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Very Hot Korra Pic, Hot or Not?
The Legend of Korra Poster,
The Legend of Korra Poster,
The Legend of Korra Poster,
Very Hot Korra Pic, Hot or Not?
Very Hot Korra Pic
Hot or Not?
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Submitted by Mitsuki3 2 years ago


The Legend of Korra
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Old Avatar and New Avatar, Korra's group and Aang's group
Ang in thelegend of korra., Ang restored Korras bending.
Makorra poem by Mako, 1. of all i didnt draw this amazing piece :D
i found it on tumblr and it made me laugh xD
Mako and Korra, Mako+Korra=Jorra
The legend of Korra,
the legend of korra, legend of korra :)
korra in action,
avatar gang, i did not draw
The Legend of Korra, Korra, Mako, Boalin, and Asauni
cool wallpaper,
Good Old Toph, Challenge Accepted.
LOL, Funny meme
The Legend of Korra,
Katara, She enjoys making Bolin feel bad.
Bumi, I hope we see more of him in Season 2!
Meelo Parties Hard, He also brings Lin along for the ride.
Amon, a close up of the mysterious Amon
korra in avatar state,
The Legend of Korra Poster,
The Legend of Korra Poster,

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