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Hello Stuffpointers,
I haven't been on this for a year! I guess I just had so many tests...:(
But now I'm back (and ready for you baby, lol jks) and I'm ready to earn more points over my holidays :)

(>‿♥) My account is shared with me and my sister. Angela and Katie :)

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Luthebest13 says...
i watch austin and ally too
posted @ 11/20 02:48.46 PM

Midway says...
Welcome back to Stuffpoint! (:
posted @ 07/03 11:27.50 PM

WatchOut says...
I pasted your level!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted @ 01/22 02:50.43 AM

WatchOut says...
Damn! you reached 3000 already!
posted @ 12/23 09:22.04 PM

WatchOut says...
Hey why arent you responding to my comments!? on stardoll on chat!!!!!!
posted @ 11/27 12:17.06 AM

WatchOut says...

posted @ 11/25 02:45.23 AM

WatchOut says...
What if i say that the operation was misunderstood and i say that u actually went to the air port please answer back quickly cuz its tomorrow D:
posted @ 11/25 02:05.42 AM

LadyBosTonN_sl says...
posted @ 11/25 12:31.34 AM

WatchOut says...
Hey angie Its me Tu Uyen (tt)
posted @ 11/23 01:50.51 AM

princessemily123 says...
posted @ 11/22 05:44.49 PM
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