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Milky Rose, Milk is a white-and-pink lop rabbit who debuted in Yes! Pretty Cure 5.She ends her sentences with -miru. Unlike Coco and Natts she was unable to transform into a human. She takes her role as caretaker seriously, along with most other things.
Cure Pine, Yamabuki Inori (山吹祈里 Yamabuki Inori) also called "Buki" (吹)  by her friends, is a 14-year-old schoolgirl at Christian Private White Clover Academy. She is an animal lover, aspiring to be a veterinarian.
Cure Peach, Momozono Love (桃園ラブ Momozono Rabu) is a 14-year-old schoolgirl freshman who attends Public Yotsuba Junior High School in the series Fresh Pretty Cure!.
Heartcatch Precure,
Cure Muse, Real name is Shirabe Ako!
Cure Aqua, Minazuki Karen is a third-year student at L'École des Cinq Lumières Middle School, and the last Cure to join the group in Yes! Pretty Cure 5. Because of her parents' job, she has been raised by the mansion's butler.
Cure Mint, Akimoto Komachi is kind and shy, and likes to read books and write. However, once she is angered enough, she will snap and release her temper. Along with her best friend, Minazuki Karen, Komachi is also a popular senior at her school.
Cure Passion, Higashi Setsuna (東せつな Higashi Setsuna) is a young girl who appears to be a teenager. She works for Labyrinth as Eas (イース Īsu?) until episode 23, and is the first of the original three members to appear, as well as the only female of the group.

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CrazyPuddingBun says...
Eep! I didn't know there was already a Pretty Cure club, and I made another one.
posted @ 08/12 01:54.00 PM
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