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mistic0 says...
do i need addres verification to get the code from the 5$ UGC i have bought ?
posted @ 02/15 09:37.00 AM

libyan says...

posted @ 03/11 09:01.05 AM

kouts_ says...
Γειά, υπάρχει κάτι που δεν έχω δει και μπορείς να μαζέψεις τόσους πόντους??

posted @ 02/26 09:27.21 AM

melanie_0925 says...
i clickded for you! ^-^
posted @ 12/20 12:32.53 PM

melanie_0925 says...
Congrats on getting another album!!! ^-^ Spreading the love of K-pop!
posted @ 12/18 06:08.47 PM

melanie_0925 says...
Thank you for joining my Gurupop fanclub, are you a member too?
posted @ 12/16 05:43.43 PM

Thania says...
ναιι με βοηθησες πολυ! Ευχαριστω
posted @ 12/15 02:11.36 AM

Thania says...
ουααααααουυ*.* πως μπορεσες να μαζεψεις τοσους ποντους?!;Ο γιατι για την Ελλαδα εχουν πολυ λιγοτερες προσφορες σε σχεση με αλλες χωρες!
posted @ 12/13 08:21.35 AM

nicoleswag_ says...
no problem~!
posted @ 12/08 07:30.54 PM

Francesca9 says...
Hy, how can I have more points? i want have 10.000 p to have the $10 Stardoll =}
posted @ 11/11 02:39.20 PM

Emanouela8987 says...
αφου ειδα οτι εχεις ελληνικη σημαια!καταλαβα οτι εισαι και Ελληνιδα!ελπιζω να καταλαβες και εσυ οτι και εγω ειμαι!!!!πολυ ωραιο κλαμπ!!
posted @ 11/11 10:24.26 AM

massifuxi says...
posted @ 11/05 06:39.48 PM

charnyeorl says...
ok thanks . i got it Thanks . tq very much !
posted @ 11/04 06:32.52 AM

charnyeorl says...
I done with my offer . I'm totally lost with crowdflower ;_; i tried so many times
posted @ 11/04 06:23.00 AM
Still can't find it? Time to google it!