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03/24 04:45.12 AM

So, SL users, what are your favourite shops?

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03/26 01:55.07 AM

Its been forever since I've been to a shop to buy inworld, nowadays I Just use the marketplace.

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05/15 02:12.16 PM

clothing stores like the underground, some modern times

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05/15 07:08.39 PM

I like Bubble, Insanya, LAQ is my fave skin place, Wasabi Pills and Truth for hair, Boudoir was sad to find out that's closing and many others that have slipped my mind right now lol

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05/18 09:25.25 PM

XTC for my leather wear and numerous other local type stores but recently been buying items made by Tina Wyx.

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05/19 06:14.34 PM

I just stumbled across a great shop on the Marketplace, Severed Garden. Womens clothing, a mix of modern styles and fantasy, great quality and not overpriced

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05/22 06:05.36 PM

I adore The White Armory, World's End Garden, +9, and.. um.. I can't recall, but they run Cadeling Garden.

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06/20 02:51.59 PM

catwa for hair,purplemoon for clothes,candynails for nails,n-core for heels..and randomly the market is good for a quick shop

Earnings: 41,981 points

08/10 07:04.17 PM

Gah, I have too many favourites. HOO~, DERP., . : Chimera : ., and J.I.N.X are a few of them. :V

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08/11 05:00.32 AM

Vaxer, Xtc, and Egocentricax

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08/11 05:57.24 AM

i make it yesterday i dont know enything

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08/21 02:43.35 PM

I just go on marketplace. Easier to find everything you need. Some stuff can only be found inworld tho.

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08/22 07:20.03 PM

Most recently Opium, coldLogic and nMn for my mesh clothes.
Truth for hair, Cliche for shoes.

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11/18 05:45.12 AM

Caluum Menswear, ADDICTED and REQUIEM for the Ladies and a lot of amazing others, all to find at State of Terra - worth a visit, and great gifts too which arenĀ“t cheap stuff!

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11/19 09:43.10 AM

a maioria das marcas para mim sao perfeitas

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11/30 10:58.35 PM

For me I like all the sonic stuff that I can Mod. I have tons in my favs I'm trying to earn and buy ^^

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