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steve jobs and his sons,
Steve Jobs R. I. P,
Young steve and an Apple,
jObs, movie adaptation
Can you find him?, In the left
Steve Jobs R. I. P,
Steve Jobs R. I. P
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Submitted by docjackals 5 years ago

Steve Jobs
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Steve Jobs quote, Always remember that you will be dead
steve jobs painting, paint
steve jobs, young steve jobs
Steve Jobs, SJ wallpaper
Black and White Image of Steve Jobs, I think that out of all the pictures and images taken of Steve Jobs, I think that this is the most famous picture taken of him, and that if anyone looks at this photo, they'll go "Aw yeah, that's Steve Jobs." I just had to make this the profile picture.
Young steve and an Apple,
steve jobs apple logo, wallpaper
should this fit in boarderlands 2?, old photo
Old picture, the power of two
Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs Name Wallpaper
steve jobs wallpaper,
The early age, Happy time
steve jobs, steve jobs
Steve Jobs, This is the most recent picture taken of Steve Jobs before he died. Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011) was a very famous person. He was the creator of the Apple company, the same one we have today, with all the Macbook Pros, iPods . . .
the gesture, gesture
What?, Eat
jObs, movie adaptation
steve jobs,
Steve Jobs & Bill Gates, Two young people
Teen Steve Jobs, Teen

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Steve Jobs
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Steve Jobs
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steve jobs apple logo

Young steve and an Apple

steve jobs and his sons

steve jobs wallpaper

steve jobs

steve jobs

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

steve jobs painting

Steve Jobs
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Steve Jobs
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