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Mini Me, Tamaki and Hunny
Hikaru and Kaoru, WEEEE!
Mori, Is a  piece of furniture.
My Motto, On the weekends.
The Face, I can say no to it, but can you?
Hikaru and Kaoru, WEEEE!
Hikaru and Kaoru
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Ouran High School Host Club
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Kawaii Chibi Ouran High School Host Club, I do not own this but it's so cute so I would like to share will you all^^
Daddy Tamaki, He does not approve.
Cosplay, A new outfit each episode.
Tamaki, He overreacts a lot.
Ouran Highschool, Host Club
twin hiitachin,
Hitachiin Brothers,
tamaki suoh :3,
twins in girl clothes,

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Ouran High School Host Club
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Ouran High School Host Club
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