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Princess Maker
Demon Princess Ending, Knowledge: 450+
Appeal: 380+
Pride: 200+
Moral: 120+
Refinement: 480+
Sensitivity: 390+
Temperament: 380+
Demon Points: 150+
Trust for Baroa: 75+
Event 11 - Death, Rize's Father has been killed by Demons during a mission.
This event signals the second war between the Humans and the Demons...
Event 25 - Demon King's Daughter, Daughter finally learns that The Maou is her real Father...
Queen Ending, Queen
Knowledge: 800+
Appeal: 600+
Pride: 500+
Moral: 500+
Refinement: 720+
Fame: 720+
Demon Points: Lower than 99.
Work: Never to have worked at the Sleazy Bar.
Vacation 05,
Event 27 - Magical Place, Baroa brings your Daughter to a magical place within the Demon World, and tells her that this place will be no more once the war between the two races start...
Event 12 - Meeting, Your Daughter has been to the Dark Alley many times, but this is her first time seeing this scary looking person...
Who is he anyways? And how does he know her name?!
Marrying Mysterious Merchant (Daratan) Ending, Marrying Mysterious Merchant (Daratan)
Knowledge: 300+
Appeal: 450+
Refinement: 300+
Moral: Lower than 190.
Pride: Lower than 190.
Fame: 200+
Sinfulness: 40+
Demon Points: Lower than 99.
Trust for Father: Lower than 150.
Money: Lower than 99 G.

Princess Maker
Princess Maker4 美少女夢工場4 完整中文版 OP 開場, 美少女夢工場4 完整中文版 OP 開場,還有語音
Princess Maker4 美少女夢工場4 完整中文版 OP 開場
Princess Maker 4 - zakończenie z Karen, Zakończenie "Princess Maker 4", w którym Patricia zostaje najlepszą przyjaciółką Karen.
Princess Maker 4 - zakończenie z Karen
Princess Maker 4 - konkubina króla, Zakończenie "Princess Maker 4", w którym Patricia zostaje konkubiną króla.
Princess Maker 4 - konkubina króla
Princess Maker 4: Confession of Love for Cube, I could not believe I couldn't find this scene anywhere. So, here it is. Actually, of all the Princess Maker Cube Marriages, this one is my least favorite......
Princess Maker 4: Confession of Love for Cube

Princess Maker
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Princess Maker
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Princess Maker
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Princess Maker

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Diathedia says...
Tired of uploading stuff.. I'll continue tomorrow lol
posted @ 08/19 02:44.14 PM
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