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Teen Wolf Plot Summary
The series is based around a young outsider named Scott McCall, who, one night, wanders around the woods in search of a dead body and is attacked by a werewolf. He escapes the attack with only a bite to his side, but starts to notice some changes in himself.

Teen Wolf episode list

Wolf Moon Season 1 Episode 1
When Scott suffers a werewolf bite, his strange new abilities begin to complicate his life - and his relationship with the new girl in town.

Second Chance at First Line Season 1 Episode 2
Scott struggles to balance his new life as a werewolf and the pressures of being a teen, all while avoiding werewolf hunters and trying to score a second date with Allison.

Pack Mentality Season 1 Episode 3
Scott and Allison end up in a group date; an animal attack has Stiles' sheriff father on the lookout.

Magic Bullet Season 1 Episode 4
A new hunter comes to town and shoots Derek, who is certain to die unless Scott can find the right kind of bullet that caused his injury.

The Tell Season 1 Episode 5
There's another animal attack involving Lydia and Jackson, raising more questions about wild animals. Meanwhile, Scott and Allison skip school and Derek must deal with the werewolf hunters on his own.

Heart Monitor Season 1 Episode 6
Scott tries to control his transformation so he can spend more time with Allison. Elsewhere, Derek continues trying to make an ally of Scott.

Night School Season 1 Episode 7
Scott and the others are trapped inside the high school as the Alpha draws near.

Lunatic Season 1 Episode 8
The hunt is on for Derek's whereabouts, meanwhile Stiles tries to help Scott with controlling his transformation when a second full moon is approaching.

Wolf's Bane Season 1 Episode 9
Jackson seeks out a specialist regarding the wound on his neck.

Co-Captain Season 1 Episode 10
Scott moves to protect his friends from the Alpha, meanwhile Stiles makes a discovery about Derek's family.

Formality Season 1 Episode 11
While Derek is still stuck in captivity, Scott's true identity might become public information.

Code Breaker Season 1 Episode 12
Caught in a war between hunters and werewolves, Scott seeks help from friends and enemies.

Omega Season 2 Episode 1
When Lydia goes missing from the hospital, werewolves and hunters alike begin a search to discover not only where she is, but what she's become.

Shape Shifted Season 2 Episode 2
The night before the new full moon, Isaac's father is murdered. When he's taken into custody, Scott, Stiles and Derek resolve to break him out before the Argents get to him first and before the newly bitten teen turns into a werewolf.

Ice Pick Season 2 Episode 3
Scott tries to keep Derek from creating new werewolves; Argent officially begins Allison's training; the new creature in town takes another victim.

Abomination Season 2 Episode 4
The new shape-shifter strikes again, and Scott recruits a reluctant Allison to acquire a rare book in Gerard's collection.

Venomous Season 2 Episode 5
Derek believes that Lydia is the shapeshifter they are after; Scott gathers forces for protection.

Frenemy Season 2 Episode 6
With startling new information about the shapeshifter, Scott and Stiles hurry to protect their friends while Allison is given an investigative task by her family.

Restraint Season 2 Episode 7
As Lydia begins to make connections about the bite from Peter, Jackson causes new problems for Scott and Stiles while Derek has a crisis of faith in his leadership as a new Alpha.

Raving Season 2 Episode 8
Chris, Scott and Stiles struggle with how to stop the Kanima; Scott and Stiles plan to trap the Kanima at a warehouse party, where Erica will also be present, while Allison's mother plans to take Scott down. Chris and his team of hunters face Derek in a confrontation.

Party Guessed Season 2 Episode 9
Even as his relationship with Allison becomes further strained, Scott and Stiles must attend Lydia's birthday party while Derek locks his new wolves up to watch after them on their first full moon together.

Fury Season 2 Episode 10
Allison tracks Derek to the sheriff's station, where Scott, Stiles, Melissa and Sheriff Stilinski are being held hostage.

Battlefield Season 2 Episode 11
Scott plays in the championship lacrosse game and must also figure out a way to stop Gerard. Meanwhile, Allison continues her hunt for Derek and his wolves.

Master Plan Season 2 Episode 12
Scott races to uncover Gerard's master plan following a shocking death on the lacrosse field. Meanwhile, Derek plots to take Gerard down using his own methods.

Tattoo Season 3 Episode 1
Derek and Isaac search for Erica and Boyd, and a new wolf pack arrives in town with its own menacing Alpha.

Chaos Rising Season 3 Episode 2
One of Stiles' childhood friends goes missing, Scott begins his new fight against the Alpha pack, Lydia and Allison investigate a new mystery, the alpha pack reaches out to Peter and the werewolf hunters begin to recruit after the alpha pack kills one of their own.

Fireflies Season 3 Episode 3
Boyd and Cora are under the influence of the full moon; Scott and Derek seek help from an unlikely ally.

Unleashed Season 3 Episode 4
Scott tries to keep Isaac from confronting the twins in school; Stiles tries to prove his theory about the killings.

Frayed Season 3 Episode 5
During a bus ride to a cross-country meet, Scott and his friends flash back to the events of a pre-emptive strike against the Alphas, which has left several injured and possibly one or more dead.

Motel California Season 3 Episode 6
Scott and the others suffer strange experiences while stranded at a motel; considering the killer's newest targets.

Currents Season 3 Episode 7
The Darach targets Deaton as the next sacrifice, leaving him hanging by his wrists to die. Kali and the twins go after Derek.

Visionary Season 3 Episode 8
While looking for answers, Scott, Allison and Stiles hear stories told by two unlikely narrators and discover a secret about the color of a werewolf's eyes.

The Girl Who Knew Too Much Season 3 Episode 9
Allison suspects that someone close to her is involved with the murders; Scott and Stiles want to use Lydia's talents to solve the murders.

The Overlooked Season 3 Episode 10
Trapped by a storm in a hospital, Scott and Derek must defend themselves against the Alphas; saving Cora's life.

Alpha Pact Season 3 Episode 11
Scott must make a difficult choice to save friends and family; Derek and Peter contemplate a way to save Cora's life.

Lunar Ellipse Season 3 Episode 12
Scott and his friends use an ancient ritual to save the lives of their loved ones and stop Deucalion.

Anchors Season 3 Episode 13
Scott, Stiles and Allison suffer side effects from the ritual sacrifice; Sheriff Stilinski searches through old cases.

More Bad Than Good Season 3 Episode 14
Scott and his friends ponder catching the werecoyote before it is hunted down; an unlikely ally helps Derek and Peter break out.

Galvanize Season 3 Episode 15
William Barrow, an electrical engineer turned mass murderer, escapes during surgery and hides out in the school.

Illuminated Season 3 Episode 16
Beacon Hills is under curfew from the power outage; the teens throw a blacklight Halloween party; Scott tries to earn Kira's trust.

Silverfinger Season 3 Episode 17
Scott's friends pledge to protect him; Argent, Isaac and Allison search for answers;Stiles may be the dark spirit the oni seek.

Riddled Season 3 Episode 18
Stiles goes missing; Scott and the others set off on a search; Lydia tries to master her new abilities.

Letharia Vulpina Season 3 Episode 19
Scott and the others try to prevent a disaster; Lydia and Allison seek out an unlikely teacher. Stiles is still possessed by the nogitsune.

Echo House Season 3 Episode 20
Stiles has to make an important decision over Eichen house. Scott and his friends seek out an important Japanese artifact.

The Fox and the Wolf Season 3 Episode 21
An important clue is revealed in the story of a World War II internment camp; Kira's role is more crucial, and she discovers unusual abilities.

De-Void Season 3 Episode 22
Scott and Lydia combine abilities in an attempt to gain the upper hand; Stillinski's future will be decided by a review board.

Insatiable Season 3 Episode 23
Kira finds herself facing an unexpected antagonist; Scott and his friends try to survive against an enemy growing ever stronger.

The Divine Move Season 3 Episode 24
One last stand is made by Scott, Derek and their allies. Kate Argent, whose throat was torn out by wolf claws, is shown to be alive and a supernatural being.

The Dark Moon Season 4 Episode 1
When one of their friends goes missing, Scott and the pack travel into Mexico on a search and rescue mission.

117 Season 4 Episode 2
Anxious to put an end to Kate's plan, Scott must team up with an unlikely ally.

Muted Season 4 Episode 3
A new Freshman player jeopardizes Scott's position on the Lacrosse team. Meanwhile, Stilinski investigates a murder.

The Benefactor Season 4 Episode 4
Uninvited guests arrive at Lydia's lake house. Meanwhile, Derek tracks down a killer.

I.E.D. Season 4 Episode 5
Scott, Stiles and Kira participate in their first Lacrosse game. Meanwhile, Lydia looks to get help controlling her powers.

Orphaned Season 4 Episode 6
A dangerous enemy forces Scott to help him. Derek and Malia track down an old ally.

Weaponized Season 4 Episode 7
A mysterious outbreak takes over the high school.

Time of Death Season 4 Episode 8
Scott attempts a dangerous plan to draw out The Benefactor. Malia confronts her past.

Perishable Season 4 Episode 9
An assassin targets Scott and Liam at the lacrosse team's annual bonfire. Lydia discovers a family secret.

Monstrous Season 4 Episode 10
Scott and Kira fight to protect Satomi's pack from assassins. Stiles and Malia learn the origins of The Dead Pool.

A Promise to the Dead Season 4 Episode 11
Scott and his Pack begin a dangerous battle against an old enemy.

Smoke and Mirrors Season 4 Episode 12
In order to save the pack from Kate, Scott and Stiles return to La Iglesia.


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