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A genius programmer named Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya enters a virtual-reality, massively multiplayer online world called Sword Art Online. There is no escape from this world unless the player clears the game; however getting a "game over" results in the death of the player.

Sword Art Online
Asuna and Kirito,
SAO Logo, Wallpaper
Kirito and Asuna,
SAO Kirito-kun wallpaper,
SAO, Wallpaper
Kirito and Asuna,
Kirito, Kirito backshot swords

Sword Art Online
Sword Art Online - Kirito Vs Gleam Eyes Boss Full Fight Starburst Stream - YouTube, *READ DESCRIPTION!!!!!!!!!* Especially novel readers Sword Art Online Episode 9 Full Fight New Skill : Starburst Stream Novel readers, please do not spoil fo...
Sword Art Online - Kirito Vs Gleam Eyes Boss Full Fight Starburst Stream - YouTube
[ENG SUB] Sword Art Online 2nd Trailer, The second trailer for the upcoming Sword Art Online series, with English subtitles. Animated by A-1 Pictures. Subbed by UTWoots (http://gotwoot-subs.net AND...
[ENG SUB] Sword Art Online 2nd Trailer
ENGLISH "Yume Sekai" Sword Art Online (AmaLee), English version of ending song from SAO.
ENGLISH "Yume Sekai" Sword Art Online (AmaLee)
ENGLISH "Crossing Field" Sword Art Online (AmaLee), Opening song to Sword Art Online performed in English!
ENGLISH "Crossing Field" Sword Art Online (AmaLee)

Sword Art Online
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Sword Art Online Eps. 19 Subtitle Indonesiano comments
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Sword Art Online
Which game in Sword Art Online do you prefer?
Most users say Sword Art Online
Do you think that Leafa-chan is Kirito-kun's sister?
Most users say Yes
Which of the two do you prefer?
Most users say Asuna-chan
What role would you play in Sword Art Online?
Most users say Swordsman
In the 1st episode kirito looked different, do you like that kirito more or the kirito now?
Most users say Kirito now
Kirito now
Kirito from the 1st episode
Sword Art Online
questions and answers
when asuna escape outa cage why she dint jump to the worl tree
2 people have answered this.
when asuna escape outa cage why she dint jump to the worl tree
1 people have answered this.
Where did you come to know about SAO?
10 people have answered this.
Where did you watch SAO?
8 people have answered this.

Sword Art Online

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sparkle009 says...
I want that kind of game in real world.!!!!
posted @ 12/07 11:22.41 PM

shusen19 says...
i hope in the future....there will be create VRMMORPG games
posted @ 10/14 02:45.04 AM

PoeDaughter7 says...
Show so great!
posted @ 09/21 10:35.03 PM

nightraged says...
best show
posted @ 06/09 08:16.53 PM

Wambomann_sl says...
Where are all the followers? This anime is just great!
posted @ 06/04 02:04.05 PM

kaytra830 says...
SAO is an awesome anime that I instantly got addicted to
posted @ 05/29 12:33.14 AM

MioriAnatawa says...
I LOVE SAO! ^_^ My favorite anime!~
posted @ 02/22 02:31.58 AM

Calire says...
like this page to promote SAO!
posted @ 12/25 04:41.39 PM

Monstar says...
If anyone know the release date for season 2 please post it.if there is even a season2
posted @ 12/22 09:57.47 PM

BayuAdijaya says...
@dash, I found this on web
"Kazuto has immense skill as a programmer, managing to build a computer from parts during elementary school, finding his erase records in the national registry at the age of ten, as well as managing to stop the SAO server from deleting Yui by converting her program into an object and storing her into his Nerve Gear as environmental data"
your right he's a programmer ;D
posted @ 10/01 03:25.34 AM
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