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Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon - Hidden Egg in Bamboo Terrace,
Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon - Hidden Egg in Bamboo Terrace
Spyro The Dragon: Tree Tops Thieves, Hi guys, I am back once again with a BRAND NEW Spyro The Dragon for you guys to watch, and hopefully you enjoy it, it's been a while. Yep, I have finally dec...
Spyro The Dragon: Tree Tops Thieves
Let's Play Spyro the Dragon - Epilogue: All 80 Dragons, Compilation of all 80 dragons and their words of "wisdom" in the order in which I found them during my parallel run of my LP.
Let's Play Spyro the Dragon - Epilogue: All 80 Dragons
Spyro the Dragon -34- Gnasty's Loot, 120%. There you go, just like I promised. A few things I should mention because I know people who haven't played this will come here giving me "tips" to beat...
Spyro the Dragon -34- Gnasty's Loot
Spyro the Dragon -33- Gnasty Gnorc, FINAL BOSS TIME! I had several things to say about this, but there's nothing you wouldn't be able to pick up yourself. Is this the greatest boss fight ever, ...
Spyro the Dragon -33- Gnasty Gnorc
Spyro the Dragon -32- Twilight Harbour, Again, a slightly tricky level. If they keep on having levels like this in the game from now on, it might even get challenging before the end...
Spyro the Dragon -32- Twilight Harbour
Spyro the Dragon -31- Gnorc Cove, The final world begins! There's hardly any game left, actually... we're so close to the end.
Spyro the Dragon -31- Gnorc Cove
Spyro the Dragon -30- Jacques, BOSS FIGHT! This level's got some problems with stuff, I'm still feverish and it was 2 am when I recorded this, but we're going for the final world! Yeehaw! ...
Spyro the Dragon -30- Jacques
Spyro the Dragon -29- Icy Flight, Last flight level of the game... OR IS IT?! No. But the last flight level kicks major ass, unlike this and the earlier ones. This one's easy, though. You got...
Spyro the Dragon -29- Icy Flight
Spyro the Dragon -28- Haunted Towers, I LOOOVE THIS LEVEL! It's got big scary enemies whose  you can kick with a powerup only, one tricky supercharge spot, loads of flame powerups, HOT chicks ...
Spyro the Dragon -28- Haunted Towers
Spyro the Dragon -27- Lofty Castle, The emulator/screen capture program combination was giving me so much trouble I started thinking about the possibility that I might actually perhaps consider...
Spyro the Dragon -27- Lofty Castle
Spyro the Dragon -26- Dark Passage, I think we can safely say that now the game's getting trickier. It's beginning to take me more time and effort to complete the levels. - Watch the fools - I'...
Spyro the Dragon -26- Dark Passage


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In "Spyro: Year of the Dragon," who was the Sorceress' "partner"?
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