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RWBY Plot Summary
RWBY (pronounced "Ruby") is an original American anime-style web-series created by Rooster Teeth Productions' animation studio. The series is created and directed by animator Monty Oum. The first episode of RWBY premiered on July 5, 2013 at the 2013 Rooster Teeth Expo and was released to the Rooster Teeth site on July 18, 2013.[

RWBY episode list

Ruby Rose Season 1 Episode 1
The debut episode of the new series RWBY, created by Monty Oum.

The Shining Beacon (1) Season 1 Episode 2

The Shining Beacon (2) Season 1 Episode 3

The First Step (1) Season 1 Episode 4

The First Step (2) Season 1 Episode 5

The Emerald Forest (1) Season 1 Episode 6

The Emerald Forest (2) Season 1 Episode 7

Players and Pieces Season 1 Episode 8

The Badge and The Burden (1) Season 1 Episode 9

The Badge and The Burden (2) Season 1 Episode 10

Jaunedice (1) Season 1 Episode 11

Jaunedice (2) Season 1 Episode 12
Pyrrha proposes that Jaune and her train after class, Jaune confesses his secret: he lied about his transcripts to apply to Beacon, as he felt pressured to do so because Jaune wanted to be just like his ancestors: warriors and heroes.

Forever Fall (1) Season 1 Episode 13
Everyone arrives at the forest of Forever Fall. Glynda explains that the purpose of the field trip is gather red sap for Professor Peach, and that she will supervise them. She also warns about the danger of the Grimm in the forest.

Forever Fall (2) Season 1 Episode 14
Cardin Winchester has cornered Jaune Arc and proceeds to beat on him, promising him that after he's done he'll be sent back to his mother in pieces. However, as he is about to continue beating up Jaune, Cardin is interrupted with the entrance of a third party.

The Stray Season 1 Episode 15
Team RWBY are walking through Vale and Ruby Rose notices a Dust store has been vandalized and robbed. Suspecting that someone is trying to build a arsenal, Weiss states that the White Fang are responsible, but this is countered by Blake. However, the conversation is interrupted by the chasing of a monkey Faunus aboard a docking ship.

Black and White Season 1 Episode 16


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