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04/03 07:41.15 AM

I'm kinda confused.. Until a couple of days ago I could just clock on Withdraw To SL, and I would get my L$ pretty much right away..
Yesterday I did the same thing, but now it gives me the following message:

Confirm PIN Code
Verify your address is correct on the Settings page.
PIN will be mailed to your mailing address. Once you enter your PIN, any Pending PIN payments will go through. You only have to do this once.

I didn't get this email yet, and I can't find where I have to verify my address.. Anyone help me??

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04/03 08:03.44 AM

I´ve got similar problem. I didn´t get the verify email.. any suggestions?

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04/03 08:59.57 AM

me too!! i've cashed in points twice in the last few days and get the "PIN pending" message. I don't see why since nothing is being sent to my house. And it doesn't sound like it's going to be an email, but sent by snail mail. I finally just stopped trying to earn points until I can actually do something with the ones i've already cashed in.

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04/03 03:55.55 PM

Go to the Settings page, and fill out your basic account information. Then you will get a letter in the mail with your PIN code.

Check Redeem History and it will tell you if we already mailed out a PIN to your address on file.

The only way we can offer free rewards is if we keep our advertisers happy so they continue to pay us, so we can continue to pay you. Some users have recently started trying to get around our one account per household rule, and our advertisers are not too happy.

So once you have been a member for a awhile you will be asked to confirm that you are a unique user by receiving a PIN code in the mail. Once the PIN code is typed in you will become address verified, have access to the Bronze User Level, will be able to get instant Linden, and gain access to new rewards.

New users do not need to worry about this as it only effects users who have withdrawn at least once.

Every user you see who is Bronze or higher has confirmed their address before, so its not really a new feature, we're just expanding it to cover more users.

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04/03 05:53.01 PM

I have withdrawn 3 times already (I received the first withdrawal next day but I havent received the 2nd and 3rd one and I withdrawn it 2 days ago) I filled out my account info but I havent received the mail with my PIN code..=/ I want my bronze badge!

Earnings: 400,288 points

04/03 06:02.28 PM

ReiramonResident, you haven't earned enough points to need a PIN! Your payments are just Pending normally. Takes up to 5 weekdays, usually quicker.

Always check the Redeem History page. If you need a pin you will see a blue box explaining it. Otherwise you will see a time estimate for when your payment will be processed.

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04/04 06:50.06 AM

I have filled out the info already, but I'm just wondering if I'll actually get a letter in the mail, since I'm from Holland...

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04/04 10:44.49 PM

We send them internationally!

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04/05 02:29.13 AM

Awesome! So how long can I expect to wait for it?
Like, if I didn't get anything after 2 weeks or so, is there a way to get a new letter sent or anything?

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05/15 05:02.12 AM

I have not received the code PIN could you please send it to my e-mail

Earnings: 10,550 points

05/15 09:12.45 AM

hi all. how many points are ned to get a pin in email? i realy what to be bronze lvl

Earnings: 1,528 points

05/15 11:20.50 AM

cool must also confirm how can I do?

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05/24 05:42.04 PM

HOW DO I VERIFY MY PHONE NUMBER???? SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME!! Post it on my profile or something. please. Im getting very fustrated. It has been weeks and no one seems to know how. I'm ready to move to bronze level.

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05/27 10:51.53 AM

If possible, I wouldn't mind getting to Bronze Level as well, been on now for over 2 months, I take it I need to receive an e-mail to confirm my address. Thank you

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05/28 04:42.04 AM

I think you need to have earned about 9000-10000 points before the verify option comes up this is why you won't have heard anything Lisa, keep earning and you'll get there

Gromlok you don't confirm your email address it's your phone number or house address, to prove that you're real and haven't tried to pretend to be more than one person to get more money from the advertisers.

Earnings: 32,392 points

05/28 04:49.38 AM

I dont get it. Is the pin code sent to my e mail or my real home adress?

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