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Free  proof by LiddoLili, I love my case
You can get Roblox game cards, U can also get roblox game cards on!
Free Second Life Linden 1,000 proof by ChicaDezno_sl, this is a screenshot,of my payment from stuffpoint directly into my second life account, my reward was 1,000 linden dollars or L$/$L, i earned this reward by doing simple offers, a lot of watching short little videos, signing up for survey sites, and downloading and installing programs, all in all a
earning in fan clubs 3, earning in fan clubs 3
You can get Roblox game cards, U can also get roblox game cards on!
You can get Roblox game cards
U can also get roblox game cards on!
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Submitted by Caitlyn_girly15 6 years ago

popular images
C9, this is my account in c9, lvl 50, amhithrite
Free (12x12) One Direction - 2013 Wall Calendar proof by Nicoleryder,
L, a picture of hot L from deathnote
Free 5,000 IMVU Credits proof, got 5000 imvu credits from winning first place in a tournament
Free Kpop CD, Ukiss, U-KISS - Stop Girl (Mini Album) CD + Free Gift (Folded U-Kiss Poster + 2 mask Pack S proof by Anastasia_17, This is my reward!!It's a Ukiss, U-KISS - Stop Girl (Mini Album) CD + Free Gift (Folded U-Kiss Poster + 2 mask Pack S
and it was totally FREE!The only thing is it didn't have the poster but other than that it was great!!I love this site and I'll continue on using it!
Free Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Legends Awakened Single Card Jirachi #31 Rare [Toy] proof by Ritsu, Hii thank you stuffpoint I LOVE my new Jirachi card which I got by watching video's and doing surveys
Power puff girls, blossom
bubbles-PPG, bubbles
Free Magic the Gathering: MTG Duel Decks: VENSER VS KOTH (Two 60 Card Decks) proof by nicknea, I was very pleased with my duel deck product, that contained two evenly strong Magic the Gathering Deck, which i earned mostly through surveys. I love stuffpoint and will continue to use it.
Digimon Examon, Digimon Jogress of Breakdramon and Slayerdramon
Free Funko POP Michael Jackson (Vinyl): Smooth Criminal proof by Michaeljj96, Cam in the cutest box, i love it. :) and it came without any damage, even better. I earned points on stuff points to get this, my user Is Michaeljj96. Thank you Stuffpoints.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Free $10 IMVU proof by Betto, just earned free 10$ IMVU prepaid card, Stuffpoint is awesome!!!
Pink stuff, Stuff
Free SecondLife Lindens proof by PsamatheThalassa_sl, Thanks again Stuffpoint! Thanks to you I'm a little bit closer to my little coastal paradise!!
Free IMVU Name Change $13 proof by Ralcitrine, It was so easy to receive it. Now I am waiting to receive it from imvu.
turntables!, from
Free $5 Ultimate Game Card proof by stevenbinion, Thank you stuffpoint
Free 1,000 IMVU Credits proof by Betto, I earned 1,000 imvu credits from wining first place in a flash game tournament.. Stuffpoint is awesome!!
Stardoll $10 giftcard :), I got this giftcard from stuffpoint :)

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