Race! Season 7 Episode 18
The Straw Hats face Foxy a race around a giant ring on roller skates.

Burning Roller Race! Dash into the Final Round! Season 7 Episode 19
Thanks to some quick planning, the Straw Hats win the race.

The Screaming Speed Serve! Pirate Dodgeball! Season 7 Episode 20
With Luffy's victory, he takes Chopper back, but foolishly accepts another challenge by Foxy.

Final Match on the Edge! Dharma has Fallen! Season 7 Episode 21
Foxy decides to take Robin from Luffy this time because of her Devil Fruit ability. The next match is a race to the top of the island.

Captain Confrontation! The Last Fight: Combat! Season 7 Episode 22
With Chopper gone again from Luffy's crew, Luffy and Foxy face off in the final game: a battle of brawn aboard Foxy's ship.

Full Power Noro Noro Beam vs The Invulnerable Luffy Season 7 Episode 23
Luffy continues to battle Foxy with the odds not in his favor, and the fight continues inside Foxy's ship.

Heroic Fierce Combat! The Fateful Last Battle Season 7 Episode 24
Luffy manages to finally defeat Foxy by using his ability against him. After dismissing his new crewmembers, the Straw Hats leave in search for a shipwright.

Lost? Stolen? Who are You? Season 7 Episode 25
A mysterious figure appears during the night and steals the memories of the crew. In the morning, Robin is the only one who remembers the Straw Hats adventures together. Her attempts to keep the crew together fail as Nami and Zoro go separate ways.

The Mysterious Boy with the Whistle and Robin's Guess Season 7 Episode 26
Robin suggests that only those who were sleeping lost their memories. Luffy and the others then remember seeing the mysterious boy who played some kind of flute. Later that night, they discover the boy outside and Luffy tries to fight him. At the last second, he proclaims his memory has returned.

Get Back the Memories! The Pirates Land Season 7 Episode 27
During the night, Usopp, Chopper, and Sanji question what brought them to the Going Merry. In the morning, Usopp builds them a raft and they sail to the island where they meet Nami again. Meanwhile, the boy sets his sights on Zoro.

Zoro Sharpens His Fangs! A Fight with a Wild Animal Season 7 Episode 28
On their way to "The Palace of the Sea God" Robin's group meets an entranced Zoro. It looks like Zoro wants to fight so Luffy urges the others to keep going without him. They apprehend the kid but the whistle was what was really stealing their memories. Zoro returns, still entranced, but Luffy's nowhere to be seen.

The Real Memory Thief's Final Counterattack! Season 7 Episode 29
Luffy returns and knocks some sense into Zoro. Cornered, the sea horse spreads illusions of the people in their memories to distract them. It steals their complete memories and claims that it has become a Sennenryu. Luffy defeats it and returns all the memories but the townspeople are convinced they're the memory stealers.

The Man of Pride! Foxy the Silver Fox Season 7 Episode 30
Luffy rescues Foxy, Hamburg, and Porche from a storm at sea. When they reunite with the Sexy Foxy ship, they find it captained by somebody new. Foxy accepts a Davy Back Fight in order to regain his ship and crew. Donning the afro once again, Luffy vows to defeat the captain.

The Unbeatable Power Draws Near? A Very Dangerous Man! Season 7 Episode 31
Once Foxy wins back his crew, he captures the Strawhats. Nami and Luffy fight Foxy and although he's defeated, his crew accepts him back. Later, they sail to an island where they meet someone Robin knows; a Marine named Aokiji.

Running Sea Train! The City of Water, Water 7 Season 8 Episode 3
After the Going Merry narrowly escapes being hit by a "sea train", the crew meets an old woman, Kokoro, and her granddaughter, Chimney. Kokoro gives Luffy a map to Water 7. Luffy, Nami, and Usopp buy boats driven by sea monsters called "yagara".

The Adventure in the City of Water! Aim for the Giant Shipya Season 8 Episode 4
Luffy, Nami, and Usopp get strange greetings from the residents and they get to experience the roller coaster-like channels of Water 7. Luffy-tachi find out that some pirates had been beaten at the hands of some powerful craftsmen; the Galley La Company. Chopper loses Robin and some strange new people threaten Zoro back on the ship.

The Franky Family and Iceburg! Season 8 Episode 5
The people who attacked Zoro reveal themselves to be the feared "Franky Family", though they're no match for Zoro. Luffy-tachi have their gold exchanged for cash. After, they meet a man who resembles Usopp, Galley La's carpenter employment foreman, Kaku. Usopp's cut of the money is stolen by the Franky Family.

Galley-La Company! The Magnificent Dock #1 Season 8 Episode 6
Paulie makes his debut when he retrieves Usopp's stolen money as he runs from debt collectors. Kalifa shows Luffy, Nami, and Usopp around Dock No.1 and tells them how Iceburg founded the Galley La Company. Kaku returns from the Going Merry and tells them that their keel is irrepairably damaged.

The Pirate Kidnapping Incident and the Pirate Ship Waits for Season 8 Episode 7
Luffy refuses to believe that Galley La cannot repair the Going Merry. The two soon realize that not only is Usopp missing now, the two brief cases that were returned to them are empty! Nami decides to head to Franky House and finds Usopp on the way in a pitiful state. As she heads back to the ship for help, Usopp goes to the Franky House himself.

Rescuing a Friend! The Raid on the Franky House Season 8 Episode 8
Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, and Chopper follow Usopp's bloody trail to the Franky House where they find him passed out in front. The four of them challenge the Franky Family only to find out that their real target, Franky himself, is gone and has taken the money with him.

Quarrel in the Moonlight! The Pirate Ship Trembles in Sadnes Season 8 Episode 9
Once they're back on the ship, Luffy has to finally tell Usopp that the Going Merry can no longer be repaired and that they've chosen to get a new ship without him. Usopp believes that Luffy has abandoned the dignity of their ship and says he's leaving the crew. That night, he challenges Luffy to a duel.

Luffy vs Usopp! The Spirit of the Clashing Men Season 8 Episode 10
Usopp fights Luffy in order to decide who keeps the Going Merry; he fights harder than he's ever fought before. Luffy actually seems to pose no threat but all the while, he's remembering what great friends they used to be, sailing together on the same ship. Even after taking a harsh beating, Luffy defeats Usopp. They leave Usopp and the ship behind.

The City of Water is Shaking! Iceburg was Targeted! Season 8 Episode 11
The Strawhats get themselves a hotel room. Nami finds the crew on the roof with urgent news; Iceburg has been shot. As the Galley La Company frantically search for answers, Nami and Luffy decide to check on his condition - only to be met by closed gates. Franky appears then to exact his revenge - with style.

Rubberman vs Fire-Breathing Cyborg Season 8 Episode 12
In the streets outside of the hospital, Luffy fights Franky. Inside, Iceburg recalls seeing Nico Robin and another tall man before he was shot. The Galley La company run outside and stop Franky and Luffy and tell them that they suspect the Strawhat Pirates of the crime.

The Criminals are the Straw Hat Pirates? The Bodyguards of W Season 8 Episode 13
The Galley La Company continues to fight Luffy and Franky is enraged that they've stolen his opponent. An incredibly high tide called the "Aqua Laguna" is coming and Chopper and Sanji rush to warn Usopp. Luffy raises some chaos in order to meet with Iceburg and he demands to know what's happening. Iceburg says he wants to see Robin one more time.

An Eternal Farewell? Nico Robin, The Woman Who Bears Darknes Season 8 Episode 14
In a bar, Franky talks with Kokoro about her theory on who shot Iceburg. The rumors she speaks of seem to have some truth as we see Robin meeting with someone from an organization called CP9. While the crew hide from angry residents, Sanji and Chopper discover Robin and she tells them what they've feared: she's responsible and she wants to part ways.

Catch Robin! The Determination of the Straw Hat Pirates Season 8 Episode 15
Chopper reunites with the others without Sanji and they discuss what's happened. Luffy decides that in order to know the full truth, they must catch Robin. Usopp attempts to repair the ship enough to withstand the Aqua Laguna and the Strawhats make their way to the Galley La Company.

The Signal is the Explosion! CP9 Starts to Move Season 8 Episode 16
The Strawhats (still missing Sanji) rush to Galley La where Robin and CP9 begin a raid. In Iceburg's room, Robin and the mysterious man Iceburg saw before, tell him that they've purposely placed the blame on the pirates. Their true aim is the blueprints he would've passed down to Paulie. Luffy separates from his group.

CP9 Unmasked! Their Shocking True Faces Season 8 Episode 17
Robin speaks with Iceburg inside his room still. We already know that Robin can read the poneglyphs - and it seems Iceburg is the one with the blueprints to the ultimate weapon, Pluton. The true enemies are revealed to be Iceburg's own allies. Elsewhere, Luffy is tied up with Paulie after Paulie tells members of CP9 that his blueprints are fake.

The Secret Bond! Franky and Iceburg Season 8 Episode 18
Lucci tells Iceburg their hypothesis and has Kaku check his pulse to tell if the things he tells him are true. They suspect that Iceburg's friend from the past, Cutty Flam, is really Franky and it's revealed to be true. Therefore, Franky has the real blueprints. The Strawhat Pirates and Paulie break into the room where they find Iceburg and CP9.

Come Back, Robin! The Confrontation with CP9 Season 8 Episode 19
Luffy and the others request that Robin comes back to the crew. She refuses and tells them that she cannot accomplish her "wish" if she were to stay with them. Robin turns to leave and CP9 try to hold the pirates back. Robin successfully escapes and Lucci shows those remaining his "transformation".

Destruction of the Straw Hat Pirates? The Terror of the Mode Season 8 Episode 20
Lucci's transformation is a result of a Devil's Fruit; a Zoan Type leopard. He quickly disposes of the crew and CP9 tie up Paulie and Iceburg, leaving them alone as the building slowly burns down around them. In Franky's underground hideout, Usopp tells him his story and Franky is finally touched. In return, Franky tells him a little about Tom's contributions to Water 7.

The Man who is Loved by his Ship! Usopp's Tears! Season 8 Episode 21
Usopp believes that the person who repaired the Going Merry in Skypeia was really the Going Merry itself. Franky says that the ship was inhabited by a spirit who enters ships who are dearly cared for. The spirit repaired their ship just enough for them to reach the next island. The doorbell rings from the sea side and the Galley La foremen enter.

Franky's Past! The Day the Sea Train Ran Season 8 Episode 22
The foremen discover Franky's hidden room and he fears they'll trample his memories. A long flashback ensues, covering Franky's past in Tom's Workers and how he and Iceburg helped create the Sea Train.

Spandam's Conspiracy! The Day the Sea Train Shook Season 8 Episode 23
Spandam, a CP5 representative, was determined to get Tom proven guilty in his trial so he could get the blueprints. As Franky walked into the town, people from the government began to attack with the battleships he had personally constructed. Tom and Iceburg run to their shipyard where they're attacked by two ships which also destroy the others. Iceburg tells Franky that he has to take responsibility or he'll never forgive him.

The End of the Legendary Man! The Day the Sea Train Cried Season 8 Episode 24
Franky said that if a ship of his were to be used as a weapon, then it's no longer one of his ships. That enraged Tom and he punched Franky for the first time, telling him he had to take pride in the ships he created. He then told the judge that he would accept the punishment for both his previous crime and the recent attack. Franky tried to stop the train to Enies Lobby with his bare hands.

The Truth Behind the Betrayal! Robin's Sorrowful Decision! Season 8 Episode 25
Chopper escapes the burning building with Paulie and Iceburg on his back and collapses outside. Iceburg makes it clear to Nami that Robin wanted to recover the blueprints and to do that, she wanted her companions to leave the island without her. Nami rushes to tell Chopper so they can go looking for the rest of the crew. Elsewhere, the foremen let go of the Going Merry so she would be destroyed at sea.

The Steam Whistle Separates the Group! The Sea Train Begins Season 8 Episode 26
Paulie helps clear the name of the Strawhats but doesn't tell the mob everything he knows. He gets the mob to follow Chopper so they can search for the rest of the crew. Nami goes her own way so she can rush to the Sea Train. As Nami nears the station, Sanji, ahead of her, approaches the train.

Sanji Breaks In! The Sea Train Battle in the Storm! Season 8 Episode 27
Nami and the conductors are rescued by Paulie when the Aqua Laguna floods the main station. A man hands Nami a letter he found from Sanji. It informs her that Usopp, Franky, and he are on board the train that had just departed. On board, he storms the cars. High up in the city, Nami speaks with Kokoro and spots Luffy, stuck in between two buildings, in the back streets where the Aqua Laguna will hit first.

The Shout of Nami's Soul! The Return of the Straw Hat! Season 8 Episode 28
Nami finally reaches Luffy and tells him that he needs to hurry before Robin reaches Enies Lobby. Chopper finds Zoro and hands him the Sandai Kitetsu so he can escape the chimney. Luffy pushes apart the buildings he was stuck between and Paulie grabs them all so they can escape the Aqua Laguna's massive wave.

Another Sea Train! Rocket Man Sortie Season 8 Episode 29
Sanji fights his way through another train car and finds Usopp and Franky. Seeing how determined Luffy is to save Robin, Kokoro and Iceburg lends the Strawhat crew the use of another sea train, Rocket Man. The Franky Family shows up, pleading with Luffy to let them join them because they'll do anything for their leader.

Rescue our Friends! The Oath that Links the Enemies Season 8 Episode 30
The Rocket Man finally makes it out to sea. As the train connects with the tracks, Luffy has to rescue Chimney before she's thrown off by the wind. In the meanwhile, Iceburg has a flashback about when he finally met Franky again in Water 7. With Luffy and Chimney safe in the train, Paulie tells his fellow carpenters who the real culprits were. The Strawhats, Franky Family, and Galley La Company form an alliance.

Smash the Wave! Luffy and Zoro, The Strongest Combo! Season 8 Episode 31
Luffy and Zoro perform a move that acts similar to a cannon and blasts a hole through the wall of the tidal wave ahead of them, opening up a channel for them to pass through. They miraculously pass through unscathed and the passengers rejoice. Sanji contacts the rest of the crew and fills them in on his current situation. Usopp separates from them but later, when Sanji and Franky are spotted, a man named Sogeking comes to their rescue.

A Man of Mystery Appears!? His Name is Sogeking! Season 8 Episode 32
Sogeking makes his grand entrance. Franky and Sanji aren't fooled by his costume but they try to humor him. They devise a plan first, then detach the last two cars and fight their way through the rest. Back in the Rocket Man, Luffy, Zoro, Nami, and Chopper get an outfit change; Nami shows off the weapon Usopp upgraded for her while he was still with them.

Cook Confrontation! Sanji vs Ramen Kenpo Season 8 Episode 33
Kalifa updates the CP9 on the situation with Franky, Sanji, and Usopp. Sanji tells Franky and Usopp to go on without him so he can fight Wanze and his "Ramen Kenpo". Franky begins to fight Nero, CP9's "Weasel", and Sogeking meets with Robin.

Duel on the Roof! Franky vs Nero! Season 8 Episode 34
Franky's fight with Nero continues. Nero discovers that Franky's weak spot is his back, so Franky lies down flat so he can't get to it. Nero demands that he fight seriously, so Franky gets up to perform his "Centaur" form. Sogeking talks with Robin and tells her that the crew knows about her reasons for leaving. Those on the Rocket Man encounter the discarded cars and Zoro slices them so they can pass.

Crash! Demon-Cutting Zoro vs Ship-Cutting T-Bone! Season 8 Episode 35
Zoro clashes with "Ship Cutter" T-Bone. The fight is short and Zoro joins the crew again in the Rocket Man. On the Puffing Tom, Sanji beats Wanze beautiful, though Wanze thinks he's ruined his face. Franky finally gains the upper hand against Nero and defeats him. After beating their respective opponents, Franky and Sanji stand to fight against the other CP9.

Robin Struggles! Sogeking's Clever Scheme!! Season 8 Episode 36
After hiding under Robin's cloak for a few episodes, Sogeking finally shows himself. They stumble into the room with the CP9 and meet with Sanji and Franky. Sogeking produces a smokescreen. The four head into another car, detach it, and escape. It's not long before Blueno pulls their car back, though. Franky knocks down the wall so they can escape but ends up on the enemy car. Blueno opens a door then back in the Strawhat car.

The Judiciary Island! The Full Picture of Enies Lobby! Season 8 Episode 37
Robin willingly follows Blueno into his improvised door and Sogeking and Sanji are left alone. For a while, Blueno explains a little of Robin's past involving the Buster Call. Back at the Rocket Man, Yokuzuna the frog jumps onto the front of the train, knocking them from the rails. After Kokoro speaks with him, he joins the group. The CP9, Franky, and Robin finally reach Enies Lobby and disembark.

Mysterious Party of Pirates! The Sunny and a Dangerous Trap Season 9 Episode 1
After departing Water 7, the Straw Hats find a drifting ship with hungry and sick fishermen. All things seem great until the drifting fishermen have something else in mind and set a trap for the Straw Hats.

Sunny in a Pinch! Roar, Secret Superspeed Mecha Season 9 Episode 2
The Straw Hats find themselves surrounded by a fleet of Marine ships, actually illusions. They escape using the Soldier Dock System, with the fishermen in tow. Chopper meanwhile is told by Jiro about their past of being the Phoenix Pirates under Puzzle. The Accino family meanwhile pledges to collect the Straw Hats' heads.

The Dream Sinking in the New World! The Pirate of Despair, P Season 9 Episode 3
Trapped by moving icebergs, the Straw Hats try to figure a way out avoiding numerous dangers as the assassins draw closer. The Phoenix Pirate, Puzzle, awakes after Chopper's treatment only to reveal some harsh realities on the awaiting crew. The Thousand Sunny is trapped by ice by three of the assassins. However it escapes using the Coup de Burst. Zoro, as usual, is lost after severing a blocking iceberg in half, and in an iceberg attack the rope attached to the Phoenix Pirate ship is severed leaving behind Luffy and Chopper. Their pirate flag is then stolen by a little girl's flying fish.

The Assassins Attack! The Great Battle Above the Ice Begins Season 9 Episode 4
Using the Shark Submarine, Nami and Franky find out that penguins are moving the icebergs. Afterwards, they are attacked by Hockera. Usopp and Sanji are knocked off the Sunny by an iceberg, and encounter Sarco and Albelle. Luffy and Chopper, along with the rest of the Phoenix Pirates are attacked by Blindo, and Lil, the little girl, appears before Robin back on the Sunny. Finally, Zoro stumbles upon Lovely Land, the Accino Family's HQ. The fight between the Accino Family and the Straw Hats begin.

The Hard Fights of the Straw Hat Crew! The Pirate Soul Banki Season 9 Episode 5
The fights continue. Luffy, distracted due to the lost flag, has initial trouble with Blindo, but the Phoenix Pirates help capture him. Usopp has marginal success against Albelle, but is hampered by the angered Sarco. Franky, meanwhile, manages to beat Hockera at the cost of his remaining cola, but ends up iced up inside the sub along with Nami. Lil accepts Robin's request to be led to Lovely Land, where Zoro is aimlessly wandering inside it.

Hot Full Throttle! The Twins' Magnetic Power Draws Near Season 9 Episode 6
Due to more of Sanji's blundering, he and Usopp find themselves captured by Sarco and Albelle. Meanwhile, Canpacino arrives at the Phoenix Pirates' ship to rescue his brother. Due to their 'brotherly love', the two are human magnets, and use their unique fighting style to separate Luffy from the others. Zoro, meanwhile, encounters the Don. After knocking back a few drinks together, the Straw Hats' jolly roger is delivered, and Zoro's 120 million bounty is quite a hard thing to pass up...

The Great Chaos Mansion! The Angry Don and the Imprisoned Cr Season 9 Episode 7
The Don reveals the power of the Heat Heat Fruit: the power to melt any substance. Zoro is no match against his anger and ends up imprisoned inside an ice cavern along with the other captured Straw Hats. They manage to escape thanks to some indirect assistance from Robin, who is still with Lil. Luffy's fight with Blindo and Canpacino ends in a draw when the two leave to calm down the Don. Puzzle finally overcomes his depression and resolves to follow Luffy, Chopper, and Jiro to Lovely Land to recover the pirate flags.

The Phoenix Returns! The Dream of the Pirate Flag Sworn to a Season 9 Episode 8
The formerly captured Staw Hats finally manage to get outside, no thanks to Zoro, where they once again encounter the Accinos. The rematches turn out to be in the Straw Hats' favor, as Hockera is taken down by Franky and Chopper, Albelle and Sarco by Nami and Sanji, and after a protracted battle, Luffy smashes Blindo right back into Lovely Land. Puzzle, showing newfound confidence, then confronts Canpacino. But all the ruckus arouses the Don. Meanwhile, Robin is taken hostage by Lil to coerce her into promising to stay in Lovely Land.

The Red Hot Decisive Battle! Luffy vs. the Scorching Don Season 9 Episode 9
The Heat Heat Fruit gives the Don all sorts of powers, from throwing blasts of heat, heating his skin to extreme temperatures, to even being able to fly by blowing steam out his nose. How can Luffy win when he can barely even hit his enemy? Meanwhile, Puzzle defeats Canpacino, the rest of the Straw Hats search for their flag, and Robin and Lil reconcile with one another. Outside, the fight really heats up when Luffy activates Gear Second, but the Don isn't going to fall so easily.

Waiting in the New World! Farewell to the Courageous Pirates Season 9 Episode 10
After a grueling struggle, Luffy finally defeats the Don with a red-hot Bazooka. With a little help from Lil, the two stolen flags are finally recovered, and the crew manages to get it back on the ship before Luffy returns. The defeated Accinos sail away with the Don in tow and finally have a belated birthday celebration, while Albelle makes up with her sister. The Phoenix Pirates go to battle with Canpaccino and the remaining grunts, Puzzle promising to meet the Straw Hats again in the New World.

Operation Disembarkation Commences! The Straw Hat Crew Rushe Season 9 Episode 38
The Straw Hats and their allies are about to reach Enies Lobby. Galley-La foreman Paulie sketches the island's terrain and explains that, to save Robin, the crew must reach her before she passes through the Gate of Justice. Because the Straw Hats are the only ones capable of matching the CP9 in combat, the Franky Family and the Galley-La foremen plan to charge in first and open the island's gates to allow the Straw Hats to rush in riding the sea train. As Enies Lobby draws near, the gigantic Gate of Justice appears in the sky behind it. While his crewmates and allies gaze in awe, Luffy ignores the plan and strides past the first of the gates. On the other side of the island, in the Tower of Justice, Chief Spandam and the second half of CP9 await the arrival of Rob Lucci's group and their prisoners.

Luffy Charges In! Great Decisive Battle on the Judiciary Isl Season 9 Episode 39
Luffy easily gets past the second gate, while the Franky Family and the Galley-La foremen, following their initial plan, break the first gate's defenses. All goes smoothly at first, but by the time the Franky Family's main force reaches the second gate, the marines have called for help. The giants Oimo and Kāshī, the island's front gate gatekeepers, take up their posts. Overmatched in strength and size, the Franky Family send their best fighters, the Kairiki Destroyers. However, even these overly large humans can do little against the giants' power and are quickly defeated. On the other side of the gate, Luffy faces the collective might of Enies Lobby's 10,000 men.

Battle with the Giants! Open the Second Door! Season 9 Episode 40
The Galley-La foremen and the leading members of the Franky Family arrive late at the second gate because they had to mount the Franky Family's king bulls, sea dwelling animals that look like sea horses, on caterpillar tracks. Combining forces, they manage to pin down Kāshī against a wall. Then, taunting Oimo, they goad him into hitting his partner in the face, knocking Kāshī unconscious. In the Tower of Justice, Spandam receives an incomplete report about Luffy, which leads him to believe that the enemy captain is not a threat. Lucci's party arrives and the CP9 celebrate their reunion with petty bickering and a contest of strength. Meanwhile, Luffy, defying resistance, makes his way towards the Courthouse Plaza.

The Means of Escaping is Opened! Fly through the Sky, Rocket Season 9 Episode 41
Robin and Franky are brought before Spandam, while Luffy blasts through waves of marines. The Galley-La foremen and the Franky Family eventually slip by Oimo and open the second gate. However, their joy is short-lived, as a group of marines closes the first gate behind them. To overcome the unanticipated obstacle, Zoro changes the plan. Yokozuna bends the island's outside fence downward. Using it as a ramp, the sea train jumps over both of the gates and crash lands into Oimo's back, finishing him off, and concluding everyone's arrival at the main island. As the elite group—called Law's Watch Dog Unit—enters the fight on the side of the marines, the battle escalates in intensity.

Catch Up with Luffy! The Straw Hat Pirates' All-Out War Season 9 Episode 42
The Straw Hats struggle to catch up with Luffy, but get caught up in impeding each other's efforts; Sanji and Zoro indulge themselves in petty bickering and Nami injures her crewmates by testing her newly improved weapon. The streets appear empty, abandoned by the men who were fighting Luffy. Just then, the Law's Watch Dog Unit and a large group of other men step into their way. A fight seems inevitable until their allies, riding the king bulls, arrive. Paulie uses his ropes to pull the crew onto the back of one of the large animals. Then the Galley-La foremen replace Straw Hats' in battle to allow the rest of the group to escape.

Robin was Betrayed! The Expectations of the World Government Season 9 Episode 43
Spandam tells Robin that her crew has come to save her and that he, despite the agreement between her and the CP9, plans on taking them prisoner. On the main road, the Straw Hats and the Franky Family proceed towards the Courthouse Plaza. Chopper talks with the king bull named Sodom, who notes that Sogeking did not make it onto his back. Meanwhile, frustrated with his inability to move forward, Luffy slingshots himself onto the courthouse. There, Blueno is awaiting his arrival.

Give Robin Back! Luffy vs. Blueno! Season 9 Episode 44
Oimo explains to Sogeking about how he and Kāshī came to support the marines—the marines told them that they arrested their bosses. The story reminds Sogeking of the giants Dorry and Broggy, whom the Straw Hats met shortly after entering the Grand Line. Sodom the king bull incurs severe damage and urges the Straw Hats riding him to continue without him. Quickly, they board Sodom's brother Gomorrah and continue on. Atop of the courthouse, the fight between Blueno and Luffy begins. Luffy throws the first punch and seems far less inferior than during their last encounter.

Don't Stop! Raise the Signal Fire of a Counterattack! Season 9 Episode 45
Kokoro and her granddaughter Chimeney contact the Straw Hats by means of Nami's portable transponder snail phone. They inform them of Luffy's location and instruct them on how to lower the courthouse's drawbridge. The Franky Family decides to lower it. Just then, the second of Enies Lobby's elite units enters the battle. One of the Guilty Jurymen throws his massive iron ball at Gomorrah, knocking him down. Behind them, Sogeking is riding to the courthouse on the shoulders of one of the giants with whom he has managed to ally. Gomorrah, arising again despite severe injury, tells those riding him to hold on as he plans to take them to their destination. Inside the Tower of Justice, Kaku and Kalifa hesitatingly eat the devil fruits that Spandam has given them.

Luffy is in Sight! Gather at the Courthouse Plaza Season 9 Episode 46
Although Gomorrah was blinded, he continues on. Sanji and Zoro crush a building in the king bull's path and the party arrives at the courthouse. On the other side of the drawbridge, Spandam is brought a transponder snail phone with an urgent report. Confident that he will only be told of the Straw Hats' capture, he allows Robin and Franky to listen in, letting them know of their rescuers' success. In front of the courthouse, Zoro cuts open the building's immense stone door. The Franky Family split into three groups, two of which storm the drawbridge towers to reach the levelers at their tops. On the courthouse's roof, Luffy and Blueno fight on even terms until Luffy activates his newest technique, the Gear Second.

All for the Sake of Protecting My Friends! Gear Second in Mo Season 9 Episode 47
The Straw Hats storm the courthouse, where the remaining members of the Franky Family fight the three-headed judge Baskerville, and, aided by Yokozuna, block the building's entrance to cut off reinforcements. Above them, Luffy's Gear Second is put into action against Bluno, while his crew fight their way upstairs. On the main road, the giants have defeated the Law's Watch Dog Unit, and with Sogeking and the Galley-La foremen are heading for the plaza. Luffy defeats Blueno, steps past his unconscious body, and cries out for Robin to hear that he has arrived.

Answer Us, Robin! The Outcries of the Straw Hat Crew!! Season 9 Episode 48
Franky cannot understand why Robin refuses to be saved after Spandam broke his promise. While Luffy yells in the background, Franky decides to make Robin face him. He uses his remaining cola to inflate his buttocks and with a giant flatus shoots himself and Robin outside, onto the balcony, and into Luffy's sight, breaking his chains in the process. Luffy wants to slingshot himself over the waterfall to rescue Robin, but she tells him to stay and that only she wants to die. In front of the courthouse, Yokozuna succumbs to the jurymen's attacks. The marines are about to pour in as the giants arrive and assume control of the position. Kāshī throws Sogeking onto the courthouse, where he joins the assembling Straw Hats. Gathering on the battlements, they face Robin and the CP9, while they wait for the drawbridge to be lowered.

Robin's Past! The Girl who was Called a Demon! Season 9 Episode 49
Twenty years into the past, Robin is growing up on the island of Ohara. Her aunt, with whom she lives while her mother is away doing research, treats her poorly. Other children ostracize her. Studying in the world's greatest library, the Tree of Omniscience, in the hopes of being allowed to help the local archaeologists in their forbidden research, Robin earns the rank of a scholar in archaeology at age eight. However, when she announces her intention to help, her request is denied because of her youth. Disappointed at being rejected again, she walks along the shore, where she stumbles on Jaguar D. Saulo, a giant and deserted vice-admiral of the navy. The two become friends and Saulo teaches her to laugh.

The Fated Parent and Child! The Mother's Name is Olvia! Season 9 Episode 50
Saulo is shocked to learn that Robin is Nico Olvia's daughter and that he has been washed up on the shores of Ohara. Olvia, who returned to the island on a stolen navy ship, hurries to the Tree of Omniscience to warn her colleges of a coming navy fleet. However, she is too late. The government ship that carried Spandam's father Spandaine and his men has already arrived. They frighten the island's population into boarding an evacuation ship, while the government soldiers arrest the scholars and search the library. Professor Clover, Robin's mentor, urges Robin to board the evacuation ship, but she refuses. As it becomes clear that the scholars will not be forgiven for their forbidden research, Clover asks to be allowed to speak to the heads of the government, known as the Five Elder Stars.

Tragedy of Ohara! Fear of Buster Call! Season 9 Episode 51
Professor Clover is allowed to speak with one of the Elder Stars and reports of their research. He describes a civilization that existed hundreds of years ago and vanished at the time that the world government assumed power. He considers the collective evidence, which leads him to believe that the governemt tried to erase their former enemies from history. After stating that Ohara has learned too much, the Elder Star orders Spandaine to kill the professor and to give the order to destroy the island. Suddenly, the library is set aflame; while the scholars try to save the books, Robin admits to being an archeologist and unites with her mother. However, their union does not last long. Around them, cannon shots from the Buster Call's battleships start to hail down and Olvia sends her daughter off with Saulo to flee the island, while she joins the effort to save the library's knowledge.

Say You Want to Live! We are Comrades!!! Season 9 Episode 52
Saulo fights the battleships, attempting to allow Robin to escape. She tries to board the evacuation ship, but per Spandaine's orders, she is denied access. Vize-Admiral Kuzan, later known as Admiral Aokiji, enters the scene to engage in battle with Saulo. While they fight, the evacuation ship is sunk by the fanatical Vice-Admiral Sakazuki, later known as Admiral Akainu. Saulo, on the verge of dying, instructs Robin to flee on his raft. Persuaded by Saulo's argument and Sakazuki's action, Kuzan helps Robin escape. From then on, Robin lives a life on the run, not being able to trust even the kindest of people, in a world that believes that her existence alone is a sin. In the present, Robin admits her greatest fear: to be seen as a burden by her crewmates and cast away, because being with her means having the world as their enemy. Finally knowing what kept her away, Sogeking, on Luffy's order, burns the government's flag, declaring war.

The Blueprints Aren't Passed! Franky's Decision Season 9 Episode 58
Franky had hidden the blueprints for the ancient weapon Pluton within his body. He shows them to the CP9, explaining that they were only kept in existence so that an opposing force could be constructed in case the other ancient weapons still in existence were revived by Robin. Having realized that she is not the demon that rumors characterized her as, he bets the world's fate on the Straw Hats ability to rescue her and burns the blueprints. Enraged, Spandam throws Franky off the balcony. Kokoro runs Rocketman up the half-lowered drawbridge. The Straw Hats, informed via transponder snail phone, jump aboard. Hitting Franky on the way and carrying him along, the train jumps over the waterfall and crashes into the Tower of Justice.

Retrieve the 5 Keys! The Straw Hat Crew vs CP9 Season 9 Episode 59
Unburying themselves from the rubble their entry has caused, the Straw Hats are greeted by Fukurou. He tells them that in the tower, including himself, there are five CP9 members, each carrying a key, one of whom unlocks the sea stone handcuffs on Robin. He also tells them that Lucci and Spandam have already taken Robin to the Gate of Justice. The Straw Hats split up. Luffy chases after Robin, while the rest pursue the keys. Meanwhile, Chimeney and her pet rabbit Gonbe find a secret passage. As they explore it, their attention is caught by the villainous laughter of Chief Spandam.

Power of the Devil Fruit! Kaku and Jyabura Transform Season 9 Episode 60
Zoro and Kaku engage in an intense sword fight. Directly beneath them, Sogeking fails to steal a key from the sleeping CP9 assassin Jyabura. Eventually, Kaku makes use of his newly gained devil fruit power. He transforms into a giraffe, causing the floor to collapse. He and Zoro fall down a story, interrupting the fight between Sogeking and Jyabura. The fighting halts as everyone entertains themselves by making fun of Kaku's ridiculous appearance. Enraged, Kaku uses his new power to vertically cut the building in half. As the confusion subsides, Zoro and Sogeking realize that they accidentally handcuffed themselves together. Meanwhile, Luffy searches high and low for the Tower of Justice for Robin and her captors.

Even if I Die, I Won't Kick You! Sanji's Manly Chivalry Season 9 Episode 61
Their prey cuffed together, Kaku and Jyabura offer to use their keys to free them. However, neither of their keys open the locks. Chopper passes by and is sent off to obtain the correct key from one of the other assassins. Sanji attempts to get the key of Kalifa. Nami only barely escapes from Kumadori, as Chopper rescues her in the last second. Having stolen his key, the two try to get away. They stop, as Sanji, glossy and in a rounded-off shape, falls down besides the staircase. Once she notices Kalifa a few levels up, Nami figures that Sanji went easy on her and decides to take over.

Fukurou's Miscalculation - My Cola is the Water of Life! Season 9 Episode 62
Luffy attempts to cross the wild waters on the far side of the Tower of Justice. Chimeney and Gonbe arrive just in time to save him from drowning. They show him the way to the underground passage, through which they had seen Spandam and Lucci take Robin. It is blocked by a large steel door. Luffy activates his Gear Third and breaks it. Meanwhile, Franky is forced to fight Fukurou with just a few drops of cola left in his stomach compartment. Fortunately for him, their scuffle leads them into the kitchen, where Chopper locks Kumadori into the fridge.

Zoro's New Technique Explodes! The Katana's Name is Sogeking Season 9 Episode 63
Refreshed after having placed three full bottles of cola in his stomach compartment, Franky turns the tide in his battle with Fukurou. After breaking through a few walls, they continue fighting outside. They fall into the sea and by the force of the currents are drawn towards the waterfall surrounding Enies Lobby's main island. Franky barely saves himself from falling down by grabbing onto Fukurou's leg with his extendable arm. Unable to shake off his opponent, Fukurou is forced to use his air-walking technique to drag both of them towards land. As they close in on the Tower of Justice, he attempts to crush Franky into it. However, Franky is prepared, and holds onto his opponent with his dividable legs and uses his air pressure cannon to propel him flying into the ground.

Uncontrollable! Chopper's Forbidden Rumble Season 9 Episode 64
Chopper's breather concludes as Kumadori frees himself from the fridge, apparently after he finished eating its contents. At first, he is fat, but he digests all the food immediately and is slim again. Fascinated, Chopper asks how he did it. Kumadori willingly explains. Afterwards, the two resume their fight where it had stopped. Chopper quickly realizes that he cannot break through Kumadori's body-hardening technique without the effect of his Rumble Ball drug. Having used a first while rescuing Nami, he dares not use a second out of fear of its side effects. Nevertheless, he takes it. Chopper charges repeatedly, but his transformations are erratic and difficult to control. By the time he assumes the correct form, he is too weak and is struck down. Left with one choice, he steps into the forbidden realm of taking a third Rumble Ball.

Bubble User Kalifa! Nami Draws Near to the Soap's Trap Season 9 Episode 67
Having taken three Rumble Balls, Chopper transforms into an oversized and purely instinct driven version of himself. Kumadori goes all out to defeat his enemy, but in the end cannot succeed. In Kalifa's room, Nami lies helplessly on the ground, watching her opponent casually bathing. Slowly, the strength returns to her limbs while Kalfi redresses. Shortly into their fight, Nami discovers the essence of Kalifa's new ability. Being a soap woman, she can create a foam that washes away anything, even a person's strength. Chopper goes on a rampage and, with Franky on his heels, climbs the tower's outside walls. Having crossed the underground passage, Luffy finally catches up to Lucci.

The Resounding Bad News! The Buster Call is Invoked Season 9 Episode 68
On the Courthouse Plaza, the marines defeat Oimo and Kāshī and capture the Straw Hats' allies in the courthouse. Almost on the Bridge of Hesitation, which leads through the Gate of Justice, Spandam tries to contact the CP9 members at the tower, but accidentally invokes a Buster Call, causing ten battleships and five vice-admirals to be dispatched to Enies Lobby from the nearby navy headquarters. Realizing his first mistake, Spandam makes another by informing the whole island of the coming threat. Out of fear, the island's 10,000 soldiers leave their prisoners and flee to the coast.

5 Namis? Counterattack with the Mirage! Season 9 Episode 69
Lucci and Luffy begin their mutually anticipated duel, while Nami and Kalifa's fight enters the next phase. Both combatants have scouted out each other's abilities. Kalifa attempts to finish Nami off. Just then, Chopper, in his monstrous form, crushes through the wall and enters the fight. He does not recognize Nami, just as he did not recognize Franky. As he goes through the room, he rips out Kalifa's large bathing tub and throws it downstairs, where the immobilized Sanji is sitting. Nami is deeply worried about Chopper, but before she can help him, she has to finish her fight. The torn up water pipes sprinkling the room's air provide a possible advantage for her.

Nami's Determination! Shoot the Rampaging Chopper! Season 9 Episode 70
The fight between Nami and Kalifa climaxes. Kalifa sweeps the room with a tidal wave of power-draining bubbles to counter Nami's illusions. Barely escaping, Nami manages to prepare and release her finishing blow in the form of a horizontal lighting bolt. Franky, who had followed Chopper in climbing up the walls of the Tower of Justice, arrives as she is about to retrieve Kalifa's key. A moment's discussion later, they conceive of a plan. They follow Chopper into the room where Zoro and Sogeking, still cuffed together, try to fight Kaku and Jyabura. There, Franky uses his air pressure cannon to blast Chopper outside and into the sea, while Nami uses Kalifa's key to release Zoro and Sogeking from their shackles.

Hunter Sanji Appears? Elegy to the Lying Wolf Season 9 Episode 71
Having pulled the once-again tiny, but now completely unconscious, Chopper out of the sea, Franky ponders on how he can cross the wild waters to reach the Bridge of Hesitation. Chimeney and Gonbe appear outside the secret passage and lead him to Kokoro and the underground tunnel. In the last remaining fight at the Tower of Justice, Zoro and Kaku exchange heavy blows, while Jyabura takes on Sogeking and Nami. The latter fight ends quickly, as Jyabura, holding the unmoving body of Sogeking, aims his killing blow. Just then, Sanji, freed from the influence of Kalifa's power by the water of the bathtub that Chopper had thrown downstairs earlier, steps in, taking his place in the fight.

Kick! Full Course of Sanji's Footwork Season 9 Episode 72
Nami drags the wounded Sogeking from the fighting zone. As she is on the verge of going downstairs, Sogeking has an idea. Meanwhile, Sanji starts exchanging blows with Jyabura, who sends him flying into the hallway. Continuing their fight there, Jyabura tries in vain to trick Sanji with a made-up story of being Robin's long-lost brother. The battle seems even, until the wolf-man gains the upper hand over his opponent with well-placed blows. Realizing that he is on the losing side, Sanji resolves to use his newest technique. He spins around until his leg starts glowing red with heat, and defeats Jyabura in a fierce mid-air final.

The Drawn Sword's Fierce Attack! Zoro vs. Kaku Powerful Slas Season 9 Episode 73
Spandam drags Robin along the Bridge of Hesitation, while beneath them, Lucci is blocking the way upstairs. Franky arrives and offers to help fight Lucci. However, Luffy insists that Franky save Robin. Reminded of himself when he was young and tried to stop the sea train from carrying away his mentor, Franky agrees. To do so, though, he has to get past Lucci. At the same time, in the Tower of Justice, Kaku shows Zoro the many tricks he can perform with his body that is now equipped with devil fruit powers, discovering new techniques in the process.

Zoro the Fierce God! The Incarnation of Asura Revealed by Hi Season 9 Episode 74
After many failed attempts, Zoro finally cuts Kaku. Shortly afterwards, their fight climaxes, as both combatants use their ultimate techniques. The victor is Zoro. On the other side of the raging waters, on the Bridge of Hesitation, Spandam continues to drag Robin along. Fear strikes her as the end of the bridge, which for her marks the point of no return, comes into sight. She pulls herself free and runs away. Spandam pursues and recaptures her, but she holds on to the rim of the bridge with her teeth. Below them, Franky tries in vain to force his way past the much more powerful Lucci. As Franky is on the verge of being killed, Luffy activates Gear Second and attacks Lucci, allowing Fanky to slip by.

Spandam's Shock! A Hero Stands on the Tower of Justice Season 9 Episode 75
Having loosened Robin's tooth grip on the bridge's rim, Spandam ties a rope around her waist and pulls her further along; during this, he constantly insults her and proudly tells her that Spandaine, the man who had caused her so much suffering, is his father. A stream of tears runs down her cheeks as her time runs out. Just then, and seemingly out of nowhere, an explosive projectile hits the back of Spandam's head. A stream of projectiles falls on the marines gathered around him. Outside the range of normal guns, Sogeking is shooting at them, standing on top of the Tower of Justice.

Robin's Liberation! Luffy vs. Lucci: Peak of the Decisive Ba Season 9 Episode 76
Freed from her sea stone handcuffs by Franky, Robin returns to her normal self. With no way back, the two decide to capture the ship Spandam had intended to use to bring Robin to the navy headquarters. The Buster Call ships arrive and start by shooting at the Tower of Justice, causing its dangerously positioned upper half to crush down into the waterfall. The resulting loud noise created reaches Luffy and Lucci beneath the Bridge of Hesitation. Anticipating that the Straw Hats would emerge through the underground passage, Lucci tears a hole into a wall of the underwater chamber, flooding it and the passage.

If I Can't Win, I Can't Protect Anyone! Gear Third Activates Season 9 Episode 78
The Buster Call ships have reached the island. Guns blazing, they pass the Bridge of Hesitation. At the same time, the remaining Straw Hats, Kokoro, Chimeney, and Gonbe have entered the underground passage and are running towards the water streaming in on the other end. Meanwhile, Luffy and Lucci, having fled from the rising water, continue their fight a few levels higher. Because the effects of his Gear Second have worn off, Luffy is at a disadvantage. However, he has another trump card: he activates Gear Third, blows air into his arm until it reaches the size of that of a giant, and knocks Lucci out of the pillar.

The Terrifying Past! Dark Justice and Rob Lucci Season 9 Episode 79
Fifteen years into the past, a 13-year-old Rob Lucci, as emissary of the world government, is sent into a country at war with pirates. Five hundred of their soldiers have been taken hostage and the pirates' captain demands the throne in exchange for the men's life. The country's king is close to giving in when Lucci arrives. However, Lucci has not come to offer help, but to take matters into his hands. He goes to the pirates and allows them to capture him. They lock him up with the five hundred soldiers. Lucci kills them all, in the name of justice, because for a soldier it is a sin to be weak. Afterwards, he kills the pirates' captain and ends the country's crisis.

A Phantom Mermaid is Here? Within Fading Consciousness Season 9 Episode 80
After fighting Lucci in Gear Third for a minute, Luffy is left to cope with the technique's side effect of his body shrinking to a fraction of its original size for around the same time. At the other end of the Bridge of Hesitation, Franky takes on Funkfreed, Spandam's sword infused with the powers of a devil fruit, which allow it to partly or completely turn into an elephant. At the islands entry, the two giants arrive, carrying the Galley-La foremen and the Franky Family on their shoulders. Instead of finding a means of escape, however, they are greeted by the cannon muzzles of three of the Buster Call's battleships. Equally desperate is the situation in the underground passage, where the group has been caught in the flooding-in water. Just as they are about to give up hope, a mermaid comes to their rescue.

The Island Sinking in Gunfire! Franky's Outcry of Regret Season 9 Episode 81
Franky and Robin are throwing the last remaining marines off their commandeered convoy ship when Kokoro, in mermaid form, jumps out of the water and on board, carrying the whole group from the underground passage. A moment of happiness arises as they reunite with Robin, but does not last long. The battleships have set the whole island aflame and via loudspeaker a voice announces the destruction of the group of escapees at the main gate. With no more targets left, the fleet turns its attention toward the Bridge of Hesitation, where the Straw Hats are forced to wait for their captain's arrival.

Wait for Luffy! Fight to the Death on the Bridge of Hesitati Season 9 Episode 82
The fight between Luffy and Lucci is nearing its end as the CP9 assassin makes use of his most powerful technique, the Six Kings Gun. The Bridge of Hesitation is surrounded by battleships, which, using their cannons, sever the bridge's first pillar, where Luffy is fighting, from the rest. Having cut off the Straw Hats' captain's retreat, the marines send their two hundred strongest fighters to recapture Robin. Meanwhile, Luffy is no longer able to stand up to Lucci's attacks and falls to the ground.

Wait for Luffy! Fight to the Death on the Bridge of Hesitati Season 9 Episode 82
The fight between Luffy and Lucci is nearing its end as the CP9 assassin makes use of his most powerful technique, the Six Kings Gun. The Bridge of Hesitation is surrounded by battleships, which, using their cannons, sever the bridge's first pillar, where Luffy is fighting, from the rest. Having cut off the Straw Hats' captain's retreat, the marines send their two hundred strongest fighters to recapture Robin. Meanwhile, Luffy is no longer able to stand up to Lucci's attacks and falls to the ground.

Feelings Put Into Fists! Luffy's Full-Power Gatling Season 9 Episode 83
While the rest of the Straw Hats struggle to hold their own against the Buster Call's fighting elite, Usopp, unmasked, cannot believe his eyes, seeing Luffy lying in the dust in front of Lucci. He cries out to him, telling him to hang in and stand up. However, Luffy cannot move. In his desperation he insults Lucci, dares him to cross the destroyed bridge and fight him. Presuming Luffy to be defeated, Lucci is about follow Usopp's suggestion. However, Luffy gets back on his feet and activates Gear Second in preparation for the final round. Lucci hits him one more time with his Six Kings Gun and is sure of victory. However, Luffy does not fall. He turns around and ends the fight with a barrage of blows.

A Friend Approaches from the Sea! The Straw Hat Crew's Stron Season 9 Episode 84
Familiar voices are heard from the navy's loudspeakers. Calling in from the far side of the island, the Franky Family and Galley-La foremen are telling them that they survived and have found a means of escape. The Straw Hats are not so fortunate. Their stolen convoy ship is blown up by a salvo of battleship fire. Another salvo destroys the second half of the Bridge of Hesitation, forcing the pirates onto the middle pillar. The situation worsens, as the marines see the state of Luffy. Worn out from the fight and from overusing Gear Second, he cannot move or run, as the battleships aim their mighty cannons at him. Things seem hopeless, until the group hears another voice calling out to them; they jump into the ocean.

The Crew's Great Escape! The Victor's Path is for the Pirate Season 9 Episode 85
The voice had come from the Straw Hats' ship, the Going Merry. Sanji is the first to go aboard. To his surprise, nobody is there. The ship had made it from Water 7 to Enies Lobby on its own. The Straw Hats have little time to spare because the battleships have already taken aim at the tiny ship that has snuck in between them. They fire a salvo, almost from point-blank range, but miss. While absent earlier, Sanji found the control room for the Gate of Justice and set it to close. The large gate in its original position creates whirl streams strong enough to disturb the battleships' aim as well as their ability to maneuver, which allows the Straw Hats to escape.

Thank You Merry! The Sea of Separation in the Snow Season 9 Episode 86
Enies Lobby and the Buster Call fleet are out of sight. The Straw Hats meet the Galley-La president Iceburg and his employees aboard their company ship. The Going Merry breaks apart and Luffy begs the shipwrights to repair the beloved ship, but they refuse. Iceburg then describes how he had found the ship lying at the shore and had done everything to fix it, convincing Luffy to let it go. Reminiscing about their adventures together, the Straw Hats burn their old ship and watch as it sinks to the bottom of the sea.

Thank You Merry! The Sea of Separation in the Snow Season 9 Episode 86
Enies Lobby and the Buster Call fleet are out of sight. The Straw Hats meet the Galley-La president Iceburg and his employees aboard their company ship. The Going Merry breaks apart and Luffy begs the shipwrights to repair the beloved ship, but they refuse. Iceburg then describes how he had found the ship lying at the shore and had done everything to fix it, convincing Luffy to let it go. Reminiscing about their adventures together, the Straw Hats burn their old ship and watch as it sinks to the bottom of the sea.

The Disturbance of Peace! The Vice-Admiral with the Fist of Season 9 Episode 87
Two days later and back in Water 7, Franky hears that "the item" has arrived. He had used the money, which he had stolen from the Straw Hats, to buy a large piece of precious wood. Using the wood, he plans to build a "dream ship" and offers to give it to the Straw Hats. The promise of a new ship and the recovery of their lost possessions from a group of Galley-La workers brightens the Straw Hat's outlook. However, another cloud darkens the horizon, as a group of marines, led by Vice-Admiral Garp, break into their quarters.

The Strongest Family Line? Luffy's Father Revealed! Season 9 Episode 88
Garp is revealed to be Luffy's grandfather and is accompanied by old acquaintances of Luffy and Zoro from the beginning of their journey, Coby and Helmeppo. After giving Luffy a lecture for becoming a pirate instead of a marine, he tells him about his father, Monkey D. Dragon. Although Luffy does not know of it, he was once saved by him in Loguetown, where he was almost captured by Captain Smoker.

Its Name is The New World! The Whereabouts of the Great Gran Season 9 Episode 89
Garp takes his leave to let Luffy alone with Coby and Helmeppo so that they can chat. Afterwards, Coby thanks Luffy and Zoro for the opportunity to meet them again and promises to become stronger, so he might one day capture them. Once he and Helmeppo depart, the Straw Hats start a party at the Galley-La's company pool. During that party, Aokiji approaches Robin while staying out of sight. He explains to her that Saulo was his best friend and that he had only let her go to honor his wishes. He admits that he had decided to put an end to Robin's existence, always on the run, and the danger it meant for the world, but that her and the Straw Hats' actions have shown him that she has found her place.

Shanks Moves! Ceremony to the Rampaging Age Season 9 Episode 90
A fleet of navy ships could not keep the "Red-Haired" Shanks and Whitebeard from meeting. Those unprepared to bear his presence fall unconscious to the ground as Shanks walks over the planks of Whitebeard's ship, carrying a large bottle of booze. While they drink, they reminisce about old times and wounds, which begin aching again. Shanks asks his peer to stop his subordinate Portgas D. Ace from pursuing Blackbeard. Whitebeard refuses. The two draw their weapons and fight.

The Girl Searching for the Yagara! Great Investigation in th Season 9 Episode 91
Luffy and Chopper help a girl named Abi to search for her lost yagara bull, which had appeared to her in a dream. During the Aqua Laguna, her family had left their 100-year-old bull at home. When they returned after the storm he was gone. The three search all over the city for him with no success. Another yagara claims to have heard the missing one's voice. After finding a piece of his scarf, they track him into the underwater passages of the city. However, they only find an illusion. Abi is devastated. Then, they hear the voice of a yagara baby wrapped in the rest of the old one's scarf.

The Mother is Strong! Zoro's Slapstick Housework Help Season 9 Episode 92
Zoro strolls the city in search of a replacement katana, but does not have money. There, he is picked up by Michael and Hoichael, two idle boys from the backstreets. They show him around and call him their "big brother". Before he knows what is happening, he is introduced to their mother, is taken home with them, and has to feed babies and make laundry. He struggles to escape, eventually succeeding. Shortly afterward, the family is taken away by violent debt collectors. Alerted by one of the boys, Zoro arrives just in time to save them.

Sanji Crashes! The Mysterious Old Man and Intense Cooking Season 9 Episode 93
Sanji is buying groceries in the company of Chimeney and Gonbe. For lunch, they lead him to the small floating restaurant of a drunken old man. He is asleep and not easily woken, so Sanji decides to prepare something himself. While he is cooking, the old man wakes up and immediately recognizes Sanji's way of handling the carving knife, for he knew Sanji's mentor, "Red-Leg" Zeff. He insists that Sanji taste some of his cooking. Sanji is amazed by the flavor, but cannot figure out how the old man made it. Intent on discovering the secret, he searches the city for seasonings that might have been used. Perchance he gets to eat an onigiri made by the old man and realizes that he uses a special salt. The salt was created by Aqua Laguna. As the storm floods the lower parts of the city, it covers the buildings with sea water. In the following sunny days, particularly tasty residual salt is left on the rooftops.

Everyone's Finally Wanted! The Crew of Over Six Hundred Mill Season 9 Episode 94
Franky, Iceburg, and the Galley-La foremen work throughout the night to build the new ship for the Straw Hats. Usopp spends the time practicing the manner in which he will convince his former crewmates to let him join again. The next day, the Straw Hats are summoned to the shore to receive their ship. On departing, they are intercepted by the Franky Family, bringing the new wanted posters of the crew. However, the true reason they came is that Franky has received a bounty as well. They fear that, should he stay with them, he might be captured once more and that they would not be able to rescue him again. Therefore, they beg the Straw Hats to take Franky with them, regardless of whether he wants them to or not.

The King of Beasts that will Cross the Ocean! The Dream Ship Season 9 Episode 95
When the Straw Hats arrive at the coast, Iceburg shows them the ship, but Franky cannot be found. Iceburg gives his opinion: Franky is hiding because if he were asked face to face to join the crew, he would not be able to refuse; he wants to go but thinks of staying in Water 7 as his responsibility. On the other side of the island, Franky's men literally take the matter into their own hands: they steal Franky's beloved jammer-style swimsuit and attempt to lure him to the Straw Hats by passing it back and forth to each other. Midway, Sanji and Zoro seize him, put him into the Franky Family's shoot-anything-cannon, and have him shot in front of the new ship.

Goodbye my Lovable Followers! Franky Departs Season 9 Episode 96
Luffy tells Franky that, if he wants his swimsuit back, he will have to join his crew. However, this does not persuade him. To weaken his resolve, Robin uses her ability to grab Franky's testicles and pulls on them. Iceburg tells him that he only wants to stay in Water 7 because he has not forgiven himself. Franky's followers bring him his luggage. He rejects it, telling them to stay out of his affairs. During this series of events, Franky cries, apparently from the pain inflicted by Robin, who had stopped some time ago. Sanji and Zoro arrive in a hurry, reporting that Garp has returned and is on his way to capture them. Luffy then returns the swimsuit to Franky, who subsequently agrees to join the crew.

Departing the Water Metropolis! Distinction of the Manly Uso Season 9 Episode 97
The Straw Hats set sail, even though Usopp has not yet returned to them, because Zoro had promised that if Usopp was allowed to return without his first words being an apology, Zoro would leave himself. Even if they wanted to wait longer, they could not, because Garp has arrived and under direct orders of Fleet-Admiral Sengoku starts throwing cannonballs at the Straw Hats' ship. While the Straw Hats fend of the cannonballs, Usopp arrives at the coast and tries to rejoin the crew as if nothing happened. Minding Zoro's words, neither he nor Luffy admit hearing Usopp's calling in the midst of battle. Only afterward Usopp realizes his fault and begs for forgiveness; Luffy tearfully reaches out and pulls him aboard.

The World-Wide Bounties! The Hometowns Dance as the Ship Sai Season 9 Episode 98
Because the crew and ship are complete again, the Straw Hats can intensify their efforts to escape. They name their new ship Thousand Sunny, and Franky goes to the engine room to activate one of its special abilities. Luffy says goodbye to his grandfather and Coby. Enraged by his grandson's audacity, Garp pulls out a gigantic iron ball and throws it at him and his ship. At the last second, the Sunny's emergency acceleration device activates and blasts the ship a kilometer away and outside Garp's reach. Meanwhile, the crew's wanted posters and news of their deeds at Enies Lobby circulate around the world.

The Most Evil Ability! Blackbeard's Darkness Attacks Ace Season 9 Episode 99
Three days earlier and on an island close to Water 7, Blackbeard receives the news of the Straw Hats' devastation of Enies Lobby and decides to pursue them. However, his plans are interrupted by Ace, who has come to avenge Blackbeard's murder of a crewmate. Teach claims that he had no other choice, for the man he killed possessed the devil fruit he wanted, which he had been searching for his entire life. He then asks Ace to join him; however, Ace refuses. They start fighting and Blackbeard reveals his newfound power, the power of darkness. The island is devastated and Ace defeated.

Venture Into the Devil's Sea! The Mysterious Skeleton Floati Season 10 Episode 12
In search of food, the Straw Hats attempt octopus hunting before discovering a barrel in the middle of the ocean. After opening the barrel, Thousand Sunny gets thrown into the foggy Florian Triangle where it encounters a ruined ship and a skeleton man named Brook, whom Luffy immediately asks to join the crew.

The Delight of Having Met People! The Gentleman Skeleton's T Season 10 Episode 13
Onboard the Thousand Sunny, Brook tells his story of being a musician before being killed. However, his spirit was able to reanimate his skeleton due to the power of the Revive Revive Fruit. He also tells of having his shadow stolen, and thus cannot be out in open sunlight. A ghost suddenly appears in the galley, and the Straw Hats find out that they have been targeted by the ghost isle Thriller Bark, which has found them.

One Phenomenon After Another! Disembarking at Thriller Bark Season 10 Episode 14
Brook bids farewell to the Straw Hats and leaps overboard, revealing that he can dash across the ocean's surface. Nami, Usopp, and Chopper sail out to explore the island using the Mini-Merry II, and encounter a cerberus. Back on the ship, the remaining crew members are harassed by an invisible creature. After fleeing the cerberus, Nami, Usopp, and Chopper encounter Hildon, a vampiric creature who offers to take them to the mansion of Doctor Hogback.

The Man Called a Genius! Hogback Appears! Season 10 Episode 15
Usopp, Nami and Chopper traverse through the forest of Thriller Bark, where they are attacked by a platoon of zombies before finally reaching the mansion of the bizarre surgeon Doctor Hogback and his female assistant Victoria Cindry. While immediately hospitable, the doctor starts acting strange after it is mentioned that Brook has arrived on the island. The Thousand Sunny, meanwhile, gets caught in a giant spiderweb.

Nami in Big Trouble! The Zombie Mansion and the Invisible Ma Season 10 Episode 16
After the meeting with Hogback, Nami is assaulted by an invisible creature in the shower, but Usopp and Chopper manage to drive it off. The rest of the Straw Hats set foot on the island and encounter more zombies. Elsewhere, Hogback meets with Absalom, the invisible man who attacked Nami, and a ghost referred to as Perona, to discuss what to do with the Straw Hats. Back in the manor, Nami, Usopp, and Chopper find themselves surrounded and trapped by the Surprise Zombies: zombies that strike from paintings, taxidermied heads, and even floor rugs.

Mystery of the Zombies! Hogback's Nightmarish Research Labor Season 10 Episode 17
Escaping from the Surprise Zombies of the mansion, Nami, Chopper and Usopp discover the truth about Victoria Cindry's true identity and Doctor Hogback's experiments before being approached by a mysterious samurai zombie with Brook's voice. Meanwhile, Luffy's group are ambushed by ghosts who make them become depressed but then depart. They destroy a platoon of outside zombies with a group team attack.

His Name is Moria! Trap of the Great Shadow-Stealing Pirate Season 10 Episode 18
After beating the zombies, the Straw Hats learn that one of the Shichibukai, Gecko Moria, has been stealing people's shadows and using them to revive zombies. After they leave, Absalom rallies the zombies together for the Night Attack, while the ghosts from before return to their master, a Gothic Lolita-style Ghost Princess Perona. Gecko Moria himself, a massive, giant-like man, is awoken. The Straw Hats come to the realization that Thriller Bark is not an island, but rather, a massive ship!

Feast of the Zombie Song! The Bell of the Night Raid is a So Season 10 Episode 19
Usopp, Nami and Chopper are effortlessly incapacitated by the General Zombie Ryuuma, a samurai with an eerie resemblance to Brook, and are locked inside a coffin. Luffy and the others enter the mansion and defeat the Surprise Zombies with ease, but Sanji goes missing, so they force Buhichuck to act as their guide by taking him with them. While the zombies of Thriller Bark celebrate the start of the Night Attack, Absalom awakens the other General Zombies to handle the Straw Hats.

Filled with Animals!? Perona's Wonder Garden Season 10 Episode 20
Luffy, Zoro, Robin, and Franky head forward in an attempt to find and rescue their missing nakama. Meanwhile, Nami, Chopper, and Usopp are transported toward the main part of the mansion, but are accidentally detoured and find themselves in Perona's Wonder Garden!

Disappearing Strawhat Crew! The Mysterious Swordsman Appears Season 10 Episode 21
As Luffy, Franky, and Robin face a closed room of powerful Armored Zombies, Nami, Chopper, and Usopp are protected by the dog-zombie Inuppe, who resembles Sanji in behavior!

Leftover Chivalry! The Traitorous Zombie who Protects Nami Season 10 Episode 22
With Luffy captured next, Franky and Robin face the Armored Zombies and the Zombie General Talaran! Elsewhere, Lola attacks Nami out of jealousy.

Coming from the Sky! That Man is the Season 10 Episode 23
Robin, Franky, and Brook take on the Zombie General Talaran, as Nami, Usopp, and Chopper defend against Lola. Elsewhere, Luffy encounters Moria!

Luffy in an Emergency! The Living Place of the Strongest Sha Season 10 Episode 24
After finishing off General Talaran, Brook reveals the mysteries behind Thriller Bark. Elsewhere, Moria gathers the Mysterious Three and attempts to capture Luffy's shadow.

The Warrior Called a Demon!! The Time of Oars's Resurrection Season 10 Episode 25
Moria and the others begin the revival of number 900 - Oz. Meanwhile, Franky and Robin learn more of Brook's past and their future mission.

Awakening After 500 Years!! Oars Revives!! Season 10 Episode 26
As Oz awakens, Nami, Usopp, and Chopper are discovered! Can they flee and reach the Sunny in time, or will Absalom capture them first?

Noro Noro Menace - Return of Foxy the Silver Fox Season 11 Episode 1
The Straw Hats take a vacation at Spa Island, but while there, encounter Foxy and his crew, who are pursuing two small girls: Lina and her older sister Sayo. The Straw Hats manage to defeat the Foxy Pirates, and learn that they had been pursuing Lina and Sayo for the girls' notebook, which shows their father's research on how to create a special gem, the solution for which can be found on the island. Lina considers her father a liar, but Sayo believes him. Suddenly, Sayo is abducted, and the owner of the island, Doran, says that if they want her back, they must complete the research and find the gem.

The Great Treasure Contest! Collapse! Spa Island Season 11 Episode 2
After Lina reveals that she has searched all over the ship, Luffy decides to destroy the ship in order to find Sayo. The Straw Hats manage to fight off Doran's men, but Doran unveils a large cannon and aims it at Sayo. Sayo tells Lina that their father truly cared for them and believed that his research would bear fruit, and left in order to protect them from his pursuers. The Straw Hats manage to rescue Sayo and destroy Spa Island, and notice that the X on Lina's father's map pointed to an X-shaped underwater volcano opening beneath the island. Several days later, Sayo and Lina complete the gem and send it to the Straw Hats, but as candy rain falls on the Sunny, Luffy accidentally loses it.

Brook`s Hard Struggle - The Difficult Path to Becoming a Tru Season 11 Episode 3
After reading an account of the various adventures that the Straw Hats have had, Brook resolves to be as much use as he can to prove his worth, but his well-intentioned efforts only manage to annoy or get in the way of the others. Brook then reveals his insecurites to Robin, saying that he'll leave the crew if he proves to be only a burden. Robin tells him that she used to feel similarly, until the Straw Hats came to save her at Enies Lobby, and she had finally found her place. Encouraged, Brook later reflects on how he has found his place after decades of being alone, and resolves to do his best so that he can have stories to tell of his own.

Arriving at Halfway Through the Grand Line! The Red Line Season 11 Episode 4
After traversing the treacherous Serpent Currents, the Straw Hats finally arrive at the Red Line, signifying that they've sailed halfway around the world and that their voyage is half over. While the crew reflects and takes a well-deserved rest, a sea monster attacks. Luffy easily dispatches it, forcing it to spit up a talking starfish and a genuine Mermaid onto the Sunny's deck.

Hatred of the Straw Hat Crew - Enter Iron Mask Duval Season 11 Episode 5
The Mermaid and starfish, named Keimi and Paggag, respectively, thank the Straw Hats for helping them, and Keimi offers to give them some Takoyaki (fried octopus), after she meets up with her friend Hacchin as thanks. However, a call from him reveals that he has been kidnapped by the Fishman Macro Gang as bait for her. Luffy decides to rescue him for the Takoyaki, and the crew sets sail for their hideout. En route, they're briefly attacked by the Flying Fish Riders, a gang of ruffians aiding the Macro Gang, who are commanded by a masked man named Duval.

The Fated Reunion! Save the Imprisoned Fishman Season 11 Episode 6
Duval bears a grudge against one of the Straw Hats, but it is not known which one. When the Straw Hats reach the hideout, they discover that Hacchin is none other than the octopus Fishman Hatchan, formerly of Arlong's crew. Although reluctant to save him with this new knowledge, Keimi convinces the crew to go through with it. However, everything was a trap set by Duval, and the Straw Hats are ambushed by the Flying Fish Riders.

Tragedy! The Truth of the Unmasked Duval Season 11 Episode 7
While the battle between the Straw Hats and the Flying Fish Riders rages on, Zoro frees Hatchan from his cage, and the Fishman in turn saves him from an attack, revealing that he feels bad about their battle at Arlong Park. Meanwhile, Luffy crashes into Duval's hut and catches a glimpse of his unmasked face before being chased back outside. Once outside, Duval reveals that Sanji is the Straw Hat he wants to kill. After Luffy knocks his helmet off, the reason for his hatred is laid bare: Marines and bounty hunters have been relentlessly pursuing him because he looks exactly like the poorly-drawn visage on Sanji's wanted poster!

Explosion! The Sunny`s Super Secret Weapon: Gaon Cannon Season 11 Episode 8
After the surprising reveal, Duval tells his story of living a peaceful life as a mafioso until Marines and bounty hunters came after him for Sanji's bounty, mistaking him for the Straw Hat, casing him to flee and wear a helmet to hide his face. The Flying Fish Riders attempt to drown Sanji by dragging him underwater, but the cook is saved by the intervention of Keimi. Duval then tries to sink the Thousand Sunny by having his men drop a giant anchor on it, but Franky reveals the Chicken Voyage reverse function to dodge it, and then the Gaon Cannon to wipe out most of the Riders. Enraged, Duval orders his pet bison Motobaro to gore Luffy, but Luffy stops the beast by unknowingly using haki, the beast goes wild and then faints, much to everyone's surprise. Sick of everything, Sanji takes things into his own hands, and sends Duval flying into his hut with a faceful of kicks.

Landing to Get to Fishman Island - The Sabaody Archipelago Season 11 Episode 9
With the Flying Fish Riders taken care of, the Straw Hats rest as Hatchan treats them to the promised Takoyaki. Duval shows up again, not for revenge, but to thank Sanji since his kicks altered Duval's face to become handsome and suave, or so he thinks. To make up for the trouble he's caused, he leaves his Den Den Mushi number with the Straw Hats in case they may need his assistance before departing with the newly christened Rosy Life Riders. The Sunny sets sail for the Sabaody Archipelago, the stepping stone to Fishman Island. Hatchan explains that one needs to have their ship coated with a bubble resin in order to travel underwater, and once they reach Sabaody, he promises to find them a ship coater that he trusts. He also warns them that the world nobility will be on the island, and no matter what happens, not to touch them, even if they witness a murder.

Tyranny! The Rulers of Sabaody, the Celestial Dragons Season 11 Episode 10
The crew splits up in order to explore the archipelago. Hatchan, Keimi, and Paggag lead Luffy, Chopper, and Brook to find the mechanic Hatchan spoke of. In town, they witness a disturbance caused by a man claiming to be an escaped slave yelling for help in getting an iron collar off. To the Straw Hats' horror, the collar explodes, severly injuring the man. Two people wearing gaudy clothing and bubble helmets, Saint Roswald and his daughter Saint Shalulia arrive and callously shoots his body twice before leaving him for the Marines to pick up. Paggag later explains that they were part of the Celestial Dragons, descendants of the founders of the World Government, and that they have the power to summon one of the three Admirals if they so please.

New Rivals Gather! The 11 Supernovas Season 11 Episode 11
After fighting their way through bounty hunters, Luffy's group arrives at a bar owned by a woman named Shakuyaku, an old friend of Hatchan's. The mechanic, Rayleigh, is not there, so Shakky suggests that they go searching for him at the Sabaody Amusement Park, but not before warning them to be careful, as right now there are nine other pirates on the Archipelago with bounties over 100,000,000 Beli. In addition to Luffy and Zoro, they are: Capone Gang Bege, Jewelry Bonney, Basil Hawkins, Eustass Kid, Scratchmen Apoo, Dies Drake, Urouge, Killer, and Trafalgar Law. Together, the group is known as the Eleven Supernovas.

The Target is Caimie!! The Kidnappers` Evil Draws Near Season 11 Episode 12
While walking through the groves, Zoro encounters another Celestial Dragon, Saint Charlos, harassing a group of townspeople. A fight almost breaks out, but Jewelry Bonney intervenes and tricks Charlos into thinking he killed him, after which she angrily berates him for picking a fight and almost getting an Admiral sent to the archipelago. Meanwhile, Luffy's group get caught up at the Sabaody Amusement Park, and Keimi ends up getting kidnapped by a group of slavers. When the Straw Hats still on board the Sunny learn of this, Sanji decides to call the Flying Fish Riders.

Rescue Caimie - The Dark History of the Archipelago Season 11 Episode 13
Duval and his crew arrive on the archipelago and start gathering the Straw Hats up to bring them to the Human Auction House, where the kidnappers have brought Keimi. Robin tells Nami why the Fishmen and Merpeople are not welcome on the island as in the past they had been discriminated against and classified as just fish. At the auction house itself await Saint Roswald and Saint Shalulia, as well as Trafalgar Law, Eustass Kid, and their crews. Backstage are Keimi and the other human merchandise, including the coating mechanic, Silvers Rayleigh, former first mate of Gold Roger himself.

Time Limit - The Human Auction Begins Season 11 Episode 14
The human auction finally begins, and it is only then that the Straw Hats discovered that their mermaid friend is being sold off at Grove 1. After rendezvousing there (save for Zoro, Luffy, Brook, and Robin), their initial plan to extract Keimi is thwarted upon learning that the World Government and the Celestial Dragons are involved in the slave trade, so Nami decides that they'll buy Keimi back in the auction itself. Meanwhile, the rest of the archipelago receives news that the World Government is going to execute the captured Portgas D. Ace, a move that could provoke a war with Whitebeard.

The Exploding Fist! Destroy the Auction Season 11 Episode 15
The auction continues, but Saint Charloss arrives and ruins the Straw Hats' plan to buy Keimi back by placing an exorbiant bid on her. The proceedings are then interupted when Luffy and his Flying Fish crash into the auction house, but he is restrained from rushing the stage by Hatchan, who accidentally reveals his Fishman nature in the process. While the nobility recoils in disgust, Charloss shoots him, gloating about obtaining a Fishman slave. Luffy snaps and punches the man in the face.

Huge Panic! Struggle in the Auction Hall Season 11 Episode 16
In the aftermath of Luffy's punch, a fight breaks out in the auction hall between the staff, the Celestial Dragons' bodyguards, and the Straw Hats, aided by the arrivals of Usopp, Brook, and Robin. A freed Rayleigh then emerges from backstage, and ends the conflict by using a mysterious power to render the Straw Hats' enemies unconscious.

Huge Panic! Struggle in the Auction Hall Season 11 Episode 16
In the aftermath of Luffy's punch, a fight breaks out in the auction hall between the staff, the Celestial Dragons' bodyguards, and the Straw Hats, aided by the arrivals of Usopp, Brook, and Robin. A freed Rayleigh then emerges from backstage, and ends the conflict by using a mysterious power to render the Straw Hats' enemies unconscious.

Admiral Kizaru Moves! The Sabaody Archipelago in Chaos Season 11 Episode 17
News of the attack on the World Nobles reaches the pirates in the town, as well as the Marine Headquarters, where Kizaru decides to go to the island in order to deal with the situation. Donquixote Doflamingo, who owns the auction house, tells Disco that the Seven Warlords will be called to war against the Whitebeard Pirates. Rayleigh introduces himself to the Straw Hats, frees Camie from her collar, and notes that he is the coating engineer that they have been looking for. Luffy, Kid and Law go out to fight the Marines, who are no match for their Devil Fruit abilities.

Break Through the Encirclement! Marines vs. Three Captains Season 11 Episode 18
Luffy, Law and Kid's crews join the fight, defeat the rest of the marines outside the auction house, promising to meet and fight in the New World. Luffy's crew escapes with the help of the Rosy Life Riders. A mysterious figure that appears to be Kuma intercepts Kid and Law, then begins attacking them with lasers.

Roger and Rayleigh - The Pirate King and His Right Hand Season 11 Episode 19
Upon arriving back at Shakky's Bar, Rayleigh reveals to the Straw Hats that he was first mate to the legendary Gold Roger and the truth to his crew's dismissal. Thus they leave soon after with a bit of Rayleigh's Vivrecard for each of them, and he tells them to come back in three days when their ship will be ready. Meanwhile, Admiral Kizaru arrives at the Archipelago.

Impossible to Avoid!? Admiral Kizaru`s Speed of Light Kick Season 11 Episode 20
Admiral Kizaru appears in the Archipelago and demonstrates his mysterious light abilities before taking on the Supernova Basil Hawkins, while Urouge and Drake fight a Pacifista. Kidd and Law continue their bout with another Pacifista while the Straw Hat Pirates come face to face with a third one. A shady figure with a giant broadaxe is seen at the end, waiting for a call.

Overwhelming! The Marine Combat Weapon Pacifista Season 11 Episode 21
The Straw Hat Pirates fight against one of the Pacifistas, and while it does not have Kuma's Devil Fruit powers, it is still able to withstand their strongest attacks while firing devastating lasers at the crew. Elsewhere on the archipelago, Kizaru easily defeats Hawkins, Urouge, Drake and Apoo before Sentomaru contacts him. The situation for the Straw Hats grows even more desperate as Zoro suffers pain from his wounds.

Overwhelming! The Marine Combat Weapon Pacifista Season 11 Episode 21
The Straw Hat Pirates fight against one of the Pacifistas, and while it does not have Kuma's Devil Fruit powers, it is still able to withstand their strongest attacks while firing devastating lasers at the crew. Elsewhere on the archipelago, Kizaru easily defeats Hawkins, Urouge, Drake and Apoo before Sentomaru contacts him. The situation for the Straw Hats grows even more desperate as Zoro suffers pain from his wounds.

Another Strong Enemy Appears! Broadaxe-Wielding Sentomaru Season 11 Episode 22
The Straw Hats combine their strongest attacks to defeat the Pacifista, but are exhausted after the battle. Sentomaru arrives with another Pacifista, and Luffy attempts to escape, dividing the Straw Hats into three groups. Unfortunately, Sentomaru intercepts his group, the Pacifista cuts off Sanji's group, and Kizaru attacks Zoro's group, knocking Zoro down and preparing to finish him off.

Admiral Kizaru's Fierce Attack. The Straw Hat Crew`s Despera Season 11 Episode 23
Usopp and Brook's attempts to attack Kizaru fail, but Rayleigh arrives, managing to block Kizaru's attack and hold him off. Luffy orders his crew to retreat, declaring the enemies impossible for them to defeat at this time, but Sentomaru and the other Pacifista bar their escape and even Chopper's Monster Point form is unable to turn the situation to their advantage. The real Kuma arrives and uses his Devil Fruit powers to make Zoro disappear.

Disappearing Crewmates - The Final Day of the Straw Hat Crew Season 11 Episode 24
Sentomaru lets out that Kuma's powers send people flying through the air for days, and that Luffy should give up on ever seeing Zoro again. Kuma's motivations become questionable when he vanishes the Pacifista, gives Rayleigh some secret information, and refuses to explain himself to Kizaru. He then goes after each of the Straw Hats, vanishing them one-by-one before Luffy's helpless eyes. Brook falls trying to protect Usopp and Sanji, Usopp falls as he tries to get away, Sanji falls when he attacks in retaliation, Franky falls when he tries to get past Kuma, Nami falls as she pleads to Luffy for help, Chopper falls as he continues his mindless rampage, and Robin falls as she tries to flee. Luffy breaks down sobbing at the realization that he's alone and he failed his crew, as Kuma tells him that they will never meet again before vanishing him too. The Straw Hat Pirates have been completely annihilated.

Special Historical Arc - Boss Luffy Appears Again Season 11 Episode 25
In Grand Jipang a race is about to be held where a team carries a portable shrine to the finish line. The prize isthe chance to see a legendary treasure that is said to grant wishes. The deziens of the Kazeguruma restaurant sign up, entrusting the craftsman Franky with the construction of their shrine. Usopp also fishes a talking, amnesiac skeleton named Brook from a river. However, the ghostly Thriller Company is working to sabotage the other race teams, and Brook leaves his new friends when he recovers his memories as a former member of the Company. Also this filler introduces a filler only character Omao, who works with Onami at her restaurant.

Special Historical Arc - Destroy! Thriller Company`s Trap Season 11 Episode 26
Brook goes off to try to defeat the Thriller Company himself, but ends up their captive, but Luffy and Zoro rescue him. The next day is the day of the race, with the Kazagaruma restaurant competing against the Thriller Company. After an intense and destructive race, Kazagaruma emerges victorious, and get to see the legendary treasure: a golden pair of women's underwear.

Jump Into the Falls! Luffy's Feelings!! Season 11 Episode 53
Luffy's backstory is summarized.

A Man's Way of Life! Zoro's Techniques, Usopp's Dream Season 11 Episode 54
Zoro and Usopp's backstories are summarized.

Tears Which Weaved the Bond of Comrades! Nami's World Map Season 11 Episode 55
Nami's backstory is summarized.

Separation Refines a Man! Sanji and Chopper Season 11 Episode 56
The backstories of Sanji and Chopper are summarized.

All for my Comrades' Sake! The Darkness Within Robin! Season 11 Episode 57
The reasons for Nico Robin's recent actions as well as her backstory are summarized.

Boss Luffy Returns! A Dream or Reality Lottery Trouble Season 11 Episode 65
In the Edo period-based alternate reality Grand Jipangu, the small girl Rika takes an ill person, whom everyone calls Tot-san (which means "father" in Japanese), to her house to nurse him back to health. Organized crime boss Buggy the Clown and one of the town's highest officials scheme to get rid of Detective Luffy. Mistaking Rika to be the daughter of Tot-san, Buggy kidnaps her to collect Tot-san's debt. When Luffy comes to rescue her, the high official attempts to exile him for attacking an innocent citizen. Instead, he himself is stripped of his position for joining forces with criminals by the shogun's daughter Vivi.

The Great Mochimaki Race to the Castle! Conspiracy of the Re Season 11 Episode 66
It is the seventh day of the new year in Grand Jipangu. Nami, Sanji, and Chopper are on their way to the shogun's castle, delivering a large quantity of rice cakes to be thrown from the castle. Most of the townspeople have gathered there, hoping to catch the one cake containing a precious jewel. Buggy and his henchmen have made several plans to seize the cakes, including the one with the jewel, before they reach their destination. Although his plans fail, Buggy manages to take Princess Vivi hostage. However, Detective Luffy shows up in time to thwart his efforts. In the end, the cakes are safe and everyone eats until they are satisfied.

The Criminal is Boss Luffy? Chase the Vanished Great Sakura Season 11 Episode 77
It is springtime in Grand Jipangu. One day remains until the yearly town festival, in which everyone gathers to have a picnic under the 1000-year-old sakura tree. Unfortunately, one of the town's children is sick and cannot attend. Luffy tries to think of a way to show him the tree in its bloom, but does not come up with a solution. When the tree disappears the next day, Luffy becomes the prime suspect. Robin investigates. The truth is that Buggy and his men stole the tree and brought it aboard the ship of Foxy the Silver Fox. She tips off Luffy, Usopp, and Sanji about the tree's location, who go there to retrieve it.

Chopperman Departs! Protect the TV Station by the Shore Season 12 Episode 11
Chopperman and Namifia are low on money! Dr. Usodabada constructs a plan to bring down Chopperman while collecting fame for himself and a new crew to replace his nonhelpful duo—Sanjilops and Zorogilla. His plan—to take over the TV Station and televise his demands. Not that anyone really cares except Chopperman, who only wants to join for the rare Air Force C-Max Collectors item. After a wrestling match between the two, and even a mecha battle, the evil Doctor is defeated, and Chopperman reaches celebrity status!

Landing! Young Men Forbidden Island Amazon Lily Season 12 Episode 27
After flying through the air for several days, Luffy finds himself in the middle of a jungle. He tries to use Rayleigh's Vivrecard to find his way back to Sabaody, but only tires himself out. He then kills a boar and eats it, and also eats a mushroom that turns out ot be parasitic and poisons him. His body is then discovered by a young woman named Marguerite and her friends, and mistaking him for a child from their village, they bring him back to treat him, and learn, much to their surprise, that he is a man. Luffy is in the middle of the Calm Belt, on the island of Amazon Lily, home to the all-female Kuja Amazon tribe.

Hurry! Get back to your friends. Adventure on the Island of Season 12 Episode 28
Luffy wakes up inside a cage, surrounded by the curious Amazons. Marguerite gives him a new pair of cloths to wear, but then the other Amazons decide to finish him off, as they detest men. They attack Luffy with cannon-strength archery, but he grabs Marguerite and manages to escape into the jungle, where he gets his Vivre Card back from her. Although initially distrustful, Marguerite's curiosity gets the better of her and learns that he's a pirate. She reveals that Amazon Lily's empress, Boa Hancock, is in command of an all-female pirate crew, which, unbeknownst to the two, is on its way back to the island.

Everyone is Lovestruck! Pirate Empress Hancock Season 12 Episode 29
Luffy attempts to make a raft to leave the island, but utterly fails and has to be saved from drowning by Marguerite. She determines that she's getting too attached to him, and resorts to attacking him with her super-powered archery, which she reveals is the result of Ambition, the same power that Rayleigh used to knock out everyone at Sabaody. Luffy is then driven off by the arrival of the other Amazons. Offshore, the ship of Boa Hancock and her two younger sisters is met by a Marine battleship helmed by Vice-Admiral Momonga, who is there to take Hancock, the final Shichibukai to Mariejois in preperation for the battle with Whitebeard. Hancock uses the Swoon Swoon Fruit (Mero Mero no Mi) to petrify the lovestruck Marines, and tells Momonga that she refuses the order.

The Secret Hidden on Their Backs, Luffy Encounters The Princ Season 12 Episode 30
While stumbling around Amazon Lily, Luffy decides to find the head of the kuja pirates and looks for the highest building,he crashes into the bath where the snake princess was bathing and sees her back.

The Heartless Judgment! Margaret Turned to Stone!! Season 12 Episode 31
Luffy continues on to take on Moria while Chopper and Robin remain behind to take on Hogback and his loyal zombie servants. After Oars runs off with a new pirate hat from his destruction, the remainder of the crew end up in Perona's room where she uses her negative powers on them. However, Usopp reveals that he's immune to her attacks because he's already got a negative personality, staying behind to take on the ghost princess while the others continue towards Absalom and Ryuuma.

Luffy's Hard Trial! The Power of the Snake Sisters' Willpowe Season 12 Episode 32
When Luffy beats Bacura, the panther executioner, Luffy goes to fight Boa Marigold and Boa Sandersonia. Boa Sandersonia plays the statue of Margueritte to cause Luffy pain. Luffy then unleashes a very rare and strong haki which surprises everyone and the haki Hancock also has.

Battle with Full-Powered Abilities! Gomu Gomu vs. Hebi Hebi Season 12 Episode 33
Luffy attempts to attack Gecko Moria, but instead is forced to face his shadow clone: Doppelman, while Usopp continues to maneuver around the Wild Zombies to get to Perona only to now face Bearsy's wrath. Sanji saves Nami from Absalom, who doesn't see him as a threat due to the power of his zombie, but Sanji unleashes his own rage against the lion-faced man, both for harming the women of the crew as well as an unknown connection between the two of them.

Hancock's Confession - The Sisters' Disgusting Past Season 12 Episode 34
After winning over Hancock's trust, the snake sisters tell about their terrifying past.

Rescue Ace! The New Destination is the Great Prison Season 12 Episode 35
After telling Luffy all about her past, Hancock accepts to give him a ride to Sabaody Archipelago on her Yuda-towed ship. She also invites Luffy for their banquet tonight and goes inside to rest. At the banquet, Luffy eats everything around him, and the girls seem suspicious. The Kuja Pirates misunderstand their Hebihime's action and prepare to attack Luffy. But before they can, Luffy feels bored, he starts to sing Bink's sake and dance with pan and spoon. It makes everyone laugh, and the party starts. But the girls, who have never seen man before, stick to Luffy, picking him up. He escape with Marguerite to Elder Nyon's house. There, Luffy learns that Hancock is a Shichibukai, and that his brother Ace is about taken to his execution. He says sorry to his comrades, and asks Elder Nyon how he can rescue Ace. Elder Nyon tells him that there's only one way of making it to his brother in time, and that is asking Hancock to accept the call of the Marines. But, Hancock, has been stricken by an unknown disease.

Love is a Hurricane! Hancock Madly in Love Season 12 Episode 36
While still suffering from her love sickness, Hancock and Luffy decided to get into the Navy ship, held by Vice-Admiral Momonga. Then Sengoku, realizes that Whitebeard made his move. Garp visits Ace at the Impel Down.

The Crew's Whereabouts - Weather Science and Karakuri Island Season 12 Episode 37
Nami wakes up on Wezaria (Weatheria) and finds herself in the home of a Local resident. In an attempt to amuse her he shows her the sturdy wind knots which Nami later uses to stop a Cyclone. Meanwhile Franky lands on the snowy island of Kakarui(Future Island) and is found by some locals who have a Cyborg dog named Taroimo. After they perform the Super Dance, Franky freezes and is saved by transforming him into a Daijirin Tea Power Cyborg. It is later revealed that this is Dr. Vegapunks home island.

The Crew's Whereabouts - The Island of Giant Birds and the P Season 12 Episode 38
Chopper is awoken by humongous birds that want to use him as a toy and when he finally escapes them, the island's natives try and eat him. Meanwhile Sanji awakes in the lap of a beautiful but shy 'woman' on an island that makes everything girly, and when he chases after the woman he notices something strange about this islands people at her house.

The Crew's Whereabouts - The Bridge that Connects Islands an Season 12 Episode 39
Robin is found unconscious in the snow by Soran and being hidden for the officers of her island, Tequila Wolf. Robin soon discovers that Tequila Wolf is nothing but an enormous bridge which has been under construction for over 700 years and the inhabitants are all laborers working as slaves. Usopp is screaming if there is anybody on the island, which is alarming a beetle to where he is and chase him. Usopp is then saved from the beetle by a man with the name Heracles. Heracles soon informs Usopp that hes on an island inhabited by man eating plants.

The Crew's Whereabouts - The Negative Princess and the Devil Season 12 Episode 40
Zoro is held against his will by the pink-haired princess of bad vibes, Brook gets mistaken for the king of darkness, and Luffy continues to eat his way toward a reunion with Fire-Fist Ace!

Defeat Absalom!! Nami's Lightning Attack of Friendship! Season 12 Episode 41
Perona finally wakes up and is brought up to date with the current events on Thriller Bark. She decides to run away. Nami also wakes up to see that she is in a wedding ceremony with Absalom. Lola interrupts the wedding giving Nami a chance to escape. Absalom brings Lola down. Nami takes revenge by beating Absalom. Luffy continues chasing Moria and Oars who is looking for the rest of the Straw hats. But everyone who he thought he had defeated is back up on their feet ready for a second round.

One Down!! Sure Kill Straw Hat Docking? Season 12 Episode 42
The Straw Hats attempt a "docking" maneuver by hanging onto Franky in order to form a "Giant Robot Warrior", but it fails when Robin refuses to participate, as she considers it too embarrassing. The Straw Hats combine their strengths to get Oars off-balance and cause him to fall to the ground, enraging him. Brook is absent from the battle, as he leaves to find milk to drink to heal his wounds. Elsewhere, Nami attempts to find the treasure of Thriller Bark, but discovers that it is empty. Perona's subordinates load the treasure and food onto the Thousand Sunny when they see the Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma aboard, looking for Moria.

Soundless Invasion!! The Mysterious Visitor: Kuma the Tyrant Season 12 Episode 43
Taking advantage of several weaknesses, including his stupidity and similarities to Luffy, the Straw Hats continue to wear away at Oars, yet his continued persistence allows Zoro to test his new sword Shuusui for battle. Meanwhile, Kuma tries to find out Moria's location from Perona, yet her defiance forces him to make her disappear with an ungloved hand before speaking with Nami about his "choice to be here". Luffy appears to catch Moria again, only to discover it is Doppelman.

Oars + Moria - The Greatest Combination of Brains and Brawn Season 12 Episode 44
Moria's shadow escapes, leaving Luffy stranded in the forest, as some strange people reveal that they are looking for him. Zoro begins the fight against Oars, revealing the new 108 Caliber Phoenix with his newly-obtained sword, but Oars manages to avoid his attacks. Kuma informs Moria of the appointment of Blackbeard as Crocodile's replacement, and warns him that the Straw Hat pirates may defeat him, too. Moria refuses Kuma's offer to help him, and enters Oars' stomach to guide him against the crew. The crew realize that as Luffy failed to catch and defeat Moria, it is up to them to defeat Moria and Oars before dawn. Usopp runs to the kitchen to gather more salt to purify Oars, but Oars strikes out at him, destroying the passage to the kitchen. Brook, his injuries healed, manages to save Usopp and bring the Straw Hats a large bag of salt.

A Crazy Strategy to Turn the Tables - The Creation of Nightm Season 12 Episode 45
With Moria's guidance, Oars is better able to counter the Straw Hats' strategies and turn their attacks against them. Franky is knocked unconscious after a failed attempt to fire himself at Oars with a giant slingshot known as Kuwagata and shoot him at point-blank range with Weapons Left. Nami arrives and joins the battle, but Oars demonstrates that he can somehow stretch his limbs, which the crew realizes is Moria's doing. Elsewhere, Luffy meets up with the Rolling Pirates, whose shadows have been stolen by Moria. They plant shadows into him in order to multiply his fighting strength and grant him new skills so that he can defeat Moria.

The Straw Hat crew annihilated! Full-throttle Kage Kage abil Season 12 Episode 46
Moria explains that he enabled Oars to stretch by stretching his shadow, thereby forcing his body to stretch along with it in order to ensure that the body and shadow are the same shape. Usopp fires Brook out of Kuwagata, with Robin making him spin and Nami electrifying him, but he only does minor damage to Oars and is knocked out when Oars retaliates. Robin attempts to use her powers on Moria, but he attacks her with his shadow and then switches places with it, rendering her attack useless. He then takes her shadow, rendering her unconscious. Chopper discovered that Oars died of frostbite, and that while he does not feel any pain, he can still take damage from their attacks. Sanji and Chopper launch a combo attack on Oars, who then knocks out both of them with Gum Gum Gatling, leaving only Nami, Zoro and Usopp standing.

The Battle for Superiority Starts! Luffy vs. Luffy Season 12 Episode 47
Zoro tries attacking Oars' arm again, but Oars knocks him out by kneeing him into a wall. Usopp shoots Brook's salt into Oars' mouth with Kuwagata, but Moria's shadow catches it and throws it out, breaking the bag and preventing them from using it again. Oars tries to stomp Usopp and Nami, but Nightmare Luffy arrives and gets them to safety in an instant. While the Rolling Pirates take the unconscious Straw Hats to safety, Luffy begins attacking Oars, and with his shadows, is far stronger than his opponent. Moria attempts to escape, but Luffy punches him out with Gum Gum Pistol and sends Oars flying with Gum Gum Storm. The shadows leave Luffy's body, but he appears to have won.

The Conclusion Arrives! Deliver the Finishing Blow Season 12 Episode 48
Oars recovers from Nightmare Luffy's attack. However, the Strawhats all get back on their feet, from Luffy to Brook, and launch a final devastating attack on Oars, which ends with Luffy smashing a Gigant Bazooka into Oars' face from above, breaking his spine and finally defeating the demon. Moria, however, gets out of Oars' stomach moments later, and prepares himself for his ultimate technique, Shadows Asgard. By sucking up all of the shadows of all of the zombies on Thriller Bark, totaling one thousand shadows, Moria becomes a grotesque monster, as big as Oars in size with short spindly legs, gigantic arms, and a huge bloated neck pulsating with veins.

The Bodies Vanish! The Morning Sun Pierces Through the Night Season 12 Episode 49
Luffy begins fighting Moria, entering Gear Second in the process, but the blows that he deals to Moria are not enough to force him to release the shadows. Moria attacks Luffy with a devastating blow, but he manages to continue fighting, and activates Gear Third while Gear Second is still active. With a new technique, Gum Gum Gigant Jet Shell, he knocks Moria under the collapsing mast of Thriller Bark and forces him to release all his shadows just as dawn arrives. However, the ones who had their shadows stolen start to vanish.

The Bodies Vanish! The Morning Sun Pierces Through the Night Season 12 Episode 49
Luffy begins fighting Moria, entering Gear Second in the process, but the blows that he deals to Moria are not enough to force him to release the shadows. Moria attacks Luffy with a devastating blow, but he manages to continue fighting, and activates Gear Third while Gear Second is still active. With a new technique, Gum Gum Gigant Jet Shell, he knocks Moria under the collapsing mast of Thriller Bark and forces him to release all his shadows just as dawn arrives. However, the ones who had their shadows stolen start to vanish.

The Endless Crisis! Orders to Obliterate the Straw Hat Crew Season 12 Episode 50
All of Moria's victims recover their shadow and celebrate regaining their ability to enter daylight. Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Robin recover their shadows in time to avoid being disintegrated. Luffy lies unconscious from his wounds and using Gear Second against Moria, and Usopp worries about him endangering himself by having to use the technique on the stronger enemies ahead. Kuma receives orders from the World Government to kill everyone on Thriller Bark in order to cover up Moria's defeat. He attacks the survivors with a strange move that sends several people flying backwards, before turning his attention to Zoro.

Kuma`s Nikyu Nikyu Abilities That Deflect Everything Season 12 Episode 51
Zoro attacks Kuma, who reveals that he has eaten the Paw-pad Paw-pad fruit, and shows his ability to repel attacks, move considerable distances almost instantly and repel the air to attack his opponents. Zoro is quickly outmatched, and Sanji and Usopp's attempts to help him are rendered futile by Kuma's hard body and ability to block projectiles. Kuma then offers to spare the survivors of Thriller Bark if they turn over Luffy, but they unanimously refuse. He then detonates a paw print full of compressed air, devastating the island.

My Companions' Pain is My Pain - Zoro Prepares to Die Season 12 Episode 52
While almost everyone on the island is knocked out in the blast, Zoro slashes Kuma with Shishi Sonson, but sees that it is ineffective, as Kuma is a Pacifista, a cyborg whose body is harder than steel. Seeing that he can no longer fight, Zoro offers his life to save Luffy, saying that he cannot hope to become the world's best swordsman if he cannot protect his captain. Sanji attempts to take Zoro's place, but Zoro knocks him out. As part of his agreement with Kuma, Zoro takes in all of Luffy's pain and fatigue, which Kuma says would kill him if he suffered it on top of his already severe wounds. Zoro takes in the pain, and Kuma leaves, remarking on how Luffy has a loyal crew. Luffy regains consciousness, surprisingly energetic, while Zoro emerges from his sacrifice near death.

The Promise on that Distant Day - The Song of Pirates and a Season 12 Episode 53
Hogback and Absalom escape Thriller Bark with the unconscious Moria, and reveal that Blackbeard gained his status as a Shichibukai by defeating Ace. The next day, the Straw Hats celebrate their victory over Moria, but do not know why Zoro is so badly wounded. Sanji hears the story from the Risky Brothers, but prevents them from telling anyone else, saying it would trouble Luffy greatly to hear that Zoro suffered for his sake, but Robin eavesdrops on the conversation. Luffy tells Brook that Laboon is alive, and he is overjoyed to hear it, and begins to think about the time 50 years ago when he and his pirate crew first met Laboon.

Brook`s Past - Sad Farewell to the Cheerful Crew Season 12 Episode 54
Brook recalls his past, when the whale Laboon started following his pirate ship and befriended the crew. When the crew headed toward the Grand Line, they had no choice but to leave Laboon behind because the danger the sea would present to a young whale like him, but Laboon followed them over Reverse Mountain, anyway. Brook and his captain convince Laboon to stay behind, promising that after they traveled through the entire Grand Line and he grew strong enough to follow them, they would come back and bring him on their adventures. They were unable to fulfill the promise, though.

Binks`s Sake - The Song that Connects the Past and Present Season 12 Episode 55
Brook recalls the Rumbar Pirates' journey through the Grand Line, where they faced many dangers but still managed to enjoy themselves. The captain contracted an illness and attempted to leave the Grand Line through the Calm Belt with the other infected crew, leaving Brook in charge of the remaining pirates. The journey continued until some powerful enemies defeated the Rumbar Pirates in the Florian Triangle, fatally poisoning them. As they were dying, they sang Binks's Booze one last time, recording it in a Tone Dial in the hopes that Brook would revive with his Devil Fruit power and deliver the shell to Laboon. Back in the present, Brook silently hopes Laboon will wait just a little longer for his return.

A New Crewmate! Musician - The Hummer Brook Season 12 Episode 56
Brook tells Luffy that he is glad to be alive and asks if he can join the crew, which Luffy approves of. All the Straw Hats are shocked by this, except for Zoro, who is sleeping, and Robin, who knew Luffy would accept him no matter what, but they nevertheless welcome him to the crew. Two days later, Usopp and Franky make a grave for the dead Rumbar Pirates, and Zoro lays the broken Yubashiri at the grave. Nami gets a Vivre Card from Lola, which points the way to Lola's mother, a pirate in the New World. Luffy takes out the piece of paper he received from Ace, which is also a Vivre Card, and learns that as it is burning and shrinking, Ace's life is in danger. Believing that Ace can get out of trouble on his own, Luffy decides to head onward rather than go to rescue him, and the Straw Hats sail away from Thriller Bark. As the Luffy and his crew sail away, three enormous and mysterious figure appears in the fog, looking over Thriller Bark.

A Life-threatening Break-in! The Underwater Prison Impel Dow Season 13 Episode 41
Garp tells Ace that Luffy now knows about his parentage and that he had hoped Ace and Luffy would become marines. Ace says it is impossible because both he and Luffy are descendants of criminals, and that as he does not remember or care for his father, he took on his mother's name and considers Whitebeard his only father. The Buggy Pirates sail towards Impel Down, hoping to free the captured Buggy. Alvida refuses to risk herself for Buggy, suggesting that Impel Down is impossible to break into.

Reunion in Hell!? The powerful User of the Bara Bara No Mi! Season 13 Episode 42
Hancock turns Domino (and the Surveillance Den Den Mushi) to stone before she can undergo the body-check, allowing Luffy to escape into the prison. On Level 1, Luffy runs into Buggy, who is trying to escape from the prison.

Break through Crimson Hell! Buggys great Uproar Plan Season 13 Episode 43
Buggy and luffy fight their way trough the entrance of Level 2. by going trough Level 1 crimson hell, where the lowest ranking criminals are held. To convince Buggy to help Luffy to get to Level 2 he gave his bracelet (which he got from Nami) which apparently was a clue to a treasure Buggy was looking for.

The Prison's strongest Man! Introduction of the Poison-Man M Season 13 Episode 44
Hancock and the others finally reach the office of Magellan, a large man who has eaten the Doku Doku no Mi (Poison Poison Fruit). Luffy and Buggy meanwhile find Level 2 to be filled with wild animals, but Luffy manages to handle them without too much trouble. Buggy manages to unlock several of the prisoner cells, and the two fugitives are joined by none other than Baroque Works officer agent Mr. 3.

A Special Presentation Related to the Movie! A Gold Lion's A Season 13 Episode 45
In a flashback, it is revealed that 20 years ago, a pirate named "Gold Lion" Shiki cut off his legs and escaped from Impel Down. A few days before the start of the movie, Gold Lion Shiki contacts the Amigo Pirates, a crew of pirates led by a man named Largo, offering to make them the 51st crew under his command if they fulfill a certain request. Meanwhile Luffy, Usopp, Chopper and Brook try to catch a large fish, but it ends up getting eaten by a large beetle named "Boss". Luffy starts fighting the beetle with the intention of making it part of his crew, but it flies toward an island with him, Zoro, Sanji and Usopp in tow. Yoko, a girl wearing a Marine coat appears, attacking Luffy over how he treated Boss, and some people emerge from the island and reveal that they have been living while running from all threats, because the Marines do not protect them. Yoko's father was a Marine who died defending them five years ago, and she first met Boss three years after his death. They show the four Straw Hats their village, which strongly resembles East Blue to the point of having replicas of several prominent buildings. The villagers ask Luffy to bring Nami to the village, and as Nami heads to the village on the modified Waver, Largo's pirates head to the island to fulfill Shiki's request to get the beetle that left his hideout.

A Special Presentation Related to the Movie! A Gold Lion's A Season 13 Episode 45
In a flashback, it is revealed that 20 years ago, a pirate named "Gold Lion" Shiki cut off his legs and escaped from Impel Down. A few days before the start of the movie, Gold Lion Shiki contacts the Amigo Pirates, a crew of pirates led by a man named Largo, offering to make them the 51st crew under his command if they fulfill a certain request. Meanwhile Luffy, Usopp, Chopper and Brook try to catch a large fish, but it ends up getting eaten by a large beetle named "Boss". Luffy starts fighting the beetle with the intention of making it part of his crew, but it flies toward an island with him, Zoro, Sanji and Usopp in tow. Yoko, a girl wearing a Marine coat appears, attacking Luffy over how he treated Boss, and some people emerge from the island and reveal that they have been living while running from all threats, because the Marines do not protect them. Yoko's father was a Marine who died defending them five years ago, and she first met Boss three years after his death. They show the four Straw Hats their village, which strongly resembles East Blue to the point of having replicas of several prominent buildings. The villagers ask Luffy to bring Nami to the village, and as Nami heads to the village on the modified Waver, Largo's pirates head to the island to fulfill Shiki's request to get the beetle that left his hideout.

A Special Presentation Related to the Movie! Little East Blu Season 13 Episode 46
The Straw Hats meet with people in places that remind them of where they came from, and Yoko becomes irritated at how easily they are bonding. The Amigo Pirates decide to head ashore, but because Largo is taking a nap, Colt leads them. Nami meets with the "Orenami" fan club, who leads her through a maze and shows her a naked statue of her, which offends her. She sees Yoko, and finds that Yoko reminds her of herself when she first met Luffy. While the Straw Hats are at a party, the Amigo pirates attack, destroying much of the village, and demand the beetle. Luffy easily defeats Colt and his men with Zoro and Sanji's help, but Largo traps him in a needled net.

A Special Presentation Related to the Movie! The Fierce Onsl Season 13 Episode 47
The rest of the Straw Hats hear the fighting on the island and decide to head over. Zoro and Sanji attempt to attack Largo, who uses his Net Net Fruit powers to create nets out of materials that he eats and captures the two of them. Largo and Colt threaten to exterminate the town if they do not get the beetle, and Boss comes out to fight them, but is quickly defeated. Boss decides to sacrifice himself to save the village, despite Yoko's objections, but Luffy tears open the net and punches Boss, saying that he wants to fight with him again. Boss sheds his skin and is able to fly long enough to burn Luffy, Zoro and Sanji's nets. The Straw Hats and the villagers prepare to fight the Amigo Pirates.

A Special Presentation Related to the Movie! Luffy vs. Largo Season 13 Episode 48
After escaping from the net, Luffy knocks Largo far away and goes off to fight him. Nami pretends to evacuate the villagers, but takes them through other tunnels to surprise the Amigo pirates while they are fighting Zoro and Sanji. Luffy fights Largo, but becomes trapped when he turns his entire body into a net. Luffy uses Gear Third to inflate and burst the net before defeating Largo with Gigant Pistol, destroying his ship in the process. Boss saves Luffy from falling into the sea and then starts fighting him in a rematch that lasts for hours. Yoko and Nami discuss their respective pasts, before Nami brings the Straw Hats together and sets sail from the island. It is revealed that Boss was a specially created insect that had escaped from Shiki, and that he plans on using an army of similar creatures to wage war on the world.

A Special Presentation Related to the Movie! Luffy vs. Largo Season 13 Episode 48
After escaping from the net, Luffy knocks Largo far away and goes off to fight him. Nami pretends to evacuate the villagers, but takes them through other tunnels to surprise the Amigo pirates while they are fighting Zoro and Sanji. Luffy fights Largo, but becomes trapped when he turns his entire body into a net. Luffy uses Gear Third to inflate and burst the net before defeating Largo with Gigant Pistol, destroying his ship in the process. Boss saves Luffy from falling into the sea and then starts fighting him in a rematch that lasts for hours. Yoko and Nami discuss their respective pasts, before Nami brings the Straw Hats together and sets sail from the island. It is revealed that Boss was a specially created insect that had escaped from Shiki, and that he plans on using an army of similar creatures to wage war on the world.

The Imprisoned Royal Shichibukai! Jinbei, Knight of the Sea Season 13 Episode 49
Luffy, Buggy and Mr. 3 continue to fight through Level 2 of Impel Down, hounded by both Manticores and Puzzle Scorpions. They are chased into the lair of an enormous beast, the Sphinx, which frightens off the other animals. The Sphnix is a large powerful creature which bizzarely can only speak by saying types of noodles. Mr. 3 attempts to distract the creature by creating wax copies of himself, but only succeeds in provoking the creature into destroying the floor beneath them.

The Trap of Chief Guard Saldeath - Level 3 Starvation Hell Season 13 Episode 50
Luffy, Buggy, and Mr. 3 find themselves on Level 3, a barren floor of extreme heat. There, they are caught in a net by Saldeath, the imp-like commander of the Blugori. However, thanks to the interference of the Sphinx, they manage to escape. Buggy and Mr. 3 manage to get away from Luffy, and they encounter the imprisoned Baroque Works agent Mr. 2 Bon Kurei, whose stay in the dungeon has not dampened his spirits one bit.

The Liberated Swan! Reunion! Bon Kurei Season 13 Episode 51
The prison staff and Hancock finally arrive on the floor where Ace is being held. When the prisoners become loud and rowdy, Magellan silences them by attacking with a Hydra made from his Devil Fruit's poison, and while everyone is distracted, Hancock manages to tell Ace that Luffy is on his way to save him, surprising him greatly. Meanwhile, Luffy continues to fight his way through Level 3, and encounters a freed Mr. 2. The two friends team up with the intention of heading in even deeper.

Chief Warden Magellan Moves - The Net to Trap Straw Hat Is C Season 13 Episode 52
Magellan finally receives word of Luffy's break-in, and decides to gather his forces to Level 4 and head off Luffy and his companions. Back on Level 3, Mr. 2 reveals that he wants to meet Iva, king of Kamabakka, who is imprisoned on Level 5 as he and Luffy arrive at a giant pit leading to Level 4. The two meet up with Buggy and Mr. 3 again as they are being chased by Minotaurus, a monstrous beast that gave Luffy and Mr. 2 a beating earlier. Though their foe is big and powerful, by working together the four fugitives are able to take the beast down.

Preparations for War! A Decisive Battle in Level 4 - Inferno Season 13 Episode 53
Magellan and his subordinates are making preparations of their own in order to capture the intruder and escaped convicts by splitting their forces to guard the stairs to the different Levels. After surviving the fall the group press on with Luffy leading the charge because he can smell food in the kitchen. Buggy, intent on following Luffy hopes to find booze in the kitchen, is stopped by Mr. 3 because he is worried about running into Magellan. Luffy and Bon Kurei defeat with ease the oncoming onslaught of Impel Down guards. The guards quickly report the casualties to the Chief Warden who then decides to intercept the intruders himself. Magellan halts Luffy's and Bon Kurei's advance by dropping himself in front of the them and declaring that he's had enough of their rampage.

Magellan's Strength! Bon Kurei Flees Before His Enemy Out! Season 13 Episode 54
Magellen begins to attack Luffy and Bon Kurei. Luffy tries to fight back but Bon Kurei does everything he can to make Luffy run away. Magellen then informs the two that they have blockaded the stair cases to Level 5 and Level 3. The 3 remaining Demon Guards and Sadi-Chan guard the Level 5 entrance . Hannybal and a group of guards blockade Level 3's entrance. Megellan then uses his Hydra attack and sends Luffy and Bon Kurei on the run(which Bon Kurei insist to distract the Warden disguised as Luffy, so the real Luffy could get away).

The Fight Finished! Luffy's Final Life-Risking Attack Season 13 Episode 55
Magellan has Luffy backed into a corner and is using his devil fruit powers to poison Luffy. Meanwhile Bon Kurei is trying to rescue Buggy the Clown and Mr. 3 Galdino from Vice Warden Hannyabal. Bon Kurei is running from Magellan while feeling as though he betrayed Luffy. After running for a while he stumbles upon the captured Mr. 3 and Buggy. Then Bon Kurei jumps down from the rafter he was perched on to fight Hannyabal.

Because He's Our Friend - Bon Kurei's Do-or-Die Rescue Season 13 Episode 56
After being hit by Magellan's poison Luffy is placed in level 5. This is the freezing hell. Mr.2 looks for the cure while impersonating the Vice Warden and finds out that it is too late for Luffy. He goes to see Luffy with Mr.3 and Buggy but is faced with wolfs that protect that area. Now he must fight those wolfs in the cold with no shirt by himself.

A Paradise in Hell! Impel Down - Level 5.5! Season 13 Episode 57
Bon Kurei frees Luffy from his cell on Level 5 and together they set off in search of Emporio Ivankov, the miracle worker whom Bon Kurei believes can cure Luffy's poisoning. Meanwhile Buggy and Mr. 3 attempt to escape from the wolves by enclosing themselves in a wax bunker, however the wolves prove too cunning for them and continue to hound the pair. After gaining dubious advice on Ivankov's location from another prisoner, Bon Kurei heads into the forest dragging the unconscious Luffy behind him in a cart. They are then attacked by a pack of Wolves. Bon Kurei attempts to fight but is quickly overwhelmed. An angry outburst of Haki from Luffy takes down the wolves, but the two collapse unconscious in the snow. They are then approached by a mysterious man, clothed in bright orange and white. Back on Level 4, Hannyabal regrets being tricked by Bon Kurei who had assumed Nami's form, as he dangles bound and gagged helplessly from the ceiling of a nearby storeroom. Bon Kurei awakes to find himself not in a frozen wasteland, but at a lively party populated by a variety of colourful cross dressers. Bewildered, he is approached by a woman dressed in the same orange and white as the man who saved them from the cold. The woman introduces herself as Inazuma and tells Bon Kurei that all his questions will be shortly answered. Suddenly a show starts, on the nearby stage a large man dressed in skimpy feminine clothes and sporting a large purple afro, welcomes Bon Kurei to the paradise of Level 5.5, The New Kama Land. He reveals they are in a sanctuary for escaped prisoners, unknown to the prison staff. As the show livens up Bon Kurei realises that this man is non other than the former Queen of the Kamabakka Kingdom, the miracle worker he had been searching for, Emporio Ivankov.

Luffy's Treatment Begins! Ivan-san's Miraculous Power! Season 13 Episode 58
While Ivankov is dancing around and joking with his followers, an intruder interrupts and declares that his father, once a king, one day paid a visit to Kambakka Kingdom - and came back a queer! Because of this, the king's country and family were ruined, and his son was reduced from his princely state to a mere pirate. He fires his handheld cannon in vengeance, but Iva uses his Death Wink to repel the cannonball shot back at him, then injects the burly man with female hormones and transforms him into a sexy female lady with huge female features. The intruder flees in embarrassment. After witnessing this "miracle," Bon Kurei begs Iva to save Luffy. Iva leads Bon down a deserted corridor and says the only reason he helped them was because Luffy, writhing in pain, begged them to save his friend earlier. He has been under treatment for 10 hours. Meanwhile, on Level 5, Buggy and Mr. 3 are seen running away from wolves on stilts made from wax. Iva and Bon arrive outside a door that has been chained shut, through which Luffy's screams of agony can be heard. Iva informs Bon that Luffy still has 2 more days of treatment to endure. Meanwhile, Luffy, chained down inside the chamber, recalls the memory of himself and Ace as children, laughing and talking by a cliff overlooking the ocean. At the end it is declared that only 16 hours are left until Ace's execution! Will Luffy make it in time?!

Believe in Miracles! Bon Clay's Cries From the Heart! Season 13 Episode 59
Mr. 2 Bon Kurei learns that Emporio Ivankov has the ability to control hormones. He can change skin color, body temperate, sex, etc. He also discovers that New Kama land is between Level 5 and Level 6 and that it was built by a prisoner who had the ability to tunnel. He also learns about the manager of Impel Down who is being held in Level 6. He was imprisoned because he slaughtered the victims for fun. Bon Kurei was also surprised to learn that Crocodile is being held in Level 6 along with Portgas D. Ace and Jinbei, who is a Shichibukai. Bon Kurei is told that Luffy will fully recover in three days and by that time Ace will have already been executed. Therefore he stays by Luffy's side and helps him recover. Meanwhile, Magellan receives word that Luffy has disappeared from Level 5. Back in Level 5.5, Luffy's screams stop and everyone is assuming he died until he bashes on the door and screams "FOOD"!! Everyone is happy and passing food to him while he is taking in everything worth days of supplies. At the end, he happily screams "I'm recovered"!!!

Luffy's Back! Ivan-san Begins the Breakout Plan! Season 13 Episode 60
As Luffy is finally revived, he is informed by Emporio Ivankov about Iva-chan's background. It is also stated that Ivankov is a leader with Luffy's father; Monkey D. Dragon. Meanwhile, Inazuma makes clothes for Luffy, and gives back his Strawhat. Meanwhile, at level 6, Ace is taken into custody to be sent to Marineford, where his execution shall be. Back at level 5.5; Luffy, Ivankov and Inazuma break out of level 5.5 into level 5. While they fight back the Wolf Unit attacking them, they make their way to the door that's the entrance of level 6. As they run down the stairs, they are attacked by guards and traps.

Ace's Convoy Begins! Battle on the Lowest Floor - Level 6! Season 13 Episode 61
As Luffy makes it at level six with Ivankov and Inazuma, they meet up with the former cell-mate of Ace; Jinbei. As the three prisoners don't find Ace in his cage, they are attacked by some traps and sleeping gas. Inazuma saves them by using his ability. Meanwhile, Ace is exchanged by Magellan, to Vice Admiral Onigumo. Buggy and Mr. 3 are back at level three. While at level six, Luffy meets up with an enemy from the past; Crocodile.

The Ultimate Team Has Formed! Shaking Impel Down! Season 13 Episode 62
Luffy, Ivankov and Inazuma encounter an old enemy of Luffy; Crocodile. Crocodile wants to join them, saying he can create an escape passage in the ceiling with his devil fruit powers. Luffy immediately declines when he remembers who Crocodile is and what he did to Vivi. Crocodile says he has no more interest in the country of Arabasta. Ivankov accepts his offer, telling all of them that he knows a weakness of Crocodile. Then, from behind, Jinbei asks Luffy if he could join too, willing to sacrifice himself to rescue Ace. Inazuma opens up their handcuffs with his powers, and the two are out. The five prisoners get up to level 5, using Crocodile's ability. They gather the New Kama army (including Mr. 2 Bon Kurei). Crocodile, Jinbei and Luffy, who headed up earlier, are already at level four. The three of them attack the Impel Down guards. As the guards are down, Crocodile heads up in the direction of one particular cell, the one holding his former subordinate, Mr. 1. Meanwhile, Ace is already on the Marine warship, being transferred to his execution ground. Also, Buggy and Mr. 3 are hiding at level 2.

Even More Chaos! Blackbeard Teach Invades! Season 13 Episode 63
Buggy and Mr. 3 are hiding from the guards at Level 2. After making sure that the have guards left, they go around opening cells and letting prisoners free so that they can create a riot. At Level 4, New Kama citizens storm up the stairs. The escapees (Luffy, Jinbei, Crocodile, Ivankov, Inazuma, Mr. 2 and Mr. 1) attack the guards, trying to get to Level 3. Ivankov and Luffy throw the guards in the lake of fire. In one of the jailer rooms, Hanyabal freaks out, losing his chances to be Chief Warden. Meanwhile, Ace is taken into custody by Onigumo, getting his last chance to see the sky. Back at Level 4, the escapees throw more guards into the ocean of flames. At the main entrance, the Blackbeard Pirates enter Impel Down; sucking down guards and gates, to enter the Great Gaol. At Level 2, many of the rioters are being poisoned by Magellan. Magellan decides to let Shiryuu out of his cell, to defeat Blackbeard and his crew, while Magellan himself gets rid of the escapees at Level 4.

A Dangerous Meeting! Blackbeard and Shiryu of the Rain Season 13 Episode 64
Level 4 is on riot, and the Demon Guards fight the Newkama army. But then, the six strongest fighters of the Newkama set up their plan to take out the thrash called Demon Guards. As they shoot down the Demon Guards, they fail in ways of power, and the enemies break free. Then the escapees; Luffy, Crocodile and Jinbei go head on at the Demon Guards; Minokoala, Minorhinoceros and Minozebra. Emporio Ivankov goes face to face with Sadi-chan and the Blugori of Saldeath. Mr. 1 and Inazuma team up, taking out guards on their way following Luffy and co. Back at level 2, Buggy and Mr. 3 have no return as they are blocked by Magellan's poison. Impel Down gets even more disgraced as the Blackbeard Pirates cause a scene at level 1, which Shiryuu must overpower. Though both the forces appear to be not wounded, they have gone away from each other. Meanwhile at level 4, Hanyabal gets serious, going straight ahead on Luffy.

His Spirit Won't Break! Hannyabal Goes All Out Season 13 Episode 65
The door to level 3 opens up, only for Hannyabal to come out. Inazuma and Luffy look at him surprised, only for Hannyabal to tell the break-in pirate he won't allow scum like him to travel on the seas. Hannyabal and Luffy get in a serious fight, which seems uneven as Luffy is way stronger then Hannyabal. Hannyabal receives a Jet Gatling to the face. He lies on the ground, reminiscing about his first day as a gaoler. He remember the sexy pirate Olive, who charms Hannyabal and knocks him out, only so Magellan can lock her up. The scene changes to the real life now, and Hannyabal stands up, grabbing Luffy. Luffy pushes him away. He pledges the escapees, only to get stomped down by the arriving Marshall D. Teach. Hannyabal lies unconscious, and Jinbei says Teach's nickname: Blackbeard. Luffy remembers Ace saying something about Blackbeard, and wanting to capture him. Teach then states that if it wouldn't be for Ace, Luffy had already died. Luffy gets infuriated, telling Blackbeard to kill him now. Entering Gear 2, Luffy punches down Blackbeard.

The Jet Pistol of Rage - Luffy vs. Blackbeard Season 13 Episode 66
Luffy is furious, punching Blackbeard, making the latter fly into the wall. Blackbeard takes revenge and activates Kurozou, making Luffy sent flying to his hand. He then grabs the pirate captain and throws him into the ground, with causes blood to drip from his mouth, to surprise of Crocodile. Jinbei sees Luffy getting up, only to strike him down and talk about his main priority: Ace. Blackbeard sees Luffy leave, telling him Skypiea and One Piece exists. Then, Minotaurus comes from the level 3 staircase, punching the New Kama and level 4 prisoners rioting down the stairs. As Minotaurus enter level 4, Luffy steps right to him, causing others to warn him. Jinbei replies the should let him be, as he is infuriated. He then stands still, face to face with the Demon Guard, only to punch him right into the other walls. The two break-in crews separate, only for Luffy and co. to get to level 3. In between the actions, Emporio Ivankov battled Sadi-chan, and caused her huge embarrassment when 'Okamakov' used the whip from Sadi-chan to tie her up and hang her on the ceiling. Magellan finds her, telling his following guards to set her loose. He then goes on, only to find the Blackbeard Pirates. As infuriated as he is, he doesn't take time to give Blackbeard a speech, and primarily used Hydra. The Blackbeard Pirates get poisoned, only to scream from Hellish suffering. Magellan goes on, to the staircase of level 3, only to find the unconscious Hannyabal, who he tells in his mind is his succesor. He then, angry as he gets, screams Luffy's name, telling him he won't escape.

Stop Magellan! Ivan-san Unleashes His Secret Attack Season 13 Episode 67
Luffy and the other prisoners are getting closer to the surface having made it through Level 3 and 2. However in order to stall Magellan, who is quickly catching up, both Ivankov and Inazuma stay behind, Inazuma cuts down the stairs from Level 3 to 2, and Ivankov stays to fight Magellan with his "Newkama Kenpo". Despite his best efforts, he is ultimately defeat by Magellan, and later, Magellan manages to get to Level 2, and poisons Inazuma as well. Meanwhile Luffy meets up with Buggy, Mr. 3 and the other rioters and easily defeats the Demon Guards (who had used the elevator to reach Level 1) once again only to be confronted by the furious Magellan who has finally caught up to put an end to the potential breakout.

Stop Magellan! Ivan-san Unleashes His Secret Attack Season 13 Episode 67
Luffy and the other prisoners are getting closer to the surface having made it through Level 3 and 2. However in order to stall Magellan, who is quickly catching up, both Ivankov and Inazuma stay behind, Inazuma cuts down the stairs from Level 3 to 2, and Ivankov stays to fight Magellan with his "Newkama Kenpo". Despite his best efforts, he is ultimately defeat by Magellan, and later, Magellan manages to get to Level 2, and poisons Inazuma as well. Meanwhile Luffy meets up with Buggy, Mr. 3 and the other rioters and easily defeats the Demon Guards (who had used the elevator to reach Level 1) once again only to be confronted by the furious Magellan who has finally caught up to put an end to the potential breakout.

Magellan's Scheme! The Jailbreak is Obstructed Season 13 Episode 68
Magellan reaches level 2 and Luffy heads back to avenge the fallen Inazuma and Ivankov. He is stopped by Mr. 2, who reminds him what happened last time when he tried to battle the Chief Warden. Magellan blasts a Hydra to the escapees. Right in time for Luffy's second poisoning, Mr. 3 shows up and uses a Candle Wall to block the poison. Crocodile comments Mr. 3 is not so useless after all. Jinbei overhears the conversation between Magellan and some guards. Mr. 2 and Mr. 1 team up and take down the guards with ease. They get in an argument and Jinbei agrees with Mr. 2 on the fact this wouldn't be to hard. Meanwhile, Luffy and Mr. 3 team up with some escapees who shoot Magellan. Although the bullet just barrage through him (though not being a Logia, but Paramecia), Magellan gets hurt. Mr. 3 armors Luffy's fists and feet so the latter can finally attack Magellan. The two get in a fight between venom and wax. At level 1, Buggy takes the rioting prisoners outside, only to see the plan fail right before their eyes. Jinbei shows up and explains the prisoners about the warships being not to far away. He takes a door and throws it in the water. Mr. 1 (who caught up), Crocodile and Buggy jump on the made platform and get driven by Jinbei to the warships. After being attacked by the ships, Jinbei throws the ships in the air with Fishman Karate, and the three land on one warship. Ready to battle they attack their opponents. Back at level 2, Luffy's and Magellan's fists clash, for Magellan to pledge Luffy on never escaping.

The Jailbreak Team Driven Into a Corner - Forbidden Move 'Ve Season 13 Episode 69
Jinbei, Crocodile and Mr. 1 finally secure a Marine vessel to escape with, meanwhile Luffy continues his fight against Magellan with the assistance of Mr. 3's Doru Doru no Mi powers. Though at first the pair are confident they can beat the Warden with their combined abilities, Magellan - seeing the situation is becoming desperate - unleashes his ultimate technique, Venom Demon, which is so toxic it can even poison Mr. 3's wax. With Luffy's wax armour rendered useless the remaining escapees flee to the entrance with Magellan directly behind them. It is then that Ivankov, who managed to partially heal himself with the Horu Horu no Mi, comes bursting through the ground with Inazuma using Hell Wink. By clinging onto Ivankov's enlarged head while he uses another Hell Wink, Luffy and the others are finally able to breakout of Impel Down and be carried to the captured Marine ship by a school of Whale Sharks summoned by Jimbei, all seconds before being caught by Magellan who stares on in disbelief.

Create the Final Miracle - Break Through the Gate of Justice Season 13 Episode 70
Mr. 2 puts himself on the line to save Luffy and the rest, by disguising himself as Warden Magellan, but in doing so sacrifices any chance of his own escape as the real Magellan corners him in the control room for the Gate of Justice.

The Destination is Marine Headquarters - The Ship Sets Out t Season 13 Episode 71
Shiryuu saves Blackbeard and his crew by giving them antidotes to Magellan's poison before taking the opportunity to join with them. The prisoners celebrate their escape, but some, such as Buggy, are upset to learn from a Marine officer calling on a Den Den Mushi that they are on their way to Marine Headquarters, and that the Gates of Justice to Marine Headquarters will not open for pirates. During the conversation, the officer reveals Buggy's past in the Roger Pirates and connections to Shanks, causing the prisoners to rally behind him. While some of the escapees are concerned that Buggy will start a mutiny, Buggy manages to convince the prisoners to go with them to Marine Headquarters in the hopes of defeating Whitebeard and standing on top of the pirate world. Meanwhile, the ship carrying Ace reaches Marine Headquarters.

The Friends' Whereabouts! Weatheria Report and Cyborg Animal Season 13 Episode 72
As Luffy's ship heads to Marine Headquarters, the scene shifts to a point some time in the past. Nami is still on Weather Island,. She asks the old man how many days are left till the reach the Saboady Archipelago, to which he replies that the island slowly heads toward the Sabaody Archipelago at a pace determined by the winds. The old man agrees to give her a ride to the blue sea, as he also needs money so he is going to make `business``. He finds an island that is completely dry and dying, and tells the residents he will make it rain if they pay him a million. he releases its too high and lowers it to a thousand. Nami sees the old man demonstrate his ability to summon large rains by storing thunderstorms in soap bubbles. She agrees to staying on the island to learn more till they reach the archipelago. Meanwhile, Franky is still acting like a gentleman under the effects of the tea, and the boy with him wonders when cola will arrive to return him to normal. Franky is attacked by several cyborgs in the forest, causing the tea in him to bubble over and restoring his usual personality, which enables him to defeat the cyborgs with ease. Franky learns that Dr. Vegapunk, who modified Kuma, made the cyborgs, and reaches a house with Vegapunk's name on it, triggering an alarm as he goes in.

The Friends' Whereabouts! A Cheeper of Giant Birds and a Pin Season 13 Episode 73
Sanji struggles against the persistent transsexuals in the Kamabakka Kingdom, while Chopper is taking care of a giant chicken in the Torino Kingdom.

The Friends' Whereabouts! The Revolutionary Army and the Tra Season 13 Episode 74
Robin was captured by the guards of Tequila Wolf and was sent to the Prison Tower. However Robin soon finds out that another prisoner is a member of the Revolutionary Army. On Greenstone Island, Usopp is being chased around by man-eating plants. Survival is a case of eat or be eaten.

The Friends' Whereabouts! The Giant Gravestone and Panties o Season 13 Episode 75
While heading to the sea to return to the Sabaody Archipelago, Zoro and Perona stumble upon a surprising discovery. Brook, however, decides he has to wait to find Luffy and the others until he can fulfill his debt to the people of Hungeria.

Flashback Special Before Marineford - The Brothers' Oath! Season 13 Episode 76
Luffy recalls his childhood wih Ace, meeting him again in Arabasta and receiving his Vivre Card, meeting Blackbeard in Jaya without knowing who he was, hearing the news about Ace's execution, and confronting Blackbeard in Impel Down. Ace, awaiting his execution in Marineford, recalls his encounter with Blackbeard.

Flashback Special Before Marineford - The Three Admirals Season 13 Episode 77
While Luffy's on his way to rescue Ace, everyone at Marine Headquarters get's ready for the execution. The present Shichibukai and the three admirals are summoned to get ready for Whitebeard's attack. At every instance, a Shichibukai or admiral is introduced there is a series of recap clips related to that character, with the exception of Akainu who is still a mysterious entity.

Flashback Special Before Marineford - The Three Admirals Season 13 Episode 77
While Luffy's on his way to rescue Ace, everyone at Marine Headquarters get's ready for the execution. The present Shichibukai and the three admirals are summoned to get ready for Whitebeard's attack. At every instance, a Shichibukai or admiral is introduced there is a series of recap clips related to that character, with the exception of Akainu who is still a mysterious entity.

The Power that Burns Fire - Akainu's Final Move Season 14 Episode 1
Whitebeard aims to take down the whole of Marineford and orders his crew and the other pirates to flee. Ace gives his final, grateful farewell to his captain before trying to escape as well. However, Akainu tauntingly mocks Whitebeard, and Ace, feeling angry and insulted on Whitebeard's behalf tries, to take him on. But it is quickly apparent that Ace is outmatched, and when Akainu aims to land a fatal blow on the now exhausted Luffy, Ace takes the hit for his younger brother instead.

Searching for an Answer - Fire Fist Ace Dies on the Battlefi Season 14 Episode 2
Ace is punched by a magma fist through and through by Admiral Akainu, and falls into Luffy's arms. He then thinks about his past, and remembers his goal in life: To find out whether or not he had deserved to be born. Akainu proceeds to attack Luffy, but Jinbe stops his advance. Marco and Vista then rush to the aid of Luffy and strike Akainu with Haki imbued attacks, but realize they are ineffective against the Admiral. As everyone else stares in shock at Ace's wounds, they deduce that his organs were burned beyond help, and tell Luffy that Ace will not make it. Just as Ace dies, he thanks Luffy for everything and everyone for loving him. Luffy is then seen crying for the loss of his brother.

Marine Headquarters Crumbles! Whitebeard's Silent Rage! Season 14 Episode 3
Luffy's mind collapsed due the emotional trauma when Ace died, so Jinbe takes him away. The Whitebeard Pirates and their Allies then vow to protect him. An enraged Whitebeard fights Akainu, having his torso pierced through once again, but still defeats the Logia user whilst starting the destruction of Marineford; splitting the ground between him and his sons. Surprisingly, the Blackbeard Pirates appear in Marineford, with their new crew members. Everyone stares in shock at the supposed Impel Down's Level 6 prisoners, as Blackbeard exclaims he's happy to have arrived on time to see Whitebeard's death.

Settling the Score - Whitebeard vs. The Blackbeard Pirates Season 14 Episode 4
Blackbeard and his pirates arrive in Marineford, as they are taken down from the execution platform by Whitebeard. In order to avenge his two sons (Ace and Thatch), Whitebeard fights Blackbeard. Even with Blackbeard's powers to cancel Devil Fruit abilities, Whitebeard deals a critical blow with his bisento, and then proceeds to pin Blackbeard down, grabs him by the throat, and uses his devil fruit to crush him and throw him back.Teach still survives, and with his crew, all cowardly attack Whitebeard. In his final moments, Whitebeard remembers his last meeting with Roger and his path as a pirate in order to have his family. Whitebeard dies standing, right after telling Blackbeard that he is not the one Roger is waiting for, saying that the will of people liike Ace will not die and there will be one that will challenge the world in the future, and then teeling the world that One Piece is real.

The Start of the Show - Blackbeard's Plot Revealed Season 14 Episode 5
The death of Edward Newgate is already in the progress of being known, all over the world. Silvers Rayleigh too, heard the news. At Marineford, Teach starts his plan, and his crew covers up Teach and Newgate's corpse. The scene changes to Jinbe, who is trying to save Luffy. He flashes back, as he is informed by Vista that he needs to hurry. Down below the cliff, Akainu is getting back up, continuing his chase of Strawhat. Finally being above surface, Akainu is stopped from getting after Luffy by Ivankov and Inazuma. They can hold their ground, but Akainu won't let Luffy get away. Back at the Blackbeard Pirates, they lift the black cloth and Teach shows his darkness powers and his newly gained earthquake powers. Everybody is shocked, and Blackbeard lets everyone: Marineford, pirates, and peace-loving civillians know that this is his era!

The Insatiable Akainu! Lava Fists Pummel Luffy! Season 14 Episode 6
Blackbeard declares he will destroy all of Marineford as the disheartened marines watches him, frightened and worried. When suddenly Sengoku blasts Blackbeard and his crew with a shock wave from his palm, and delivers a rousing speech to raise the marines' spirits again. The marines attack Whitebeard pirates that are left behind, and Coby is confused about the Justice of killing pirates after the Navy has clearly won the war. Meanwhile, Akainu relentlessly continues to pursue Luffy and Jinbe, harming both severely in the process. Before both are killed, Crocodile interferes, as do the other Whitebeard Commanders and pirates. Buggy catches the thrown Jinbe and Luffy unsure of where to go and what to do, when Trafalgar Law arrives at the scene saying to bring Luffy to him, as he is a doctor.

A Desperate Cry - Seconds of Valor that Change Destiny Season 14 Episode 7
The fight in Marineford still rages on, as Trafalgar Law arrives to rescue Luffy. Sengoku still fights Blackbeard, while Akainu fights the commanders of the Whitebeard Pirates. Even though the Marines clearly won the war, they still fight, and while many die around Coby, the "voices" continue to fade away from his mind. For a few moments he bravely stops the war, and as he's about to be killed by Akainu, Shanks arrives, claiming that those "seconds of courage have changed the fate of the world".

Enter Shanks! The Ultimate War Ends at Last Season 14 Episode 8
Law and his crew take Jinbe and Luffy inside their submarine. As they're both put on the operation table, Buggy yells at Shanks for lying about the treasure map. When Buggy is cooled down and praised by his followers, Shanks threatens Blackbeard. As both crews face down each other, Teach's side decides to leave. Shanks then declares that Ace's and Whitebeard's dead bodies should be given a proper burial by the pirates. Sengoku agrees and the war ends.

Powerful Independent Rivals! The Beginning of the 'New Era' Season 14 Episode 9
As Luffy's fate hangs in the balance, word spreads that the war is over and people all over the world rejoice on the news of the Marines' victory. However, behind all the celebrations and cheers, there are new troubles on the horizon. Blackbeard is on the move with his new crew members from Impel Down's level 6. Upon Whitebeard's death, the world's balance has crumbled. Also, with his last words confirming the existence of One Piece, pirates all over the world are simmering at the brim.

Arrival at the Island of Women - Cruel Reality Tortures Luff Season 14 Episode 10
Brownbeard is seen taking over Foodvalten saying it isn't a Whitebeard territory anymore, Iva says goodbye to Jinbe and the others. Boa Hancock, the Heart Pirates, and Jinbe make it to Amazon Lily. Luffy wakes up and goes on a rampage on the eastern shore looking for Ace. He later understands that Ace is no longer alive while talking to Jinbe.

The Strongest Tag-Team! Luffy and Toriko's Hard Struggle! Season 14 Episode 11
After eating the Hungrila Bird that they captured, Luffy and Toriko team up again to save Nami and Komatsu who have been kidnapped by the Cocoalas.

Luffy and Ace - The Story of the Brothers' Meeting! Season 14 Episode 12
Garp drops Luffy to live with the Dadan Family where he meets Ace - who immediately dislikes Luffy. Luffy follows Ace to become friend with him every day continuously for 3 months, while Ace attempts to discourage Luffy by leading him through hazardous obstacles like rivers filled with crocodiles. At the end of the 3 months, Luffy reaches the end of the forest and discovers a new place on Dawn Island - the Gray Terminal.

Luffy and Ace - The Story of the Brothers' Meeting! Season 14 Episode 12
Garp drops Luffy to live with the Dadan Family where he meets Ace - who immediately dislikes Luffy. Luffy follows Ace to become friend with him every day continuously for 3 months, while Ace attempts to discourage Luffy by leading him through hazardous obstacles like rivers filled with crocodiles. At the end of the 3 months, Luffy reaches the end of the forest and discovers a new place on Dawn Island - the Gray Terminal.

Enter Sabo! The Boy From the Grey Terminal Season 14 Episode 13
Luffy discovers that at the end of the forest is a slum dumpster named Gray Terminal, a lawless area full of homeless people. While Luffy searches for Ace, Ace attacks two men carrying treasure and robs them. Luffy then sees Ace running towards the forest to meet Sabo and follows after him. He ends up discovering their secret stash, much to the two older boys' panic. Luffy gets captured by the crew who's loot Ace stole when Luffy is asked where the money and valuables are, he tries to lie unconvincingly. Soon Sabo figures out that Luffy won't ever tell Porchemy. And so he and Ace run to Luffy's rescue.

I Won't Run! Ace's Desperate Rescue Operation! Season 14 Episode 14
Ace and Sabo rescue Luffy from Porchemy by defeating him. Bluejam is mad at Porchemy for his failure and kills him. Luffy finally start to get along with Ace and Sabo. Sabo decides to stay at Mt. Corvo with the Dadan Family.

I Won't Run! Ace's Desperate Rescue Operation! Season 14 Episode 14
Ace and Sabo rescue Luffy from Porchemy by defeating him. Bluejam is mad at Porchemy for his failure and kills him. Luffy finally start to get along with Ace and Sabo. Sabo decides to stay at Mt. Corvo with the Dadan Family.

One Day We'll Go Out to Sea! The Oath Cups of the Three Brat Season 14 Episode 15
Sabo is seen by his father but Sabo pretends he doesn't know him. Later Sabo explains to Ace and Luffy that he is in fact a Noble. Ace, Sabo, and Luffy become brothers by sharing a drink together.

Leaving the Dadan Family!? The Secret Base is Complete! Season 14 Episode 16
Faced with Dadan's growing impatience, Luffy, Ace and Sabo decide to strike out on their own and build a hideout for themselves in order to continue pursuing their dreams of being pirates.

Leaving the Dadan Family!? The Secret Base is Complete! Season 14 Episode 16
Faced with Dadan's growing impatience, Luffy, Ace and Sabo decide to strike out on their own and build a hideout for themselves in order to continue pursuing their dreams of being pirates.

Luffy Becoming an Apprentice?! A Man Who Fought Against the Season 14 Episode 17
Ace, Sabo, and Luffy chase down a Danpa and succeeds to catch it, but a tiger steals it. To get revenge, the three brothers put fish on their back to lure the tiger, but a bear that can match the tiger appears. Ace attacks the bear, but it gets angry and chases the three brothers. It is then stopped by a former pirate captain named Naguri using Haki.

The Battle Against the Big Tiger! Who Will Be the Captain?! Season 14 Episode 18
Ace, Sabo and Luffy help Naguri make a pirate ship. The three brothers meet the tiger they fought the previous episode. The three brother defeats the tiger and say good-bye to Naguri. The episode ends with Bluejam telling his crew to tell Sabo's father that they have found Sabo.

Stolen Freedom! The Nobles' Trap Draws Near the Three Brothe Season 14 Episode 19
Sabo, Luffy and Ace are caught by the Bluejam Pirates. Sabo returns to High Town and finds out about the nobles' plan to burn "all the shame" in Gray Terminal from the new brother his parents adopted when he ran away. Sabo runs away to warn Luffy and Ace.

The Flames Are Lit - The Gray Terminal's Crisis Season 14 Episode 20
Sabo failed to warn his brothers. A huge fire engulfs Gray Terminal. Ace and Luffy try to escape but find themselves struggling against the Bluejam Pirates.

Where Is Freedom? The Boy's Sad Departure Season 14 Episode 21
While Dadan and Ace stay behind to fight Bluejam, the rest of the Dadan Family and Luffy make a quick escape. In the mean time Sabo fully accepts that he will never have freedom so long as he stays in Goa and leaves the island the day the Celestial Dragon are set to arrive.

I'm Counting On You! A Letter From a Brother! Season 14 Episode 22
Sabo's ship is destroyed by a Celestial Dragon. Ace and Dadan return to the bandits house to the relief of Luffy and of the other bandits. Dogra returns from town and informs them about Sabo's death. Later Ace receives a letter from Sabo, that was written before he set out to sea. The letter told Ace to take care of Luffy.

To Fulfill the Promise - Separate Departures! Season 14 Episode 23
Ace starts to care for Luffy more as a brother after he was nearly mauled to death by a bear. Ace then sets off on his own 7 years later, bidding the moutain bandits and Luffy farewell. Dogra comes by a few months later and shows Luffy a newspaper that talks about Ace and his new crew. 3 Years later, Luffy sets out from the Goa kingdom. He then beats up the local sea monster for eating Shank's arm and to show the results of his forest training. Present time: Luffy proclaims that he is weak in front of Jinbe (and possibly the whole island), implying that he can't be the king of pirates like he wanted, considering that he wasn't able to protect Ace or his friends.

I Want to See Them! Luffy`s Tearful Scream Season 14 Episode 24
At Windmill Village, Garp visits Dadan and the mountain bandit fights the Vice Admiral. Makino stops Dadan and tells her that Luffy is suffering as a result of Ace's death. When the Mayor asks about Luffy, Dadan screams at Luffy, telling him not to be defeated. Meanwhile, at the New World, a funeral is held for Ace and Whitebeard. Shanks mourns the loss of his friends before he departs from the New World. At Amazon Lily, Luffy is still distraught because of Ace's death. Jimbei tells Luffy not to blame Ace for his actions. Enraged, Luffy tries to fight Jimbei, but the fishman easily defeats him. When Jimbei queries about what Luffy still has left, Luffy tells Jimbei that he wants to see his crew.

Straw Hats In Shock! The Bad News Has Reached Them! Season 14 Episode 25
On Kuraigana Island, Zoro confronts and nearly defeated by several Humandrills, but is stopped by Mihawk. On Birdie Kingdom, Chopper is captured by a human tribe and attempts to escape, but is stopped by the giant birds. Eventually, the tribe befriends the birds and Chopper before he receives the newspaper about Ace's fate. On Weatheria, Nami is working hard labor when she also receives the newspaper. On the Bowin Island, Usopp has become overweight despite Heracles' objections and knocks down a News Coo with a newspaper. On Kamabakka Kingdom, Sanji has become a crossdresser and watches the sunset; he receives the newspaper and becomes horrified about Ace's death. On Tequila Wolf, Robin decides to see her friends. Meanwhile, on Baldimore, Franky remembers that he defeated a mechanical polar bear after finding a stash of cola, before a fax machine prints out a newspaper about Ace's death. At Hungaria, Brook is writing music for the Longarm Tribe when he loses his concentration and discovers Ace's death. Back on Kuraigana Island, Zoro tells Mihawk that Kuma teleported him, and Mihawk informs Zoro of Ace's death.

Reunited with Dark King Rayleigh! Decision Time For Luffy! Season 14 Episode 26
On Maiden Island, Rayleigh kills a Sea King and arrives on the island in front of Law's crew. Meanwhile, at Amazon Lily, Hancock is contemplating about marriage when Jimbei and Luffy meet the Dark King, who tells that Law has left the island with his crew. Rayleigh gives back Luffy's straw hat and befriends the Snake Princess and her sisters.Rayleigh tells Hancock that Kuma he would sent Luffy to Amazon Lily just before he teleported the Straw Hat crew away. However, Rayleigh cannot bring Luffy back to the Sabaody Archipelago, as he would suffer the same fate on the island. He gives Luffy an offer to be trained. Meanwhile, at the Bowin Islands, an overweight Usopp desperately tries to escape and fight despite Heracles' objections. Usopp gets sucked into the island's mouth and is rescued by Heracles. Usopp makes a vow to Heracles that he will not abandon Luffy.

Back to Our Captain! A Jail Break at the Sky Island and the Season 14 Episode 27
At Amazon Lily, Luffy is trying to make up his mind regarding Rayleigh's offer, as he made a promise to his crew to meet in three days. On Weatheria, Nami attempts to flee from the island by stealing a local balloon, but it crashes and Nami is captured by the townspeople as a traitor. After Nami bursts into tears while talking about Luffy's failure to save Ace, she flees with Haredas and is eventually chased by the townspeople yet again. Meanwhile, on Karakuri Island, Franky asks Kitton to use his ship, only to be rejected. When he is told that there is an ice breaker developed in Dr. Vegapunk's laboratory, he finds the laboratory and is chased by the Marines. Franky discovers blueprints and a button with a pirate mark. When he pushes the button, it explodes, destroying the laboratory and seemingly killing Franky.

Encounter! The great swordsman Mihawk! Zoro's self-willed de Season 14 Episode 28
On Kuraigana Island, Zoro tries to use Mihawk's boat to escape but is stopped by the humandrills. He also discovers that the humandrills have used Zoro's techniques. Mihawk tells Zoro that humandrills have used their behavior while watching other humans and tells Zoro to rest, but confronts the humandrills. Meanwhile, on Namakura Island, the shamans mistake Brook's music scores as talismans against the Longarm tribe. The Longarms confront the shamans of the island; however, Brook reveals that the talismans are music. After playing a song, the shamans capture some of the tribe members. When Brook tells the shamans to release the Longarms, the tribe captures the skeletal musician. On Amazon Lily, Luffy finally makes up his mind and decides to go back to Marineford.

Sanji's Suffering - The Queen Returns to His Kingdom Season 14 Episode 29
Jimbei and Luffy hijack a Marine ship and enter Marineford again using the Gates of Justice. At the Birdie Kingdom, the local tribe gives Chopper a basket of fruit and cotton candy. Chopper eventually flies off with one of the kingdom's birds and discovers a newspaper, much to his horror. Meanwhile, on the East Blue's bridge, Robin is given a photograph and the Revolutionaries offer her to meet with the leader, as she is the only survivor of Ohara. Robin is given a newspaper, informing her that Luffy is alive and learns about what is going on. On Kamabakka Kingdom, Ivankov returns to the kingdom. Sanji confronts Ivankov, and is informed about what happened to his crew. Sanji and Ivankov fight each other and Ivankov defeats him with the Death Wink, Hell Wink and Galaxy Wink techniques. Sanji is horrified to learn about Luffy's recent involvement. At Baltigo, Ivankov informs Dragon about Luffy's escape. Dragon tells Ivankov about what happened to Kuma, and is told that Luffy has made it to Marineford.

An Unbelievable Return! Luffy at the Marine Headquarters! Season 14 Episode 30
Luffy finally arrives at Marineford along with Rayleigh and Jimbei. Luffy uses the Gum-Gum Whip technique on the Marines, allowing him to reach the Ox Bell - ringing it 16 times to signify the end of the war. Luffy follows the reporters and throws a bouquet of flowers. The reporters take Luffy's pictures, along with his tattoo. Luffy, Jimbei and Rayleigh leave Marineford. Meanwhile, the Five Elders discuss their plans to fill the three remaining Warlord positions with powerful warriors. At the New World, Sengoku resigns from his position. Back at Marineford, Coby decides to get stronger. Meanwhile, Kidd hears of Luffy's recent involvement in Marineford. In the open sea, Capone's ship gets sucked into a vortex, Basil challenges Brownbeard while reading the news and Urouge discovers an island with thunderstorms. Kidd uses his Devil Fruit powers to defeat the pirates, and vows to defeat Luffy.

Delivered to Friends - The Big News Comes Through! Season 14 Episode 31
Buggy tearfully reunites with his crew on an unknown island. Alvida discovers a treasure mark from which Luffy found in Impel Down. Mr. 3 delivers a message from the World Government to Buggy. At the Sabaody Archipelago, Duval and the Flying Fish Riders confront the Copper Pirates. Shakky, Camie, Hatchan and Pappag entrust the protection of the ship to Duval. Eventually, the pirates confront Kuma and the World Government. At Alabasta, Cobra, Chaka and Koza learn they have problems with the pirates. However, Igaram tells them that Vivi and Karoo were excited that Luffy has survived. On another unknown island, Crocodile and Mr. 1 read the news on Luffy's involvement, and decide to return to the New World. Chopper flies on a bird when he receives Luffy's message. Robin travels to the East Blue and receives Luffy's message. On Kamabakka Kingdom, Sanji and Ivankov receive the news on Luffy's involvement. Usopp tries to escape Bowin Island when he and Heracles receive the news. On Weatheria, Nami and Haredas receives Luffy's message while trying to escape. Franky, having survived the explosion at Karakuri Island, also receives the news. Brook is caged by the local tribes when he receives the news. On Kuraigana Island, Zoro and Perona eventually learn about Luffy's message.

The Pirates Move Out! The Earth Shattering New World Season 14 Episode 32
Near the Sabaody Archipelago, Law and his crew decide to wait for the proper moment to enter the New World. On a winter island, X. Drake confronts Kaido's security guard to enter a town. Meanwhile, on a local spring island, Apoo runs on an invisible road to the sky. At a burning island, Blackbeard defeats Bonney and abandons her to be captured by Akainu. At Marie Jois, Doflamingo tells a government official that he seemingly killed Moria while in Marineford. However, Doflamingo does not care about the World Government's powers, as he is still a pirate. On Birdie Kingdom, Chopper, ashamed for returning too soon, dons a disguise. After being allowed to stay on the island to study the local medical plants, Chopper makes a tearful vow to Luffy that he will train intensively.

Live Through Hell - Sanji's Fight with Men at Stake Season 14 Episode 33
On Weatheria, Nami is cornered by the scientists again. However, the navigator apologizes and takes off her shoes before luring the scientists to the edge of a cliff, allowing Nami to stay on the island. Nami requests Haredas to teach her the weather of the New World, as she wants to help Luffy on his journey to become King of the Pirates. The navigator also requests that she will use the Weather Balls as weapons. Meanwhile, on Kurakiri Island, the Marines investigate the lab's destruction. Franky learns about Vegapunk's inventions and uses a tiger mat as a cover for his head. Franky tells his friends about his dream and decides to help his captain by acquiring new skills learned from Dr. Vegapunk's inventions. When his mat is burned, the shipwright scares off the Marines. On Kamabakka Kingdom, Sanji learns from Ivankov that eating helps his body to become aggressive. Despite Ivankov's refusal to teach the dish of aggression, Sanji declines his offer to use Newkama Kempo, as he is a man who likes ladies. Ivankov offers the cook to hand out the recipes to the 99 Grand Master chefs on the island, which Sanji finally accepts and fights the Newkamas.

I Will Get Much, Much Stronger! Zoro's Pledge to his Captain Season 14 Episode 34
A group of people are gathered to see some kind of freak show. Robin and the revolutionaries question Brook as to why she suddenly changed her mind and decided to come with them to Baltigo. Usopp is running with Heracles telling him that he needs to lose weight and get much stronger. Zoro meanwhile is begging Mihawk to train him to become a great swordsman.

Luffy's Training Begins - Meet Up at the Promised Place in T Season 14 Episode 35
On a deserted island north west of the Amazon Lily is Rusukaina, this will be Luffy's training spot for the next two years. Hancock, Luffy and Rayleigh discuss the merits of training on the island

Ticking Down to the Time of Battle! The Navy's Strongest Lin Season 14 Episode 78
Only 3 hours remain until Ace's execution. Luffy reaches Marineford but finds the Gates of Justice closed. While Garp is thinking about his talk with Gol D. Roger, Fleet Admiral Sengoku reveals to the whole world that Ace is the son of none other than Gol D. Roger.

Ticking Down to the Time of Battle! The Navy's Strongest Lin Season 14 Episode 78
Only 3 hours remain until Ace's execution. Luffy reaches Marineford but finds the Gates of Justice closed. While Garp is thinking about his talk with Gol D. Roger, Fleet Admiral Sengoku reveals to the whole world that Ace is the son of none other than Gol D. Roger.

An Enormous Fleet Appears - The Whitebeard Pirates Invade Season 14 Episode 79
The world is shocked by the revelation of Ace's father's identity. Garp remembers when Roger asked him to take care of his son, since his child did not have any sins in this world. Ace's mother, Portgas D. Rouge, protects Ace from the Marines, and dies After his birth. At the Gates of Justice near Marineford, Luffy and the prisoners from Impel Down witness as the gate mysteriously opens. Back in Marineford, Whitebeard and his allies start their invasion from underwater.

The Beginning of the War - Ace and Whitebeard's Past! Season 14 Episode 80
As Whitebeard makes his appearance, Ace remembers the events that led him to become a member of the Whitebeard Pirates.

The Force That Could Destroy The World! The Power of the Tre Season 14 Episode 81
The sea-quakes made by Whitebeard cause a tsunami to come upon Marineford. But thanks to Aokiji freezing the water, any real potential damage is prevented. After the first attack, other soldiers join the fray, and the war really begins. While everyone is fighting, Mihawk decides to join the fight and attacks Whitebeard. The episode ends as the giant shockwave from the attack approaches Whitebeard.

An All-Consuming Inferno!! Admiral Akainu's Power! Season 14 Episode 82
All the various Whitebeard Commanders show off their skills and abilities, as do some Marines. Akainu reveals his powers involve magma when he stops a giant ice block attack thrown by Diamond Jozu while Coby and Helmeppo question their worth in battle. Then Oars Jr., descendant of Oars, makes his way onto the scene.

Descendant of the Devil! Little Oars Jr. Rushes! Season 14 Episode 83
Oars Jr. goes straight for Ace! But the Giant Squad attempts to stop him without much success. Hancock finally steps into the battle and ends up harming both pirates and marines, as she doesn't distinguish between the two groups of men. And then Kuma unleashes an Ursus Shock which finally stops Oars in his tracks. As he falls to his knees he remembers when Ace offered him a form of shelter from the sun, rain, and snow by the form of a giant, handmade kasa. Determined, he gets back up again, and thinking he could at least take one of the Shichibukai down, ends up getting his leg cut off by Doflamingo instead. After one more shot from Moria, it seems as though this is really the end for Oars.

The Winner Will Be Justice - Sengoku's Strategy Is Put Into Season 14 Episode 84
Coby and Helmeppo attempted to flee from the war after feeling too overwhelmed by the deaths and chaos, but stumbled upon Akainu and an apparent plan by Sengoku. Meanwhile, Garp joins Ace at the top of scaffolding, remembering better times when Ace and Luffy were children, and how he wanted them to grow up to become strong marines. As he laments this fact, it's revealed that Ace's execution time has been changed, when suddenly a battleship falls from the sky, revealing to be the escaped Impel Down prisoners and Luffy!

The Straw Hat Team Arrives - Tensions Grows on the Battlefie Season 14 Episode 85
Luffy finally shows up together with his formed alliance from the escaped prisoners of Impel Down. As they were looking upon the scaffolding where Ace is, Crocodile has set off to attack Whitebeard soon as he had the chance, but Luffy caught up to his scheme intercepting Crocodile with Gear Second and with his body soaked wet. Crocodile then realizes Luffy already knew his weakness and therefore he had no choice but to give it up. As for the first time, Luffy stands face-to-face with the World's Strongest Man. Showing interest towards the boy, Whitebeard then asks Luffy if he knew what he is against with. Luffy stood up refusing to be told what to do, showing little manners, he competes with Whitebeard even telling the old man that the next pirate king would be him. Everyone was shocked by Luffy's actions towards Whitebeard, but later on, the two of them agreed not to get in each other's way and do it as they please.

Even If It Means Death! Luffy Vs. The Navy - The Battle Star Season 14 Episode 86
With Luffy as their inspiration, the other pirates fight back with renewed vigor. Fullbody and Jango try to stop Luffy from progressing any further and fail miserably. Then Captain Hina uses her Devil's Fruit abilities to also try and catch him, however Luffy escapes quickly and easily, much to the three's chagrin. Luffy battles more admirals as they gang up on him along with zombies Gekko Moriah resurrects. Seeing Luffy in so much danger, Ace screams at Luffy not to come closer, as they've both lived their lives and adventures according to how they wanted to, so Luffy shouldn't get involved any longer. But, Luffy ignores all of this and will continue fighting for Ace, because they're brothers. Annoyed by the turn of the war's tide, Sengoku reveals to all that Luffy is the son of the great Revolutionary, Dragon; he must be stopped at all costs. Thoroughly impressed, Whitebeard orders Marco, that no harm should come to him.

Hard Battles, One After Another! Devil's Fruit Eaters vs. De Season 14 Episode 87
One battle after the other, it's a complete chaos out on the battlefield. Luffy together with Jinbe, Ivankov and the rest of Newkamas head on to battle the Marine soldiers. While Buggy plays safe as he decides to team-up with Whitebeard and fight against the Marines. Ace resolves to prepare for his execution and to face the blades of justice, so that the war will end soon. Moriah once again attempts to get Luffy, but Jinbe takes him on instead, beating him quickly. As Luffy advances on, he has drawn attention from Tashigi, which startled Smoker as he immediately attacks Luffy. Luffy having trouble hitting his enemy, nearly being killed by Smoker if not for Hancock's furious intervention. Meanwhile, Ivankov faces off with Bartholomew Kuma, not knowing why he is being attacked by an old comrade, Donquixote Doflamingo reveals that the Kuma he knew before is dead.

Kuma's Transformation! Ivan's Attack of Anger! Season 14 Episode 88
Luffy receives the key to Ace's handcuffs from Hancock, who then fantasizes about a wedding ceremony held on Amazon Lily between herself and Luffy with the entire Kuja tribe witnessing. Ivankov fights against Kuma while Luffy continues to advance up the battlefield. Crocodile defeats multitudes of Whitebeard's lower-ranking men to get to him, but is assaulted by Jozu, who is then halted by Doflamingo. The episode ends with Mihawk blocking Luffy's path.

The Great Swordsman Mihawk! Luffy Comes Under the Attack of Season 14 Episode 89
Luffy stumbled upon Mihawk in which he tries to avoid. Switching to Gear Second, he has taken an alternative path to avoid the swordsman but with Mihawk having a sharp vision similar to his animal theme, Hawk. He then, attacks Luffy with his black sword from a distance. Jinbe arrives to the rescue but later failed to stop the swordsman from attacking Luffy. Then suddenly, a sandstorm released by Crocodile brings Buggy in front of Luffy and Mihawk. Luffy uses Buggy as a human-shield to escape from Mihawk. As Mihawk is about to catch up with Luffy, Vista coming out of nowhere, blocks him with his two swords. As the time ticks, the Marine seems to be in a good progress of their plans, after Sengoku claims their need on being victorious, an army of Pacifista led by Sentoumaru arrives at the bay destroying a number of pirate ships.

The Extermination Strategy in Action! The Power of the Pacif Season 14 Episode 90
The Pacifista enter Marineford as part of Sengoku's plan to win the war against Whitebeard. It appears that part of Sengokou's plan failed as all the pirates were to be inside the bay but Sengoku gives the order to attack all the pirates allied with Whitebeard outside the bay first. The Pacifista are then activated and destroy most of the allied pirates. Sengoku then goes on to say that the encircling walls should be activated once all video feeds are cut. However, the prisoners of Impel Down have captured one of the Den Den Mushi so that they could advertise their 'saviour' captain Buggy. Mihawk's battle with Vista is coming to a hasty conclusion and Luffy briefly encounters an admiral. The episode ends as the captain of an allied crew (Squardo) betrays Whitebeard and stabs him in the chest with a sword.

Akainu's Plot! Whitebeard Trapped! Season 14 Episode 91
As Squardo stabs Whitebeard, the pirates and even marines in the war are shocked due his betrayal. Squardo says that he knows about Whitebeard's plot on giving the 43 captains under his command to save Ace and the Whitebeard Pirates. He reveals that Admiral Akainu told him that, and for his betrayal, the marines would leave the allies alone, as the Pacifistas units advance over them, destroying everything in their path. As Sengoku's plan goes on, Admiral Aokiji freezes Buggy and his allies, to cut the broadcasting to the world. As an act of surprise, Whitebeard forgives Squardo, even though he was a "foolish son". Whitebeard uses his powers to give a way out to his allies, and gives them the choice to stand for what they believe. All the allies regain force to fight, Squardo falls to the ground, realizing that he was tricked, and Whitebeard, the strongest man in the world, heads to battle.

The Encircling Walls Activated! The Whitebeard Pirates Backe Season 14 Episode 92
Whitebeard enters the battlefield, which raises the morale of his pirates and prompts them to clear the way for him. The Marines try to activate the encircling walls, but the ice prevents them from raising completely. Luffy tries to reach Ace but the large walls activate trapping all the pirates, and while they to break it, it is futile. However they find that there is still a path opened by Oars Jr.'s body, as his blood makes the system less effective.

The Order to Perform the Execution is Given - Break Through Season 14 Episode 93
Akainu uses his power to send magma punches to melt the ice and boil water. Sengoku orders for the immediate execution of Ace shocking everybody, much to Gekko Moriah's delight and the despair of the Pirates. Luffy decides to move forward and rescue Ace, in the plaza he is confronted by the three Admirals.

Moving Into the Final Phase! Whitebeard's Trump Card for Rec Season 14 Episode 94
Crocodile steps in to save Ace from being executed. A hidden coated ship appears and takes the pirates in, much to the Marines' surprise and Sengoku's annoyance. Oars pulls the ship out of the water, allowing the pirates a safe pass through the plaza. Whitebeard enters the plaza, and unleashes a massive shock wave with his weapon. Whitebeard orders his pirates to save Ace and destroy the Marines. Knowing that Whitebeard is about to attack with all his forces, both Sengoku and Garp decide to fight.

Luffy's Strength is Exhausted! All-Out War in the Oris Plaza Season 14 Episode 95
Meanwhile, war keeps its pace, and Marco thanks Little Oars Jr. for his help. Whitebeard commands his pirates to clear the way, as he readies a powerful shockwave. Luffy and the pirates keep their move, and Garp starts to behave strangely. Kizaru takes on Luffy and almost manages to kick him unconscious. Sentoumaru reassumes his assault leading the Pacifistas. When Marco is about to reach the scaffold, Garp jumps into the air and punches Marco away. Garp then makes his claim that whoever wants to pass, must kill him first.

Power that Reduces One's Life - Tension Hormones Return Season 14 Episode 96
Whitebeard falters for a moment because of his age and physical condition, then Akainu attacks him. Admirals Kizaru and Aokiji successfully attack Commanders Marco and Jozu. Ace laments for the deaths he caused. Luffy asks for a "last favor" for Ivankov, an Emporio Tension Hormone shot, which Ivankov reluctantly agrees to give him.

For a Promise!! Luffy and Coby Clash! Season 14 Episode 97
Luffy with his newly restored strength continues to the execution platform to save Ace. Coby challenges Luffy but is easily defeated. Luffy and Ivankov are soon stopped by Pacifistas Boa Hancock comes to their aid preventing the Pacifistas from attacking. A weakened Whitebeard is weakened further by Akainu with a multitude of marines attacking him. With Marco restrained and Jozu frozen Whitebeard says he cannot die before seeing " a future for his sons". With the a new set of executioners ready Sengoku orders the execution to commence, their stopped by Luffy's burst of Haōshoku Haki.

The Scaffold At Last! The Way To Ace Has Opened! Season 14 Episode 98
Once more, Luffy has subconsciously used the power of Haki to take down many of his enemies, bringing a renewed path to victory for the rebel pirate forces.

Each On Different Paths! Luffy vs. Garp! Season 14 Episode 99
Now fully backed by the Whitebeards, Luffy is on a straight path to Ace... but straight means trying to go straight through his grandfather... Garp The Hero.

Ace is Rescued! Whitebeard's Final Captain's Orders! Season 14 Episode 100
Ace is freed at last, he and Luffy fight their way back to escape from Marineford. Everyone is glad for it, as Squardo and his crew break in the plaza with the paddle ship to give a chance for everyone to escape, but is stopped by Whitebeard, claiming it would be a shame for a son to die in front of his father. Whitebeard stands and orders his sons to escape, saying the New Era does need a person like him.

A New Chapter Opens - The Straw Hat Pirates Regather! Season 15 Episode 1
Two years have passed since the incident at Marineford, and the Straw Hat Pirates have since trained for their return. Luffy departs Ruskaina to the Sabaody Archipelago to reunite with his crew and Zoro visits Rayleigh and Shakky in her bar. At a local tavern, Nami learns the Marines have switched their headquarters with their G1 Branch to be next to the Four Emperors. At the Sabao Dome, Brook holds his farewell concert as the Soul King and Sanji and the Okamas go their separate ways. Nami refuses to join a group of pirates who say they are the Straw Hats, but as soon as she is threatened, Usopp shoots down the fake pirates. Nami and Usopp finally reunite and Usopp reveals his new Pop Green weapon. Nami and Usopp flee, but not before she launches Weather Balls at the pirates. As the Marines is summoned to the archipelago to capture Luffy, Robin discovers Brook's concert pamphlet and a recruitment notice with two World Government agents in hot pursuit, Franky waits with the coated Thousand Sunny, and Chopper is excited at the Straw Hats' reunion. Just as the fake Straw Hats try to find Nami and Usopp, the real Luffy bumps into them.

An Explosive Situation! Luffy vs Fake Luffy Season 15 Episode 2
Using a fake disguise provided by Hancock, Luffy and the Kuja tribe go their separate ways and he confronts the Fake Straw Hats. At Shakky's bar, Sanji thanks Duval for his efforts in protecting the Thousand Sunny. Rayleigh tells the cook that he was the seventh to come here. However, Luffy and Robin have not shown up yet. Chopper discovers another group of Fake Straw Hats and follows them, not realizing that they are the fake ones. While Robin continues to evade the government agents from capturing her, Luffy uses his Haki techniques to defeat Fake Luffy's group. Meanwhile, the government agents capture the Fake Robin. Sanji learns about what has happened to Zoro from a fisherman. While talking to the fisherman, Sanji finally discovers Zoro as he destroys the ship he was in.

The Marines Move Out - The Straw Hat Crew Is Targeted Season 15 Episode 3
Robin finally makes it to the Thousand Sunny and reunites with Franky. The archaeologist reveals to Franky that she is the eighth person who saw Rayleigh, as Luffy has yet to appear. Meanwhile, Chopper learns that he is the real one while discussing with the Fake Straw Hats and it is revealed that the Fake Straw Hats have recruited more than 100 pirates to their crew. At a Marine base, Sentomaru and the Pacifistas depart for the Sabaody Archipelago in response to Luffy's return. At a fashion shop, Nami buys clothes for 90% discounts and Sanji and Zoro walk around town. Chopper chases after the Fake Robin, but finally reunites with by Nami and Usopp. Chopper realizes that the real Nami has arrived and the three depart for the Thousand Sunny. The Marines encounter a group of pirates gathered for Fake Luffy's arrival, including Caribou and Coribou.

A Gathering of Big Shots - Threat of the Fake Straw Hat Crew Season 15 Episode 4
At the Sabao Dome, Brook finishes his song. Meanwhile, Caribou frightens a Marine, digging a live grave with Coribou, and Fake Luffy rallies the pirates. However, the real Luffy gets caught up in the situation. Meanwhile, Brook is confronted by the Marines and his managers. At the Thousand Sunny, Usopp and Chopper reunite with Franky. The shipwright then reveals that not only did he create a new version of himself, but he can change his hairstyle by pushing his nose, while Nami boards the ship. Upon her arrival, Rayleigh and Shakky inform the others about what has happened. Meanwhile, Brook informs everyone that Luffy is alive and performs a new song before departing. Rayleigh instructs Nami about how to control the ship and Shakky reveals that she wiretapped the Transponder Snails. Rayleigh says that Luffy will be arriving soon; the Straw Hats and Shakky join him in awaiting Luffy's arrival.

The Battle Begins! Show Them the Fruits of Training! Season 15 Episode 5
After Brook escapes from the Marines at the Sabao Dome with a Rosy Life Rider, a riot is going on in the dome. Meanwhile, Luffy is caught before the Fake Straw Hats. However, the Marines confront them just as Caribou kills the injured Marine. Caribou refuses to cooperate with Fake Luffy and the Fake Straw Hats battle the Marines. The Pacifistas appear to defeat the Fake Straw Hats and discovers the real Luffy and knocks down Doughty. Sentomaru catches the Fake Straw Hats, and promptly defeats the Fake Luffy, exposing him as Demalo Black. Just as Luffy reveals himself as the real one and destroys PX-5 with his new abilities, Sanji and Zoro reunite with Luffy and destroys PX-7 together. When Luffy, Zoro and Sanji meet up with Rayleigh, Luffy proclaims that he will become King of the Pirates.

The Battle Begins! Show Them the Fruits of Training! Season 15 Episode 5
After Brook escapes from the Marines at the Sabao Dome with a Rosy Life Rider, a riot is going on in the dome. Meanwhile, Luffy is caught before the Fake Straw Hats. However, the Marines confront them just as Caribou kills the injured Marine. Caribou refuses to cooperate with Fake Luffy and the Fake Straw Hats battle the Marines. The Pacifistas appear to defeat the Fake Straw Hats and discovers the real Luffy and knocks down Doughty. Sentomaru catches the Fake Straw Hats, and promptly defeats the Fake Luffy, exposing him as Demalo Black. Just as Luffy reveals himself as the real one and destroys PX-5 with his new abilities, Sanji and Zoro reunite with Luffy and destroys PX-7 together. When Luffy, Zoro and Sanji meet up with Rayleigh, Luffy proclaims that he will become King of the Pirates.

The Whole Crew is Gathered - Luffy Sets Sail Towards the New Season 15 Episode 6
After Luffy and Rayleigh go their separate ways, Rayleigh draws a line to prevent the Marines from coming any further to the Straw Hats. However, Perona appears and it is revealed that a battleship is headed for the Thousand Sunny. Meanwhile, Brook boards the Thousand Sunny. Using one of his birds, Chopper returns to the Thousand Sunny with Sanji, Luffy and Zoro on board, but as soon as they finally reunite, the Thousand Sunny is attacked. Hancock stops the Marines from harming the Straw Hats and Sanji is dismayed at Luffy for befriending the Snake Princess. Meanwhile, Heracles uses his beetles to crush a Marine squadron, Haredas uses the weather technology to distract another squadron. Franky goes underwater and uses the airbag to create a bubble to prepare the ship for the deep oceans. Chopper's bird attacks another battleship, Sanji destroys another ship by deflecting a cannonball and the Okamas defeat another Marine squadron. Luffy and the others finally leave the Sabaody Archipelago for Fishman Island.

A Shocking Revelation - The Man Who Protected the Sunny Season 15 Episode 7
At the Sabaody Archipelago, Caribou has his men bury the Fake Straw Hats and departs to find the real Straw Hats. Rayleigh learns that Luffy's Straw Hat actually belonged to Roger when he was a member of his crew. Meanwhile, the Straw Hats explore the vast regions of the deep ocean. Nami reveals that if too many holes are created, the coating will burst and destroy the ship. Franky reveals that Hatchan was taken to Fishman Island, as he was seriously injured when the Marines tried to claim the Thousand Sunny. It is also revealed that Kuma informed Rayleigh that he sent them away to help the Straw Hats, as he is a revolutionary. Kuma was eventually reprogrammed to protect the Thousand Sunny until the Straw Hats' arrival at Sabaody. The Straw Hats soon realize that they are being followed by Caribou. Using Mohmoo as a steed, Caribou and his men prepare to launch a preemptive strike.

Undersea Struggle - The Demon of the Deep Appears Season 15 Episode 8
The Caribou Pirates attack the Straw Hats. While Caribou manages to get on the Thousand Sunny, the rest of his crew gets pulled away by Mohmoo, who gets scared when he recognises the Straw Hats. Caribou is left alone and, as a result, is captured by the Straw Hats. The Straw Hats come across the Kraken, which destroys the ship of the Caribou Pirates, who returned to save their captain, and then attacks Thousand Sunny. The Straw Hats manage to avoid its attacks and Luffy, along with Zoro and Sanji, are getting ready to fight it.

Disaster in the Deep Sea, The Straw Hat Crew Gets Lost! Season 15 Episode 9
Luffy battles Kraken Sea Octopus Monster with his newly acquired Elephant Gun. Zoro helps out with his new sword technique and Sanji contributes with his new Drible Jumble. The trio beats the Kraken and follows a shark named Megalo to the Fishman Island. The rest od the Strawhats battle more sea monsters including Ankoro, who wants to eat them.

Undersea Volcanic Eruption! Sailing To Fishman Island Season 15 Episode 10
The Flying Dutchman shows up and Vander Decken tells Wadatsumi to crush the Thousand Sunny, but then the Kraken beats Wadatsumi. The volcano erupts, and the pirates run from it. Surume jumps off a cliff and some big stones are about to crush them but Usopp stops them for a while with his new move Sargasso. But when they are celebrating their survival, a rock hit Surume's head, made it faints as they descending to the depth of the cliff. At the bottom of the cliff they find Fishman Island but when they are about to enter, they are stopped by a group of sea monsters and someone riding it.

Landing at Fishman Island - The Lovely Mermaids Season 15 Episode 11
New Fishman Pirates riding a huge Sea monster scare Surume away and gives Strawhats an ultimatum. We know where that's gonna go... Medaka Mermaid Quintuplets get Sanji all fired up; in fact, he is so happy being on Fishman Island he could die

Explosive Stimulation! Sanji's Life Crisis! Season 15 Episode 12
Sanji's Life is in danger as he explodes from excitement in Robin's buzum. Fishman Pirates are still trying to capture and destroy strawhats. Luffy doesn't get to see his friend Jimbei on Fishman Island, but he does get to meet the Royal Family Gondola, princes of Neptune's army and three Merman sons. The Neptune's Army want to attack Luffy, but ... does anyone have blood type S RH negative? Sanji lost a lot of blood...

Fishman Island Collapses!? Shirley's Prediction Season 15 Episode 13
Sanji gets his life saving blood. Luffy had been poisoned. Luffy and Usopp find Shirley's crystal ball. What will it reveal?

The King of Fishman Island, Sea God Neptune! Season 15 Episode 14
Nami is back with the strawhats. Hody takes down Gyro's ship and vows to go to the Fishman Island and kill it's king, Neptune.

The Ryugu Castle! Brought by the Shark They Saved Season 15 Episode 15
Mermaids managed to open the barrel. Caribou is out and vengeful. Strawhats arrive at Ryugu Palace. King Neptunes gets scolded and Luffy stumbles on Mermaid Princess Shirahoshi.

A Coward and a Crybaby! The Princess in the Hard Shell Tower Season 15 Episode 16
Captain of the flying pirates Vander Decken IX is determined to kidnap Princess Shirahoshi from her 10 year lockup at the Hard Shell tower. His love is of the princess is of the "Dead or marriage" variety. With his Mark-mark devil power he can be quite dangerous. At the Ryugu Palace Luffy saves Princess from vicious axe thrown by Vander Decken.

A Coward and a Crybaby! The Princess in the Hard Shell Tower Season 15 Episode 16
Captain of the flying pirates Vander Decken IX is determined to kidnap Princess Shirahoshi from her 10 year lockup at the Hard Shell tower. His love is of the princess is of the "Dead or marriage" variety. With his Mark-mark devil power he can be quite dangerous. At the Ryugu Palace Luffy saves Princess from vicious axe thrown by Vander Decken.

State of Emergency! Ryugu Palace Taken Over! Season 15 Episode 17
Strawhats hold King Neptune and the entire Ryugu Palace hostage. Luffy takes Princess Shirahoshi for a ride in her Megalo shark.

Ryugu Palace Quivers! The Case of the Kidnapped Shirahoshi Season 15 Episode 18
Luffy's taking of Princess Shirahoshi to the Sea Forest is mistaken for kidnapping and Straw Hats become the hunted. Fish-man Vander Decken throws humans at the gate of Ryugu Palace in hopes that some will survive and open the gate for his pirates. Can Ryugu Palace be penetrated?

Hordy's Invasion! The Beginning of the Plan for Revenge! Season 15 Episode 19
Hordy must dominate humans. After all, they can't even breath in the water... Ryugu Palace must be conquered. The Gateway gets open. Straw Hats as usual stand in the way.

The Ryugu Palace Fight! Zoro vs. Hody! Season 15 Episode 20
Ryugu Palace is under siege by Hordy and Zoro will have his hands full.

Keep Shirahoshi Safe! Decken Close Behind! Season 15 Episode 21
Warriors of Fishman Island capture Luffy, Sanji and Chopper and threaten to behead the Straw Hats. Vander Decken IX gets pummeled by Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Jet Hammer. Jones is the real threat, but Zoro slashes him in confrontation.

The Crew Falls?! Hody Conquers Ryuuguu Palace Season 15 Episode 22
It's a setback for Luffy and his Straw Hats. Let's see how Hordy takes the upper hand. Energy steroids may have something to do with this. About what happened with Arlong long time ago, Jinbe has a confession to make.

Revived Relations, Nami and the Fishman Pirates Season 15 Episode 23
Fish Man Pirates are demanding obedience from all in their war against humans. Jinbei explains how he let Arlong go into East Blue and Nami asks that he explains why. Nami remembers how she was forced to steal to save her sister and village from Arlong. Jinbei explains how Queen Otohime Princes Shirahoshi's mother along with Fisher Tiger fought against this hatred of Fish Man Pirates and Humans.

The Hero Who Freed The Slaves: Tiger The Adventurer Season 15 Episode 24
The two legends of Fishman Island - Queen Otohime and Tiger Fisher - carried opposing views on fishmen and humans. Jinbei tells the Strawhats how these two fates overlapped.

Kizaru Appears! A Trap Aimed At Tiger! Season 15 Episode 25
The Sun Pirates set out into the surface world, where a young human slave makes a change in Tiger's way of thinking, and Kizaru, before his Admiral position, plays his part in the tale of Fisher Tiger.

Toriko x One Piece Special: Team Formation! Save Chopper! Season 15 Episode 26

The Hero's Last Moments! The Impact of Tiger's Truth Season 15 Episode 27
The Fishman Pirates started liking little Koala. She got new dress and slowly learned to like them as well. She fit in well, but when the time came Captain of the Sun Pirates Fisher Tiger escorted Koala home to Foolshout Island. When he dropped her off and started walking away, the Navy soldiers shot Fisher Tiger. Jinbei rescued the Boss and sailed away on Navy ship Arlong stone for them. Fisher Tiger on his death bed confessed to all wrong doings and wished that Koala and new generation of humans make changes and bring peace to the world.

The Pirates Split - Jinbe vs Arlong Season 15 Episode 28
In the last One Piece episode Fisher Tiger died. Jinbei followed Fisher Tiger and Queen Otohime in renewing his interest in humans as a new captain of Sun Pirates. Arlong's hatred for humans grew and after few more atrocities he was caught and thrown in jail. But not before he got his face smashed in by Jinbei.

Fishman Island is Shaking! The Landing of a Tenryubito Season 15 Episode 29
Jinbei releases slaves and becomes a Shichibukai. Queen Otohime is visited by Celestial Dragon, which will take her hostage. Shirahoshi calls out to the Sea Kings and finds out why Vander Decken sleaze-bag wants to marry her.

Unexpected Disaster! An Assassin's Bullet Shuts the Future Season 15 Episode 30
At the Ryugu Palace, Vander Decken proposes to marry Shirahoshi and think of a mean to make Shirahoshi age. Otohime returns to Fishman Island. She later reveals a secret to Fukaboshi, Manboshi and Ryuboshi.

Back to the Present! Hody Begins to Move Season 15 Episode 31
Otohime is dead and with her the dream for peace with humans. Shooter is found and he is human. Hordy is standing next to him with his rifle still hot. Who killed who? Will death of Queen Otohime start a new era of hatred and bloodshed, or will her oldest son pick up where she left off and start the healing process? Moving onto present time, Hordy is moving in.

A Great Shock to the Kingdom - Orders to Execute Neptune! Season 15 Episode 32
Hody's ambitions are broadcast to the whole of Fishman Island. It's a shocking plan to destroy Ryuuguu Kingdom and make himself the new King! The people of Fishman Island are extremely upset, but Hody has another announcement that causes even greater fear!

A Crack Arises! Luffy vs Jinbe Season 15 Episode 33
Luffy and Jinbe start their duel to see who gets to fight Hody but their fight was cut short by Sanji and Robin's inteferance. Meanwhile, Hody has ordered all his men to move out of the Ryugu Palace to the Gyoncorde Plaza along with the residents of the Fishman District, allowing the captured Straw Hats to plot an escape plan. While recovering, Jinbe explains that if Luffy fights Hody now, the people of Fishman Island will see humans as a violent race, but Luffy says he has a reason to fight Hody to save his crew. However, Jinbe still won't allow him to go, thus resuming their duel.

Hody's Accident - The Evil Drug's True Power! Season 15 Episode 34
The New Fishman Pirates head to the Gyoncorde Plaza to execute King Neptune but before getting at the plaza, they demonstrate a little taste of their power by terrorizing and destroying everything in their path. By abusing of the energy steroids due to the pain caused by Zoro's cut, Hody transforms. King Neptune briefly explains the side effect of the drug. In the meantime, Luffy and Jinbe are still arguing about whom should stop Hody

The Decisive Battle Begins at Gyoncorde Plaza! Season 15 Episode 35
Neptune's army launches an offensive strike against Hordy, but they are completely wiped out and Hordy goes to Conchcorde Plaza. Meanwhile, at the Fishman District, Vander Decken is despondent at Sihrahoshi's rejection and decides to kill her. Hordy is confronted by the army, but Ikaros uses a Sea Bear to attack. Meanwhile, Shirahoshi, Jimbei and Megalo leave the Sea Forest to confront Hordy. Fukaboshi, Manboshi, Ryuboshi arrive at the plaza to save their father. Upon their arrival, Fukaboshi lectures Hordy for trying to ignore the island's history of discrimination. Hordy, however, has his beasts attack the princes and gives Energy Steroids to his crew. The princes are easily defeated and Hordy laughs as Neptune watches in horror.

Shocking Confession - The Truth about Otohime's Assassinatio Season 15 Episode 36
On their way to defeat Hordy, Jimbei, Shirahoshi and Megalo are captured by Hordy's forces. They are taken to Conchcorde Plaza just as the pirates tie up Neptune and the princes. When Shirley reveals to Hordy that Luffy will destroy Fishman Island, the fishman blasts her with a water bullet. He then reveals that he is responsible for assassinating Otohime and also framed a human pirate for it by having him burn the queen's signatures and kill the pirate. The citizens are filled with horror at hearing the realization. When Hordy mocks Shirahoshi, the princess reveals that she knows the truth. Meanwhile, in a desperate attempt to kill Shirahoshi, Vander Decken sets the Noah on a collision course with Fishman Island, in an effort to destroy everything on it.

Shirahoshi's Tears! Finally, Luffy's Appearance! Season 15 Episode 37
Shirahoshi reveals that Megalo witnessed the assassination and told her about it. Hordy attacks Neptune and Fukaboshi, Manboshi and Ryuboshi. Shirley informs a group of children that her predictions do not give out dates and the citizens call for Luffy to destroy the island. Just when Hordy is about to kill Neptune, Megalo finally spits out Luffy. Luffy hits Hordy with a single kick in the chest. Using Nami's Mirage Tempo technique, Nami grabs the Celestial Dragon's letter and a group of keys to the royal family's shackles. As Robin releases the royal family and Jimbei, Franky uses the Gaon Cannon on the New Fishmen Pirates and Hoe flees with the princes. The Straw Hats regroup and Luffy tells the island's citizens to decide whether they are friend or foe.

Big Clash! Straw Hat Group VS 100 000 Opponents Season 15 Episode 38
The citizens marvel and celebrate at the arrival of the Straw Hats. Jimbei reveals that he made an agreement with Luffy to become the hero of the island, as he does not want Luffy to be another brutal human. Brook, Zoro and Usopp reveal that they escaped from the palace with Pappagu. The rest of the New Fishman Pirates are not concerned with Hordy being hit by Luffy. Hordy seems to be not as harmed as he should have been. When Hordy mocks Luffy, claming that he will become the King of the Pirates, Luffy takes down half of Hordy's forces of 100,000 with his Haki technique and tells the fishman that he will become the King of the Pirates.

Explosive Move! Zoro and Sanji Sally Forth! Season 15 Episode 39
As Zoro and Sanji display the results of their years of training, each reminisces on the driving forces that led to their newfound skills.

First Showing! Sunny's Secret Weapons! Season 15 Episode 40
Franky gathers Nami, Usopp and Chopper onto the Sunny, emerging with new battle vehicles from the now-active Docks 4 and 5!

Iron Pirate! Entry of Franky Shogun Season 15 Episode 41
While Chopper takes on Daruma's underground digging. Franky combines with his vehicles in a way never witnessed before by the Strawhats... Battle-ready Franky takes an all-new form!

Noah Approaching! The Crisis of Fishman Island's Destruction Season 15 Episode 42
King Neptune watches in shock over the sight of the giant ship Noah as Fukaboshi asks whats so important about a relic of the past, but the king replies that the ship must not be damaged no matter what. Luffy and Hody continue their fight with Luffy getting the upper hand with Haki and Hody's attacks being ineffective against Luffy. Then the ship Noah looms over the plaza and everyone who is fighting in the plaza now notice it. As the ship gets closer, Wadatsumi falls from the ship and onto the plaza. He shouts at Vander Decken decken to stop the ship or he'll die. Vander then shouts out his desire to kill Shirahoshi and everyone in Fishman Island because of her rejection. Hody is seen angry over Vander Decken's betrayal. Shirahoshi is worried that the ship will kill everyone and so decides to use herself as a lure to divert Noah's course away from Fishman Island. Luffy decides to follow her to protect her while Hody grabs on to the giant chains to get revenge on his supposed ally.

Hurry Up, Luffy! Shirahoshi's Desperate Situation Season 15 Episode 43
The main fight takes to above ground as Luffy launches himself to save Princess Shirahoshi from Van Der Dekken's ship-turned-projectile, the Noah... but he's still got to contend with Hody, and Luffy's still at a disadvantage when he enters the sea water...

Beginning of the Battle! Luffy vs Hody! Season 15 Episode 44
Hody Jones takes his trident out of Decken's body and after a short fight, Decken is defeated. After that, Hody goes after Shirahoshi, slicing through Ryuboshi and Manboshi and reaching her with the uncomparable underwater speed, grabbing her hair. Luffy attacks Hody managing to make him release her. Zeo makes Wadatsumi believe that he has to fight for the New Fishman Pirates in Gyoncorde Plaza. Wadatsumi defeats Surume and then as he attacks Jinbe and gets pushed back, he manages to bring down Nami, which gives Sanji a reason to attack him. Hyouzou becomes stronger after eating too many Energy Steroids. He tries to attack Robin but Zoro jumps in front of him and stops his attack.

Battle Royal! The Group vs the New Fishman Pirates! Season 15 Episode 45
Luffy along with the three princes try to protect Shirahoshi against Hody Jones, the captain of the New Fishman Pirates, focused on killing the Mermaid Princess but seems to have an ulterior motive as Vander Decken IX is slowly losing consciousness and his grip on his Devil Fruit powers that keeps the massive ship Noah from falling on top of Fishman Island and its occupants therefore killing them is weakening. Meanwhile the other Straw Hat Pirates face off against the New Fishman Pirates officers who are equally eager to finish their opponents off as everyone prepares for the fight once again as the fate of the people of Fishman Island rests on Luffy's hands and his crew. As Luffy and the siblings deal with Hody, Decken falls after trying to throw his axe and passes out and the Noah starts falling to Fishman Island.

Luffy is Defeated!? The Hour of Hody's Revenge Season 15 Episode 46
As the Noah falls onto the Fishman Island, Shirahoshi desperately tries to tell Decken to wake up only for Hody to attack her but Manboshi takes the blunt of the attack. Luffy and Hody clash with Luffy sending Hody to the ship after receiving a bite wound. Hody, knowing that Luffy will have the advantage destroys the bubble on the ship leaving Luffy at his mercy but was saved by Fukaboshi. Fukaboshi then fights Hody himself and despite being heavily wounded in the duel demands to know why Hody is doing all this and what humans did to him. Hody smirks and gave him an answer which shocks Fukaboshi leaving him open and stabbed by Hody. Shirahoshi following Fukaboshi's orders swims away with Luffy next to the Noah and Luffy receives a call from the Ammo Knights at the air tank saying that they have prepared a large air bubble to surround Noah, but stated that they've only got one shot available and it won't slow the ship down. Hody attacks Luffy again but Luffy destroys his Kirisame and sends Hody flying with his Jet Pistol imbued with Haki . Hody then shovels down more Energy Steroids causing him to grow larger and more enraged. Meanwhile, Fukaboshi, barely alive contacts Luffy and states he has discovered who Hody really is.

Shocking Truth! Hody's True Identity! Season 15 Episode 47

To Zero! Passionate Desire to Luffy! Season 15 Episode 48
As Fukaboshi begins to state what Hody really is, Hody's past is revealed as he recalls his hatred towards humans, the New Fishman Pirates officers were taught as kids that the humans are an inferior species and they should be punished by heaven. Time moves forward in time when Hody was a Neptune Army member and he and his crew commit crimes, celebrate the death of Otohime, and start producing Energy Steroids. As the flashback ends, Fukaboshi laments how his mother was killed by the hatred of the island and begs Luffy to bring it back to zero and Luffy says he will since he and his crew and Jinbe all agreed to that and that their friends. Luffy prepares to attack Hody. Franky continues to fight Ikaros Much. Chopper continues to fight Dosun revealing his new Heavy point. Zoro continues to fight Hyouzou and is bored that Hyouzou can't even kill his boredom.

Luffy's Whole Body Blow! Red Hawk Explosion Season 15 Episode 49
Brook continues to fight Zeo and reveals his new control over his Yomi Yomi no Mi abilities. Usopp continues to fight Daruma and has set traps for him. Luffy attacks Hody with a new move called Red Hawk and it deals Hody an incredible amount of damage and sends him flying to the Noah. The guards announce Hody's defeat and the lower members try to run away with their captain defeated and Zeo stops them wanting them to die for their grudge. The lower members note how insane the officers are and the children wonder if humans are really that bad and Shyarly states not all are and for them to judge humans with their own eyes. Brook stops Zeo from attacking his men and declares the island will be fine and knows Luffy will save everybody. Franky, Sanji, Jinbe and Zoro prepare to end things with their opponents. Usopp is shocked to see Chopper in his Monster Point only for Chopper to be completely fine. Hody is not yet defeated and shovels down more Energy Steroids despite his injures and as Luffy arrives on the ship Hody recovers briefly and gives an angry look with Luffy in disbelief as to Hody still fighting.

Final Conclusion! Hody's Final Battle Season 15 Episode 50
Hody recovers thanks to the Energy Steroids and manages to overwhelm Luffy and bite him again in the same spot. Luffy retorts with another Red Hawk, but Hody is still standing. Chopper reveals he now only needs one Rumble Ball for his Monster Point. Usopp, Franky, Sanji and Jinbe prepare to end things with their opponents. Luffy attacks Hody with Elephant Gun and Hody is sent crashing into the Noah and is finally defeated and wishes for the Noah to destroy the island and all the Fishman who've lost their pride. Brook finishes Zeo off. Usopp finishes Daruma off. Chopper finishes Dosun off with his claws. Franky blasts Ikaros Much with his laser beam. Jinbe sends Wadatsumi flying and Sanji finishes him off. Hyouzou attempts to attack Zoro from behind only for Zoro to counter and destroy his swords again and defeat him thinking he was a frog. Luffy uses Elephant Gatling on the ship and Hody is blasted out unconscious as Luffy attempts to destroy the ship.

Stop Noah! Elephant Gatling of Desperation! Season 15 Episode 51
All of the New Fishman Pirates lie down defeated while the Straw Hat Pirates are relaxing and waiting for Luffy. All the citizens of Fishman Island are cheering for him to destroy Noah and thus saving them. While some citizens evacuate the island, some recall how Whitebeard also saved the island at a point in the past and how Luffy reminds them of him. Luffy keeps attacking Noah intent on destroying it while Neptune laments being unable to keep the promise with Joy Boy stating there is no choice but to destroy it. As Luffy continues to destroy the Noah, Shirahoshi jumps in front of him telling him to stop which he eventually does. He realizes that Noah has been brought to a halt by Sea Kings. However, he suddenly faints, falling back down to the Noah. The Sea Kings acknowledge the strength of Luffy's will. After everyone understands that Noah has been stopped, they start celebrating.

To the Future! The Path Towards the Sun! Season 15 Episode 52
With the Sea Kings having stopped and saved the great ship Noah, Shirahoshi learns a startling secret from the Sea Kings. Meanwhile, the missing and captured mermaids have been found but they have been replaced with some other valuable items from the Palace. The remaining humans and New Fishman Pirates are being rounded up and caught by the Strawhat Crew and Jinbe, while Shirahoshi rescues a collapsed and unconsious Luffy from Noah's remains. However, if Luffy is to survive from his injuries taken from his battle with Hody Jones and his unsuccsessful destruction of Noah, the only thing that can save him is a blood transfusion, but the merfolk are reluctant to donate blood as it is forbidden in Fishman Island to give blood to a human. Jinbe volunteers, stating that he is a pirate. The episode ends with Luffy asking Jinbe to join his crew.

Revealed Secret - The Truth of Ancient Weapons Season 15 Episode 53
As the whole island celebrates the capture and defeat of Hody and his comrades by the Strawhat Crew of whom make their own plans to leave Fishman Island soon while Jinbe reluctantly tells Luffy that he cannot join his crew at the moment but he will in the future when he is finished his won tasks and obligations, They are all soon called to celebrate their victory at the Palace with merriment, music, drink and food. As the party begins to wind down Robin asks and discusses a troubling and possibly dangerous secret with King Neptune surrounding his daughter, Shirahoshi, the ship Noah and the mysterious Joy Boy.

The Crew Is Surprised! The New Marine Fleet Admiral! Season 15 Episode 54

I Love Sweets! The Yonko Big Mom Season 15 Episode 55

Grim Prospects! A Trap that Waits in the New World Season 15 Episode 56
The Minister of the Right is thanking the Straw Hats for saving Fishman Island. The Minister of the Right gets a report that the Tamate Box is gone and is in the hands of Tamago and Pekoms. The minister of the Right was worried that the Tamate Box will be opened by them because had put bombs in it since the inside of the box was stolen by Hody 10 years ago. Caribou starts searching for his treasure that he stole from the royal family after realizing it was taken after waking up from getting beat by Luffy. Jinbe and Neptune talk about putting a new pirate flag in Fishman Island which is the Straw Hat Pirate flag. The Minister of the Right tells King Neptune that the Tamate Box is gone and it might explode in the hands of Big Mom. Jinbe decides to cut off the alliance with Big Mom before things get ugly. Caribou finds Tamago and Pekoms with his treasure that he stole and attacks Pekoms with his gatling gun. Pekoms is revealed to be a Devil Fruit user. Caribou then attempts to slice off Pekom's head but he gets punched in the stomach by Pekom's Haki imbued fist which penetrates Caribou's logia defenses. Pekoms and Tamago then leave Fishman island. Smoker and Tashigi are seen with the G-5 Marine Branch and arresting several pirates emerging from Fishman Island.

Finally Setting Sail! Goodbye Fishman Island Season 15 Episode 57
The mermaids and Keimi from the Mermaid Cafe ask Madam Shirley if they can say good bye to the Straw Hats. Madam Shirley says that her prediction that Luffy will destroy Fishman Island might not happen after all since they defeated Hody and the New Fishman Pirates. Meanwhile, Shirahoshi is crying and asking the Straw Hats to not go. Usopp and Chopper complains that they are going to die in the New World. The Minister of the Left gives Nami a new New World Log Pose with three needles so they can get to the islands in the New World. The Minister of the Left explains about the new Log Pose's features when Luffy suddenly grabs onto Nami, wanting to see the new Log Pose. She complains and says that she will tell the crew where to go but Luffy complains saying that he is the captain so he should decide where they should go. Franky gets a new haircut and they start to leave but Shirahoshi comes and ask them to pinky promise to come back and the crew does it. The Straw Hats finally leave and some of the children of the Fishman Island ask their parents if they can get a Straw Hat similar to Luffy's and Jinbe says he will get some. Luffy then remember the times when Shanks, Rayleigh, Jinbe, and Ace told him something important. The Straw Hats then comment about what they will do once they are in the New World.

To the New World! Aim for the Strongest Sea Season 15 Episode 58
Heading into the New World, the Straw Hats (minus Nami and Chopper) are seen constructing something on deck. Inside, Nami is showering while Chopper asks if they'd be okay without her outside. Assuring him everything would be fine while deterring Sanji and Brook from peeking on her, Luffy, Zoro and Usopp set their eyes on catching a deep sea fish to eat. Knocking out the one Luffy had wanted, Usopp fires a makeshift fishing line into the fish's mouth in order to reel it in. Suddenly a two consecutively larger fish attempt to eat their predecessor on the line with the final fish being killed by Zoro who uses an upgraded technique. Due to the extra weight of the fish, the Thousand Sunny is drawn into a nearby White Strom, where after being tossed around extensively they are then stuck by something massive and are ejected from the current, discovering a pod of Island Whales to whom Luffy and Brook mistake for as Laboon. Despite realizing they weren't his friend, Brook still chooses to play a song for the whales who then help them to the surface of the New World where they're thrown into a rough sea and come across several Marine warships.

Z's Ambition Arc - The Little Giant Lily! Season 15 Episode 59
The Straw Hats find themselves in a middle of an infamous sea in the New World known for its mirages and outrageous weather patterns. After surviving the night, the Straw Hats began to enjoy a relatively calm but hot day at sea only to find that all their food is mysteriously disappearing from right under their noses. Could the sea be haunted or is there a stow away on board? Either way, Luffy is determined to catch the thief taking his food.

Z's Ambition Arc - Introduction of the Mystery of the Strong Season 15 Episode 60
Nami creates a plan for the Straw Hats to rescue Lily's father, Panz Fry. Chopper, Robin, Brook, and Luffy are the diversion group while Usopp, Sanji, Zoro, and Lily are in the submarine. Luffy goes on the submarine because he finds the diversion group boring. They rescue Panz Fry, but Momonga attacks Luffy, forcing Zoro to intercept him. Shuzo attacks the Marines and Panz Fry. His pet alpaca Alpacacino shoots out a cannon ball at the Marine ships. Shuzo attacks Panz Fry directly but is intercepted by Luffy. Shuzo then kicks Luffy into the sea. Zoro jumps into the water to save his captain, and Shuzo and Sanji get into an argument. Shuzo tells Momomga the reason why he quit the Marines, much to the dismay of the rest of his crew. Luffy and Zoro then resurface and Luffy threatens Shuzo. Luffy and Momonga prepare to fight Shuzo.

Z's Ambition Arc - A Desperate Big Escape Strategy! Season 15 Episode 61
Luffy and Zoro face off against Shuzo and Momonga. The Straw Hats, Lily, and her father manage to escape with a Coup de Burst and the anchor connected to the Thousand Sunny. Shuzo defeats Momonga and the Marines before going after the Straw Hats. He prepares to fire his own men as torpedoes at the island the Straw Hats are on.

Z's Ambition Arc - Luffy VS Shuzo! Season 15 Episode 62
Shuzo orders his men to be launched at the island like torpedoes and sacrifice themselves for him. He then attacks Panz Fry and Lily. Luffy faces off against Shuzo but starts to be overpowered by Shuzo and Alpacacino. Lily goes inside Luffy and turns into a giant with her ability. Luffy defeats Shuzo and his pet alpaca and the group gets to eat the heavenly food from Panz Fry before setting off for another adventure in the New World. Meanwhile, Ain is talking with Zephyr, where it is revealed to him that Shuzo lost. Ain takes the blame, but Zephyr does not care since Shuzo will not tell the marines anything. Therefore, they begin their assault on the first island in the New World, which leads to Film Z.

Special Season 15 Episode 63

Season 15 Episode 64

Season 15 Episode 65

Season 15 Episode 66

Season 15 Episode 67

Season 15 Episode 68

Season 15 Episode 69

Landing! The Burning Island, Punk Hazard Season 16 Episode 1
The Straw Hats have arrived at a volcanic island that does not show on the New World Log Pose. Luffy in his enthusiasm votes to go to the island, though most of his crew are reluctant to go. The crew than receives a distress call from someone on the island who is being attacked by a samurai. They then draw sticks on who will go with Luffy and who will stay on the ship, with Zoro, Robin and Usopp coming with Luffy. With the help of Nami's clouds, the scouting group arrive at the main entrance which Zoro cuts down with ease. The group wanders the area seeing the whole place being constantly on fire and wondering what happened here. Their exploration is suddenly cut short when they encounter a Dragon looking hungrily at them. At Raijin Island, Smoker and Tashigi intercept the distress call that Luffy picked up and order the G-5 Marines to set a course for Punk Hazard

A Scorching Battle! Luffy vs. the Giant Dragon! Season 16 Episode 2
Luffy and Zoro starts fighting the dragon, which is shown to be able to speak and breathe fire. Luffy rockets up to the dragon's back, discovering the presence of a pair of legs. Luffy manages to make the dragon chew its own wing, making it fall. Zoro takes the opportunity to jump into the air with Usopp's trampolina and decapitates the dragon. Meanwhile, Nami, Chopper, Franky, Brook, and Sanji are all asleep due to a sleeping gas and are abducted by men in hazmat suits.

The Crew is Confused! The Shocking Beheaded Samurai Appears! Season 16 Episode 3

Shock ! The Secret of the Island is Finally Revealed ! Season 16 Episode 4
Franky, Sanji, Nami and Chopper are surprised that the samurai is still alive after being cut. He is surprised that Nami talks in such a direct manner and dresses in revealing outfits but says that he likes it. He then finds out that they are pirates and says that he doesn't want to go with them because he hates pirates. He says that the reason he went to the island was to find his son Franky then blasts a hole in the wall using his Radical Beam and they escape, running into a room filled with giant children. Luffy races against the centaur he befriended. Usopp contacts Brook and Brook tells him that Nami, Sanji, Franky, and Chopper were captured. The centaur gets a call from his comrades and they tell him that Luffy is the enemy. Luffy beats him up and Robin handles the other centaur that comes to help. The Straw Hats notice that the Den Den Mushi the centaurs were using had CC written on it. The Master gets news that the Straw Hats escaped and that one of them can shoot laser beams like the Pacifistas. He also learns that they are in the biscuits room with the giant kids. He also finds out that the Marines are arriving and tells his men to send out poison gas to stop them from landing. The G-5 men start suffocating from the gas so they put on gas masks. Smoker then explains that the island was the battleground for Aokiji and Akainu when they fought for for the title of Fleet Admiral two years ago.

Save the Children! Gang Fight Starts! Season 16 Episode 5
Nami's group who escaped the prison cell end up in the Biscuits Room, where they find giant children. The children play with Chopper and Franky for a moment, but are scared when the samurai head asks if they have seen a boy named Momonosuke. The hazmat suit soldiers arrive and attempt to capture Nami's group, and the pirates run away. Meanwhile, Usopp makes a banana boat so Luffy's group can get across from the fire side of Punk Hazard to the snow side of the island. The centaur who Luffy beat earlier sees them, and tells his boss that the Straw Hats are heading to the snow part of Punk Hazard. Back to the mysterious facility, Nami's group decide to stay and save the children, and defeat the hazmat suit soldiers. Meanwhile, on the frozen side of the island Brook is building snowmen and is suddenly attacked by the samurai's torso just after his snowmen are complete.

A Duel of Swordplay! Brook vs. the Mysterious Samurai Torso Season 16 Episode 6

Shichibukai! Trafalgar Law Season 16 Episode 7
Chopper and Nami get the children to a room with people frozen in it. Franky, Sanji and the samurai start to make their way towards Nami and Chopper. Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Robin get attacked by the centaurs. The centaurs attempt to sink their banana boat. Smoker and Tashigi claim that the signal from earlier came from Punk Hazard and Trafalgar Law states that the Marines often tend to forge messages. The Straw Hat Pirates and the children see Law and the Marines, at the sight of them they run back into the building. Law uses Room and Tact to lift a marine warship in order to prevent the marines' escape. Smoker and Law then prepare to fight.

A Big Pinch - Luffy Sinks Into the Cold Lake Season 16 Episode 8

A Collision! Law vs. Vice Admiral Smoker! Season 16 Episode 9
Law was going to to cut up Tashigi into little pieces but Smoker saved her and started fighting against Law. Luffy, Zoro, Robin and Usopp are riding on top of Brownbeard after defeating him and his centaurs and stealing their coats and are heading towards the building Brook told them about. Nami, Sanji, Franky, Chopper, the kids and the samurai head try to escape from the Law and the Marines while figuring out what Law did to them. In front of the labratory, Law defeated Smoker by taking his heart.

First Meeting in Two Years! Luffy and Law Season 16 Episode 10
Tashigi tries to see what happened in the fight. Luffy's group sees the flying warship. Luffy sees Law and thanks him for saving him two years ago. Law says that they aren't friends and Luffy agrees since they were both after One Piece. Law remembers the past between him and Luffy when Law saved him at Marineford. Luffy sees Smoker on the ground. Tashigi cries over Smokers body and attempts to kill Law but he switches their hearts. Meanwhile, the kids from the lab complain about the cold so the samurai uses his devil fruit to give the kids and the Straw Hats warm clothes. Luffy's group then meets up with the other group behind the lab. While going over what happened Robin reveals that Law became a Shichibukai two years ago and the samurai reveals that Law is the one who cut him in thirds and reunites with his legs. Law meets up with Caesar Clown who Smoker speculated was behind everything on the island.

Worst of the World - The Scary Scientist Caesar Season 16 Episode 11

Chopper Enraged Master's Tyrannical Experiments Season 16 Episode 12
The children and the Straw Hats are in a cave with Brownbeard tied up talking about the Master. Zoro, Sanji and Brook go to look for Kin'emon, who had gone to look for his torso that Brook saw roll towards the ocean. The children start complaining and falling over from pain. Chopper, who had been testing them for any sicknesses, revealed that they had been given a highly addictive drug and were suffering from withdrawal symptoms. The children start attacking the Straw Hats, who can't fight back without injuring the children. Usopp eventually is able to put them to sleep with one of his new attacks. Back in the lab, Law gave Smoker's heart to Caesar, who had sent the Yeti Cool Brothers to deal with the Straw Hats. The Yeti Cool Brothers are then shown talking to each other while Zoro, Sanji and Brook were lying unconscious nearby.

Gang Obliteration! Legendary Hitmen Attack! Season 16 Episode 13
The Yeti Cool Brothers are making their way to the destroyed lab where the Straw Hats and the children are. Monet tells Caesar about Law having some relation to Luffy, which makes Caesar mistrust Law until Law reassures him. The Yeti Cool Brothers then attack the cave and shoot Brownbeard. They take Nami (Franky's body) with them. Luffy arrives and attempts to rescue Nami but fails. Law is challenged by two of Caesar's men as he leaves, and is forced to attack them.

Save Nami! Luffy's Snow Mountain Battle Season 16 Episode 14
Chopper tells the others that Nami in Franky was kidnapped by the Yeti Cool Brothers. Franky in Chopper takes a rumble ball and becomes unconscious, Luffy and Franky go after the Yeti Cool Brothers to save Nami and defeat them. Meanwhile, Caesar notices Vegapunk's beam in Franky's body and craves for it, he calls his men so they go to the fire side gate and see a cave. Luffy and the Yeti Cool Brothers fight and by the end Law appears and defeats them. Law then propsoses an alliance to take down a Yonko to survive in the New World.

Gang Obliteration! Legendary Hitmen Attack! Season 16 Episode 14
The Yeti Cool Brothers are making their way to the destroyed lab where the Straw Hats and the children are. Monet tells Caesar about Law having some relation to Luffy, which makes Caesar mistrust Law until Law reassures him. The Yeti Cool Brothers then attack the cave and shoot Brownbeard. They take Nami (Franky's body) with them. Luffy arrives and attempts to rescue Nami but fails. Law is challenged by two of Caesar's men as he leaves, and is forced to attack them.

Formation! The Pirate Alliance Luffy-Law! Season 16 Episode 15
Luffy and Law agree on an alliance; the rest of the Straw Hats disapprove while Robin approves, even if she warns Luffy about a possible betrayal in a pirate alliance. Law switches Nami , Franky and Chopper's bodies again. Nami ends up in Sanji's body because Sanji is far away with Zoro and Brook . Law tells them that they can't go back once things start moving for example capturing Caesar Clown who has the Logia type Gasu Gasu no Mi. He warns them that he is highly dangerous therefore, they need Haki users to beat him. Luffy says that the Haki users there are him, Law, Zoro and Sanji. The marines are continuing their fight against Caesar's men. The three centaurs open the door and see a big glop of Slime that seeps out poison gas, most of them die and two survive so they run as it chases them. Caesar calls the pet slime monster Smiley and says that the Straw Hats and the G-5 marines are being used as test subjects for it.

Capture Master ! The Pirate Alliance's Operation Begins! Season 16 Episode 16
Zoro, Brook and Sanji are trying to find the samurai. Earlier they got knocked out by the Yeti Cool Brothers. Caesar's hazmat subordinates attack them but fail. They find the samurai's head frozen and unfroze him. They see Smiley far away. Smiley is a chemical experiment that caused the explosion in Punk Hazard. Law and Chopper are heading to the lab. Caesar drugged his test subjects to experiment on them. G-5 Marines attempt to break inside lab and then Luffy, Franky and Robin arrive out of nowhere surprising the Marines and Caesar's subordinates.

Destruction Crisis - The Monster of Death Flies in Season 16 Episode 17
Luffy declares that he will capture Caesar. Law says he will deal with Monet while Chopper tries to find an antidote. Luffy and his group try to find the entrance to lab. Tashigi and Smoker attack Luffy, with Smoker gaining an advantage until Luffy uses Gear Second and tells Smoker to fight him later when he is at full strength. Back in the lab, the children start to wake up until Usopp puts them to sleep again. They then see pieces of Smiley falling onto the stolen warship. Franky, not being able to find an entrance, uses his Radical Beam to make an opening. The Marines try attacking it but discover that it emits poison gas when they touch it. One of them tries to burn it but it explodes when it catches on fire, destroying the ship. Back in the burning lands, Zoro, Sanji, Brook and The Samurai see Smiley shooting pieces of itself across the lake. Caesar then appears on top of the lab, explaining that Smiley was his experiment and that it is weak against water which is why it is shooting itself across the lake. After his speach, Luffy jumps up and grabs him.

Big Battle ! Caesar Activates his True Ability! Season 16 Episode 18
Sanji, Kin'emon, Brook and Zoro see Smiley. Brook talks about a story about slime eating the clothes off of women making everyone act perverted except for Zoro, who points out that the slime is killing the fish in the lake, prompting Sanji to jump in to find Kin'emon's torso. Law tells Monet to take a walk with him while Chopper is left in the lab to find the antidote. Luffy faces off against Caesar who uses his Gas Robe attack until he discovers that Luffy is immune to poison. Caesar then uses his Gastanets and Smiley to injure Luffy who then grabs Caesar. Caesar then knocks Luffy out with an unknown ability. Robin, Franky, Tashigi and Smoker get knocked out as well. Law and Monet are walking down a hallway and encounter a mysterious figure who causes Law to break down in pain while the mysterious figure tells him that it's been a long time since they last met.

The Samurai that Cuts the Fire! Kin'emon of Foxfire Season 16 Episode 19
Law's heart is crushed by the mysterious man named Vergo who was sent along with Monet to watch over Caesar. Law gets knocked out by Vergo who had a bamboo stick with him imbued with Haki. Caesar tells his men to tie up the Straw Hats and G-5. Meanwhile Chopper is looking for a way to cure the children. Zoro's group are waiting for Sanji to rescue the samurai's torso. Sanji uses Haki to find the body and realizes it is in a shark's mouth. He manages to escape before the gas consumes him. The samurai then reveals himself as Kin'emon. He demonstrates his ability by cutting fire and by destroying the slime. He then attempts to find his son, Momonosuke. Zoro's group decides to aid him.

Shock! Identity of Vergo, the Mysterious Man Season 16 Episode 20

Protect the Children! Reach of Master's Evil Hand! Season 16 Episode 21
As Luffy and Law remain captives in Caesar's lab along with the others who were captured, Caesar Clown goes to retrieve the children from the remaining Straw Hats. Meanwhile, Zoro's group are still running from Smiley which has finally transferred itself to the ice lands, causing all of its pieces to converge together

New World's Severe Earthquake ! Caesar's Nightmare Experimen Season 16 Episode 22
The children tell Caesar that their heads hurt and he responded by telling them to go back to the biscuits room where there is more candy for them to eat. Mocha begins to regain her senses. Vergo and Monet are waiting for Caesar. Caesar arrives and tells Vergo to keep Smoker in check. Vergo tells him its too hard to keep Smoker in check. It is revealed that Caesar made a deal with Law in the past to give his heart to him and in exchange he will get to keep Monet's. Caesar squishes Law's heart after Law gives a retort. Caesar is about to squish Smoker's heart when Monet stops him telling him that the broadcast is ready. Caesar is about to give Smiley the big giant candy which is a weapon called Shinokuni. Zoro's group is still running away from Smiley. The dragon escapes from the sled and Caesar tells his subordinates to take off their suits and run to the lab. Smiley eats the giant candy and Chopper wonders what is happening while watching the broadcast

The Deadliest Weapon of Mass Destruction in History! Shinoku Season 16 Episode 23

The Counterattack Begins! Luffy and Law's Great Escape Season 16 Episode 24
As the Underworld Brokers watched the video feed of the captive Straw Hats and Marines, Eustass Kid and Killer decided to ignore it for more important matters, such as forming an alliance between the Kid pirates, On Air Pirates and the Hawkins Pirates. Law then decided to set his plan into motion and orders Franky to blow a fireball at a destroyed ship, creating enough smoke to block the cage from being seen from outside. Law then breaks free, explaining that he switched the sea prism stones with fakes during his stay on the island, and proceeds to free the others and restoring Tashigi and Smoker in their own bodies while securing their aid. Franky however had to leave them and protect the thousand Sunny. Meanwhile, Zoro and Nami's group are still running away from Shinokuni and they manage to join up while escaping. Luffy's group managed to enter the Lab with the aid of Law and they opened the gate, allowing the G-5 marines to get in before closing the gate, but the rest of the Straw Hats were still outside. Seeing their only chance of hope closing, Zoro and Kine'mon effortlessly cut the gate open, getting everyone inside safely.

The Aim is Building R! The Pirate Alliance's Great Assault! Season 16 Episode 25
Though the Straw Hats and Brownbeard managed to escape into the lab, they left behind a gaping hole. But they soon realise that Shinokuni can now enter the lab. The G-5 Marines panickly seals the hole back up with various wooden and metal planks. They succeeded in sealing the hole as Shinokuni proceeds to spread throughout the island. Brook uses the power of his Devil Fruit to become a soul and survey the area outside of the lab, noting that 'it was like the land of the dead'. After regaining their senses, the G-5 marines then turn their guns and swords towards the Straw Hats preparing to arrest them. Nami notices Law and demands him to switch back her's and Sanji's body, to which Sanji secretly refuses. Law agrees to return them to their original bodies and uses Shambles to switch their hearts back. Nami notices that she was wearing a different coat and punches Sanji, accusing him for peeping at her body. Law then explains to everyone present that they only have two hours to escape, he then continues by saying the only passage that leads safely leads out of the island is called R-66 and is found in Room R. The marines were reluctant, but quickly changes their mind when Smoker repeated the order to them. Smoker then orders Tashigi to take command of the men and rescue the children as he goes to confront Vergo. Meanwhile, Caesar Clown is celebrating the deaths of his victims but notices that the cage has no solidifed bodies, which he needed to prove the power of Shinokuni. He also notices the absence of the G-5 Marines. Vergo states that Luffy and the others must have broken out of the cage and helped the G-5 soldiers escape. Before Luffy went to fight Caesar again, Zoro calls out to Luffy reminding him that this is just the beginning of the New World and he mustn't let his guard down again, and Luffy happily complies as he plows through the Satyr soldiers. Caesar Clown then receives the news that the Straw Hats and Marines have broken into the Lab, leaving him alarmed and flabbergasted at their escap

Tashigi's Tears - G5's Suicidal Breakthrough Strategy Season 16 Episode 26
Caesar Clown, incensed with the humiliation that his prisoners escaped and are inside his lab, orders the passage between building A and B to be closed and Shinokuni to be let in to kill the intruders. Vergo, however decided to take care of them himself. Chopper, who was eavesdropping snuck out and tries to find his way to the children within the labyrinth that is the lab. Luffy, Smoker and Law were the first to cross the gate before the alarm sounded, indicating the gate is beginning to close. Tashigi instead heard the alarm and quickly ordered the G-5 marines to let the Straw Hats go and hurry towards the closing gate. When a wall was blown up in building A, Shinokuni flows in petrifying some marines while the rest hasten their escape. The Straw Hats and most of the marines got through the gate safety but a few stayed behind to help Tashigi across before the gate closes, losing themselves to the poison gas while their captain watches in horror. Caesar, angered that they survived, promised that no one will escape this lab alive.

Vice Admiral's Betrayal! Demon Bamboo Vergo Season 16 Episode 27
Though most of the G-5 Marines got through the gate safely, they were attacked by the small dragon who after a while flew away in fear. The marines cheered as their beloved Vice Admiral Vergo shows up but that turned to horror when he brutally assaulted them. Tashigi tries to defend them from him, but was viciously struck down. That action was enough to cause Sanji to come to the rescue, claiming he heard her tears falling. The Straw Hats (minus Sanji) and Brownbeard were still heading towards the end of the passage until the small dragon shows up and begins to attack them while Brownbeard suggests that he keeps running. Chopper manages to run into Mocha who was still hallucinating and manages to defeat the soldiers trying to apprehend her and give her a sedative to calm her down. Chopper then pleaded for her help to prevent the other children from eating the drugged candy. Meanwhile, Luffy and Smoker were racing towards building C where they believed Caesar and Vergo were located. They entered the private room where Caesar was angrily ordering Monet to release the poison gas on the marines only to turn around in shock of seeing Luffy fist buried in his stomach, who declared that he won't let Caesar escape again.

Incandescent Fierce Battle Luffy vs. Caesar Season 16 Episode 28
Luffy finally reaches Caesar's room and immediately punches the scientist, while Smoker leaves in order to find Vergo. Meanwhile, Sanji faces off Vergo while the passage between buildings A and B is closing and the previous one is opening, letting the poison gas enter. During the fight with Caesar, he tries to drain the oxygen in the area to kill Luffy, but fails once he enters Gear Second and use some attacks with Haki, making the scientist angry to the point of using some techniques as oxygen-made sword and fire bursts. Meanwhile, both Sanji and Vergo start running away from the gas. During this fight, Trafalgar Law makes his way to building D, where the SAD is made and Monet decides to enter the fight to protect Caesar, while he flies away, and reveals her snow abilities.

The Mastermind in the Shadows! Doflamingo Moves! Season 16 Episode 29
Law walks into the SAD Room. The door closes on Section A and it turns out Sanji is still alive. Tashigi tells the marines that the Vergo who attacked them is fake so that they could proceed with the mission. Vergo speaks with Doflamingo about Law while Baby 5 attacks him. Doflamingo stops her from attacking him. Monet shows off her powers to Luffy. Chopper keeps the drugged children busy so that Mocha can run off to stop the drug. The rest of the straw hats are busy escaping section B. Kin'emon and Brook cut down the dragon. A little girl tells the two hazmat suit guys that Momonosuke entered the secret room and turned into a dr

Luffy Dies from Exposure?! The Spine-chilling Snow Woman Mon Season 16 Episode 30

Fist Fight! Two Vice Admirals Fight Season 16 Episode 31
Smoker and Vergo begin their fight in the SAD Room. At the same time, Sanji, Tashigi, and the G-5 Marines are running through the battle torn B-block when a gas tank explodes, causing Shinokuni to be let in. Caesar Clown, sitting on the second floor of R-block with his subordinates in Vegapunk's old room, instructs that the doors to C and D-blocks be closed, driving everyone to the first floor of R-block where a trap is ready to expose them to Shinokuni. When one of Caesar's subordinates questions the nature of the gas, Caesar then makes a speech to his subordinates, saying that the poisonous gas bomb four years ago was Vegapunk's doing and that Caesar tried to stop him. However, in a flashback it is revealed that Caesar constructed the weapon himself, and when he was told to stop and banished from the science squad, he set it off. While the gates to C and D-blocks are closed, Luffy meets a small dragon who can talk.

The Small Dragon! Momonosuke Appears Season 16 Episode 32
Luffy meets Momonosuke in the garbage dump of Block C. In a flashback, Momonosuke didn't want the candy Caesar gave out to the children and he got hungry so he ate a devil fruit which turned him into a dragon. Luffy and Momonosuke take off. Kinemon, Usopp and Brook look for sea stone handcuffs. Smoker continues his fight with Vergo. Nami, Robin, Zoro and Chopper are going after the children. Robin gets stabbed by Monet in the arm and Zoro defends the Straw Hats against Monet.

Deadly Combat in Snowstorm The Straw Hats vs. the Snow Woma Season 16 Episode 33
Mocha runs off with the candy and she thinks back in a flashback. Mocha and Sind are on a ship to escape from the poison gas. Mocha wants to go back home to her family, cries, and Sind tries to calm her down but he cries too. Caesar Clown finds them later and tells them that his own son died from the gas and he hoped to not see anymore children die from the poison gas. Mocha is still getting chased by the children who are drugged by the candy and she is making sure they don't get their hands on the candy. Monet introduced new children to the other children in a flashback. Zoro is fighting against Monet while Nami, Robin and Chopper are going after Mocha and the children. She uses her devil fruit powers to reach the three and Zoro blocks her attack from hitting Nami. Monet hopes to finish off the weaker Straw Hats because it is a strategic tactic. Monet blocks the entrance with a snow wall and is about to bite Nami on the arm until Robin prevents that from happening. Zoro opens up a pathway out of the room so that Nami, Robin and Chopper to get away from Monet. Luffy and Momonosuke is still getting out of the garbage chute until Momonosuke stopped and they both fell back down the chute. Caesar Clown is watching Monet fighting Zoro and the children chasing after Mocha. He talks about Shinokuni getting inside the facility being an important use. He says that they'll be killed soon. Usopp, Kinemon and Brook are getting chased by the poison gas and are trying to find the sea stone cuffs and Momonosuke. Monet asks Zoro why he is only blocking her attacks instead of attacking her. Sanji and the G-5 Marines arrived and Sanji sees Zoro and makes fun of him and the marines do the same. Sanji and the marines see Monet and are admired by her beauty. Monet uses her devil fruit powers and bites off a shoulder of a few marines causing them to panic. Sanji and the marines run off while Tashigi stays with Zoro to fend off Monet.

Showing Off His Techniques! Zoro's Formidable One-Sword Styl Season 16 Episode 34
Mocha is still running away with the candy, and the kids are chasing her. Chopper, Nami, and Robin come to her and the children's aid. Then, G-5 and Sanji goes in their direction. At the Biscuit Room, Zoro and Tashigi battle Monet, with Monet almost breaking Tashigi's shoulder with her snow powers, but Zoro comes in and vertically splits Monet in half with a powerful One Sword Style technique. At the bottom of the C building, Luffy barely manages to hold onto a small ladge and begins to climb out, carrying an unconscious Momonosuke up the chute.

I'll Protect My Friends! Mocha's Desperate Escape Season 16 Episode 35
Mocha is running away with the candy so the children won't be able to get their hands on it and eat it. Chopper, Robin and Nami attempt to stop the children, but they eventually catch up to Mocha. She then eats all of the candy so that the other children won't be able to. Mocha wants to sacrifice herself for her friends. Zoro and Tashigi run away from the poison gas and are meeting up with the rest of the group. Chopper flashes back to when he and Mocha were discussing why the candy was bad to eat, while attempting to bar the door against the enraged children. Luffy and Momonosuke manage to escape from the garbage chute. At the top, they are attacked by some of Caesar's sheep-men, but Luffy easily dispatches them using his Haoshoku Haki. Luffy leaves one of Caesar's men conscious, so that he can ask him where Caesar is.

Brownbeard's Bitterness! Luffy's Anger Attack Season 16 Episode 36
Zoro carries Tashigi away from the poisonous gas. Sanji and the G-5 marines continue to assist Chopper, who is trying to get sedative injected into all the children. Usopp finds a door that leads to the room where Caesar and his subordinates are watching the Straw Hats and the Marines on a screen. Caesar notices Brownbeard on the screen, and confronts him. Brownbeard tells Caesar that he wants to get his crew back, but Caesar tells him they were all killed by the poison gas. Brownbeard tries to warn Caesar's subordinates, but Caesar drugs him to keep him quiet. Caesar orders his subordinates to get rid of Brownbeard, and they fire at him. Luffy arrives just in time and punches Caesar, before asking him about the island. Caesar tells him Punk Hazard is not supposed to exist, and nobody is supposed to know what happens on that island. Vergo covers up any information abut that island and anything that happens there - the SAD production is run by Donquixote Doflamingo, and SAD produces SMILE, an artificial Zoan Devil Fruit. One of the Yonko, Kaido, is forming an army of people who have eaten these artificial fruits. Caesar challenges Luffy to dare pick a fight with such people, only for Luffy to punch Caesar, and tell him that he has been picking fights all along.

Shocking Conclusion! White Hunter vs. Vergo! Season 16 Episode 37
Caesar tells Luffy to not underestimate Doflamingo, but Luffy keeps on attacking Caesar. Smoker continues his fight with Vergo. The Straw Hats, G-5 marines and the children run from the gas and continue to head towards building R-66. Caesar's subordinates find Usopp and attempt to attack him. Vergo beats Smoker but Smoker manages to retrieve Law's heart and gives it back to him. Law tells Doflamingo he is going to defeat Vergo. Doflamingo tells Law to not underestimate Vergo because of his haki. Vergo imbues haki onto his whole body and attempts to kill Law but Law cuts him in half along with the SAD and the island. Law tells Doflamingo that he and the supernovas are going to be the leaders of the new era.

Caesar Defeated! The Strongest Grizzly Magnum Season 16 Episode 38
The kids stopped because they are tired and scared of running. Vergo attempts to kill Law even though he is cut down. The Straw Hats convinced the children to run and they continue to escape the poison gas. Caesar tells his subordinates to release the poison gas into building R-66. Caesar consumes the gas and becomes a big monster. He then consumes his subordinates to intimidate Luffy. Usopp tells Caesar's subordinates that Luffy will never betray his crew. Luffy defeats Caesar with Grizzly Magnum and sends him flying away.

Invasion! The Assassin From Dressrosa Season 16 Episode 39
Luffy defeats Caesar and sends him flying out of the facility. The Straw Hats, G-5, the children and Law made it to Building R-66 where they prepare to leave the building. Baby 5 and Buffalo spot Caesar and attempt to rescue him after contacting Doflamingo. Franky then spots the two from the deck of the SAD tanker.

Rampage! The Invincible Franky Shogun Season 16 Episode 40
Franky begins to attack the two Don Quixote pirates who retaliated with Baby 5 turning into weapons and Buffalo launching her at their robot foe. Caesar Clown regains consciousness and, after realizes his defeat remembers he still possess Smoker's heart and prepares to stab it. Inside Room R, the Straw Hats and everyone else are waiting for their comrades to return with Mocha before riding the transport cart out of the collapsing building. They managed to reach the group at the same time Usoop returned with Sea Stone handcuffs and the former subordinates of Caesar Clown. Momonosuke however was shockingly alarmed to see his father petrified.

Desperate Situation! Punk Hazard's Big Explosion Season 16 Episode 41
Monet was moments away from activating the self destruct button when she felt her heart being stabbed and collapses before dying. At the same time Caesar Clown stabbed the heart believing it to be Smoker's heart. The Straw Hats are still racing towards the exit of the collapsing lab when they felt the explosion of the SAD room and then saw Shinokuni on their trail. Smoker, seeing that they nearly reached safety, questioned Trafalgar Law of why did he possessed his heart the whole time. Trafalgar Law reveals the clever deception he played on the mad scientist where he returned the heart of Monet to Caesar without Caesar being the wiser. At the tanker, Baby 5's missile attack failed to take down Franky Shogun and their duel began anew whereas Buffalo contacted Doflamingo of the situation. After confirming that the island wasn't destroyed as intended, Doflamingo decided to tend to the matter himself and is seen somehow flying over the sea towards Punk Hazard.

Capture Caesar - General Cannon Blast Season 16 Episode 42
Franky and his mech puts up a good fight against the two subordinates of Doflamingo and he sends them flying away with a portable version of the Thousand Sunny's Gaon Cannon, but the two refused to stay defeated despite their injuries. The fight however was interrupted with the arrival of the mine cart filled with all of the lab escapees. Seeing that Law is allied with the enemy and that the odds are against them, the two decided to hightail out of Punk Hazard along with Caesar Clown in their possession. Before Law could stop them, Luffy told Law that Usopp and Nami will handle this. The two Straw Hats proved Luffy right as they easily stopped the fleeing pirates and succeeded in capturing Caesar. Meanwhile, far away from Punk Hazard, Doflamingo is still flying toward Punk Hazard imagining what torture he would inflict on the brats, while elsewhere on a giant penguin, a mysterious man is wondering which direction leads to Punk Hazard.

Emotional Meeting! Momonosuke and Kin'emon Season 16 Episode 43

Regretful Departure - Leaving Punk Hazard Season 16 Episode 44

G-5's Annihilation! Doflamingo's Assault! Season 16 Episode 45

Tension! Aokiji vs. Doflamingo Season 16 Episode 46

Caesar has Disappeared! The Pirate Alliance Sallies Season 16 Episode 47

Luffy Dies in the Sea!? The Collapse of the Pirate Alliance Season 16 Episode 48

A Major Turnaround! Luffy's Angry Iron Fist Strikes! Season 16 Episode 49
Chopper and the dugong make an attempt to go against Breed, but Breed orders the other animals to attack them. At that point Law, Caesar and Luffy enter the room and Luffy knocks the animals out. Law explains how he saw through Peto Peto no Mi's weakness, which requires the victim to actually hear Breed's voice in order to obey him. Breed uses his Devil Fruit to himself and manages to enhance his own strength and muscles and tries to attack Luffy and the others. However, his control over the other animals fades, which gives them the opportunity to work together and hold Breed still. Luffy and dugong throw a combined punch to Breed and manage to defeat him. Later on, on the Sunny, the news about Doflamingo's resignation arrive.
Violent Shock! Earth-shaking Big News Season 16 Episode 50
Adventure! The Country of Love and Passion, Dressrosa Season 16 Episode 51
Swirling Madness - Corrida Colosseum Season 16 Episode 52
Dangerous Love - Dancing Girl Violet Season 16 Episode 53

Startling! The Big News Shakes Up The New World! Season 17 Episode 1

Adventure! The Country of Love and Passion, Dressrosa Season 17 Episode 2

Swirling Madness - Corrida Colosseum Season 17 Episode 3

Dangerous Love - Dancing Girl Violet Season 17 Episode 4


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