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I didn't really understand the ending of the Hunger Games movie, can someone explain it to me?
I mean, at the end of the book they said that the game maker is killed, but they didn't say how. When he was locked in the room with those berries, was that supposed to show how he died?

joelovey posted question 6 years ago

stef9724 says...
Yes. They were the same berries Katniss and Peeta were going to eat at the end. President Snow said that the Games Keeper should have just blown Katniss and Peeta up right there, but he felt sympathy for them, and as punishment, he had to be killed.
The nightlock that Katniss and Peeta were going to eat in the arena was poisonous(duh its nightlock) and President Snow was mad at the head gamemaker, Seneca Crane, so he was locked in his room with nothing but nightlock
Well the Capitol made an announcement that now only there is only one victor peeta and katniss didn't want to leave each other so they risked both of their life's with the poison berries rue knew about at the last min they announce the two victors ;)
I'm not too sure to be honest, joelovey. Maybe search on google or somewhere? :)
Cupcake4323 says...
wait she said i didnt understand the end @ the book as well but then i looked it up :)
smileygirl says...
Yes he was locked in a room with the berries; meaning it was either starvation or a quick painless death. Which would you choose?
Caitlyn_girly15 says...
Did you read the book? The game maker never died, hes gettin payback for what they did.
Flaoer says...
It is a hook for the next in the series.
Haven't you read the books!?
i think we are all just typying answer so we can get more point but ye got it right
LauraJae says...
Basically, they all went insane :)
skodman says...
Well,Katniss and Peeta are obviously in terrible danger......That stunt could start sooooooo much trouble


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