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Scott McCall, Scott Mccall from Teen Wolf (MTV)
scott and allison, Scott and Allison hug
Allison Argent,
Scott's Pack,
Wolf Up,
scott and allison, Scott and Allison hug
scott and allison
Scott and Allison hug
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Submitted by AuroraChristos_sl 6 years ago

Teen Wolf
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Isaac Lahey, Isaac Lahey (Teen Wolf)
Derek Hale, Derek Hale (Teen Wolf)
Rooftop Scott and Allison, Wallpaper of Scott and Allison together on her rooftop.
Jackson Whittemore, Photo of Jackson Whittemore (Teen Wolf)
Crystal Reed Allison Argent,
jackson teen wolf,
Allison and Scott, Allison and Scott, young love.
Tyler Posey Scott McCall,
Scott and Allison in woods, wallpaper of scott and allison in the woods
Allison Argent, Allison Argent of MTV's Teen Wolf
Scott McCall, Scott Mccall from Teen Wolf (MTV)
Teen Wolf,
Teen Wolf,
Teen Wolf,
Teen Wolf,
Teen Wolf,
Teen Wolf,
Smoke and Mirrors Episode Screencap 4x12, Screencap from Episode 12 of Season 4 of Teen Wolf.
Restraint Episode Screencap 2x7, Screencap from Episode 7 of Season 2 of Teen Wolf.

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Sebby223 says...
cute add me
posted @ 08/17 10:50.25 PM

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