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Earnings: 288,017 points

09/18 08:02.52 AM

How do you watch the videos for points?

Earnings: 1,314 points

09/18 09:09.54 AM

umm from vedio that's easy!!....how did u didn't know that??!!

Earnings: 792,149 points

09/18 09:18.00 AM

You um... >.> You click on the video to play and watch it in full, once it is finished you are awarded your points. You will notice when you refresh the page that you have gotten your points.

Earnings: 288,017 points

09/18 09:23.46 AM

On the page to earn points I have V11 media videos list. When I click on it, it refreshes and has a place towards the bottom for a video to appear. Nothing does. What am I doing wrong?

Earnings: 4,323 points

09/18 12:40.25 PM

U click on it and watch the whole video ... ur points will increase

Earnings: 792,149 points

09/18 12:43.05 PM

Im not sure if you are doing anything wrong, it may be a small glitch on your end or a browser issue. Try switching browsers and see if its still doing the same thing.

Earnings: 114,848 points

09/18 01:32.12 PM

Firefox is soooo much better than IE or even Chrome, I have noticed. I have used all three browsers to complete offers and Firefox seems to result in the most reliable earnings. Plus, in my opinion, I avoid most things Microsoft anyway.... Good luck getting your points; videos have been the most reliable offers I've found.

Earnings: 288,017 points

09/18 01:45.58 PM

Switched browser, everything fine now. Thanks for all the help

Earnings: 114,848 points

09/18 02:52.31 PM

You're very welcome

Earnings: 166,991 points

09/20 07:20.35 AM

Hey guys! Why I can´t see the videos on the SuperSonicAds section, the window of the video is black, help me, I'm new.

Earnings: 114,848 points

09/20 10:11.54 AM

Try checking to make sure that your browser accpts cookies of all sorts, and that your Flash player is updated. SuperSonicAds is usually VERY good about crediting you so I would check these things.

Earnings: 166,991 points

09/20 10:48.31 AM

Hi! I just updated my flah player and my browser accepts cookies and it's still the same, black window that says Vidéo virale par ebuzzing. I'm using Firefox.

Earnings: 0 points

09/20 12:20.57 PM


Earnings: 288,017 points

09/22 06:17.12 PM

I had a problem with firefox with the videos, went to IE 9, now videos work

Earnings: 63,570 points

09/25 02:52.39 AM

If you cant see anything like videos it must be an ad blocker, disable your ad blocker for stuffpoint and all should be good

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