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Stuffpoint!!!!!. the best site to earn money online and get rewards. - YouTube, Go and earn rewards like PS3, Xbox, iPhone etc.
How to earn points on stuffpoint easily! - YouTube, Signup now!!
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Submitted by saraabid 6 years ago

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EverySingleWord says...
I got like 2000 points points my first day, todays only my second day, and I got most of my points from downloading apps to my phone :]
posted @ 01/20 08:18.55 PM

Blob22 says...
I got 1425 points on my first day
posted @ 10/15 01:02.51 AM

billetdoux says...
thanks,i got 0 points
posted @ 07/14 01:25.58 PM

nounitta says...
thank you i got 0 point
posted @ 06/23 06:56.55 AM

flip3239Pumpkin1 says...
Thanks! I got 479 my first day!
posted @ 02/16 09:43.15 PM

nanami2013 says...
Thanks, i got 83 points for the first day !!
posted @ 01/23 07:39.59 PM

ShandyGirl_sl says...
That explained a lot

posted @ 11/09 07:45.11 PM

MrMoB says...
posted @ 11/08 07:19.27 PM

Ailatan28_sl says...

posted @ 09/23 02:49.37 PM

eda1 says...
oh yeah

posted @ 09/20 12:23.39 PM

Mimi1Directioner says...
thnx for the video
posted @ 09/17 03:02.00 PM


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