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04/27 08:23.04 PM

So, how do you use your profile? Is it full of rp information, store information, maybe even blank?
I've seen a new trend, since nicknames allow special characters, of using special characters for most of the text of a profile. Is your profile decked out with special characters and symbols?
Mine's full of plain old textual information. Most of my picks are of old places, now gone from the grid, that I enjoyed dearly, and a bit of RP info for whatever char my avi represents at that time.

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05/08 09:44.01 AM

on my wall share something i have started keeping a record of the girls i have wrestled and result and wrestling record so far great fun at least for me, noticed s/l wall not same as facebook ppl dont tend to write on other ppls wall i have started writing little complements on the walls of girls i have interacted with feel bit wierd doing it as most walls are usually empty ??

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05/10 11:03.09 PM

I think most walls are empty because people aren't used to the web profiles, which are kinda new. Most still use the in-game interface exclusively, as far as I am aware. I've attempted to make use of my web profile... but I have found that it isn't at all lucrative or worth the effort w/out friends to populate it.

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05/11 06:29.30 AM

Mine's empty as I'm never sure what to put on it lol

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05/11 04:00.48 PM

nevermind continue to put odd things on mine, and i guess even if ppl dont use them wont hurt to put a compliment on them now and again

Earnings: 1,528 points

05/15 02:06.40 PM

also empty because I never know what to put in it

Earnings: 1,089 points

05/22 06:10.07 PM

I've got a several disclaimers on mine so folks will know why I blocked them/what they are getting into when they chat me up. Also have a full list of my personally identifying variables so people won't get fussy seeing a dude in a dress/dancing with another dude/get their bigoty in a twist over something else I am doing.

Earnings: 2,315,164 points

05/22 06:13.12 PM

Its too short

I just mention some products I sell, mention my store, and then also have a stuffpoint referral url.

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07/13 07:16.20 PM

Just a short description of me being open minded. Giving out the information about my fav. hobby: Photography in SL
and finally a cheeky comment about men in pink shirts don't like women. Thats it! The profile!

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08/10 07:08.14 PM

Mine's not really all that special. Just a short bio and a few of my interests, standard stuff like that.

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10/31 06:25.16 AM

I really wish I could think of more to put in mine. I love reading others peoples profiles its fun.

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11/05 06:36.05 AM

I used to fill my profile with a lot of information, but longer I am on SL lesser information I give out. Time has taught me and I donĀ“t share information about myself as I used to. People who should know more about you will eventually.

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09/24 03:40.50 AM

althought my profile name uses textual characters which often make people call me June instead of Lune my about info is actually pretty basic, and tells others about me in a very honest way. my hobbies and my opinion on sl and that I use it as a break from rl.

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