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amulet spade, amulet spade
amulet heart,
pray, praying at the shrine
amulet change, all amulet change
Shugo Chara Icon,
amulet heart,
amulet heart
Keys: amu, amulet heart, pink, red, wallpaper, wallpapers, shugo chara
Submitted by Shaorina 6 years ago

Shugo Chara
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amu and ikuto,
Tadase Vs. Ikuto, Which one would you choose?
Shugo Chara,
Ikuto and Amu, Don't you just love how him and Yoru just show up randomly?
Ikuto, This looks like me sometimes.
Ikuto Vs. Spiderman, Ikuto Wins.
Kukai and Utau,
Shugo Chara Poster,
Ikuto kiss Amu, Yay
Amulet Dia, Hinamori Amu - Amulet Dia
Shugo Chara,
Pink Queen, Hinamori Amu Wallpaper
Amu Spade, Amu Spade Transformation
Amuto 4ever, Amu and Ikuto make a cute couple!!
Shugo Chara,
Shugo Chara Poster,
Tadase is a Vampire, Makes sense.
Icecream makes everything better,
Homeless Ikuto, Mommy, can we keep him?
I'm the Joker!? Episode Screencap 1x4, Screencap from Episode 4 of Season 1 of Shugo Chara.

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Which song of Utau Hoshina is first played in the series?
Black Diamond
Heartful song
Meikyuu butterfly
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