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03/21 02:44.32 AM

I'm not sure how many warnings I can put up, people keep trying to create multiple accounts to take advantage of the daily missions/polls/videos/etc.

If you just create one account, and get your quality score up you'd be making more points daily than you could with several low quality accounts.


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03/21 07:14.23 PM

hmmm that residents... get rid of them.

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07/07 10:02.17 AM

I want 10.000points for a Stardoll code I have only 435points and the tasks do not go with me; (

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07/16 07:10.36 AM

getting points on here is very slow .. so don't blame people who create more than one

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07/17 10:26.59 AM

i agree getting points on here is slow now, i can only do 5 points and we're fed up with trying to do an offer an we don't get nothing and we should all get points equally no matter what country we're from and there's not much to do on this site anymore since most stuff has been taken away.

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