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Name: James Glover

Status: StuffPoint Moderator for UK

Current Goal: Razer Deathadder

--- If you have any questions about this site or anything to do with UK info please feel free to contact me ---

- 30/1/2013 - 2nd in Daily Survey Contest -

Thanks for visiting my profile, now, go earn those points!

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chamalik0302 says...
please answer i m new sent me msg where add the video and Watch?
posted @ 09/18 04:25.21 PM

disableddramaqueen says...
new to stuff point what are best ways to earn in uk
posted @ 02/18 06:01.56 PM

MooNaa says...
hi can you help me ??? and thanks
posted @ 02/10 01:48.46 PM

MooNaa says...
hi can you help me ??? and thanks
posted @ 02/10 01:47.02 PM

YourGirlAddie says...
How did you get so many refferals so quickly?
posted @ 02/02 04:03.05 PM

MagicBeans says...
HEY YOOOU, I know you're gonna be checkin' so lemme tell you again that he said he's going down the list. It shouldnt take too long before you get the email. I'll keep special tabs on your order, Hunny :3
posted @ 01/30 12:19.39 AM

MagicBeans says...
You REMOVED it! Booooo ;p
posted @ 01/29 12:55.51 PM

MagicBeans says...
Lmfao! Did you really just add my lipstick to your wishlist? :'DDDD
posted @ 10/03 02:45.08 PM

MagicBeans says...
Welcome to SP! ;o And thank you
posted @ 07/08 01:55.40 PM
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