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Ruby Rose,
Ruby Rose
Barbara Dunkelman Yang Xiao Long,
Barbara Dunkelman Yang Xiao Long
RWBY Academy, It's said that they're in a Legendary Academy.
RWBY Academy
Nora Valkyrie,
Nora Valkyrie
Chibi Weiss,
Chibi Weiss
JNPR Team,
RWBY Characters,
RWBY Characters
Weiss & Ruby,
Weiss & Ruby
Blake Belladona, Blake Belladonna (Arryn Zech), a black-haired girl who uses a large sword known as the Gambol Shroud, which can be split into two smaller blades. Her name, "Blake", is an Old English term for black.
Blake Belladona
Nora & Ren,
Nora & Ren
JNPR Silhouette,
JNPR Silhouette
Weiss Schnee, Weiss = White
Schnee = Snow

Weiss Schnee
Lie Ren,
Lie Ren
Chibi Ruby,
Chibi Ruby
RWBY Poster,
RWBY Poster
Lie Ren,
Lie Ren


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