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Ruby Rose,
Ruby Rose
Barbara Dunkelman Yang Xiao Long,
Barbara Dunkelman Yang Xiao Long
Blake Belladona, Blake Belladonna (Arryn Zech), a black-haired girl who uses a large sword known as the Gambol Shroud, which can be split into two smaller blades. Her name, "Blake", is an Old English term for black.
Blake Belladona
RWBY Academy, It's said that they're in a Legendary Academy.
RWBY Academy
RWBY Characters,
RWBY Characters
JNPR Team,
Nora & Ren,
Nora & Ren
Nora Valkyrie,
Nora Valkyrie
Weiss Schnee, Weiss = White
Schnee = Snow

Weiss Schnee
JNPR Silhouette,
JNPR Silhouette
Chibi Weiss,
Chibi Weiss
Weiss & Ruby,
Weiss & Ruby
Lie Ren,
Lie Ren
RWBY Poster,
RWBY Poster
Chibi Ruby,
Chibi Ruby
Lie Ren,
Lie Ren


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