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Why did Katniss want to start a new Hunger Games with the Capital's children?
At the end of The Mockingjay she voted for another Hunger Games, why? I thought she was against it.

AnyaBellaRose posted question 6 years ago

Initially she voted for it because she felt like the capital parents and children needed to experience watching their children die on TV like they've been doing for decades. She later changed her mind thank god.
Fish says...
She was grieving and believed that the capital.
She was against in the beginning but her sister Prim died because of Coin who set the bomb so the war could end quickly. Katniss wanted the capitol children to feel a taste of the Hunger Games like the district children who suffer.
Gamer says...
Katniss wanted the Capitol's children in their own Hunger Games because she was angry that they didn't have to suffer just because of the family that they were born in.
She wanted to see the capitol's children have to fight each other and have the parent's and families feel the pain that every other district had.
Katniss wanted the kids to no what it was like to watch your people and your family die like the people of the other districts did


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