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The 8th Doctor, The eighth doctor
The 7th Doctor, The seventh Doctor
The 6th Doctor, The sixth doctor
The 5th Doctor, The fifth doctor
The 4th Doctor, The Fourth Doctor
The 7th Doctor, The seventh Doctor
The 7th Doctor
The seventh Doctor
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The Doctor
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The 7th doctor, The 7th Doctor
The Doctor-The Third, The Third Doctor
The First Doctor, The 1st doctor and Viki
The 9th Doctor, The 9th Doctor
The 8th Doctor, The Doctor-8th Doctor(Paul McGann)
The 8th doctor, the 8th doctor
The Doctor-The First, The First Doctor
nuff said,
The Doctor-First, Second, Third and Fifth, The First, Second, Third and Fifth Doctors

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The Doctor
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The Doctor
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The Doctor
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When does The Doctor change the TARDIS theme????
Per Regeneration
Per Companion
Every 6,036 years

The Doctor
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The Doctor
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