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myshot_lol says...
posted @ 01/13 10:12.12 AM

myshot_lol says...
hey, can you help me earn points, i see you earn points great but i can't seem to earn alot, can you help?
posted @ 01/13 10:07.41 AM

MagicBeans says...
Wow, where have you been lol?
posted @ 09/30 05:38.42 PM

lolo_09 says...
join my club
posted @ 08/10 01:54.19 PM

Gamer says...
Wow, how'd you get six surveys done already?
posted @ 03/15 01:56.31 AM

PartyAnimal says...
if i had 100$ paypal :/ ...
posted @ 01/05 04:06.29 PM

asaverakitty says...
hey u got lots point ca plese get 10,000 please if want to thxxx
posted @ 01/05 12:22.01 PM

Gamer says...
Hey, congratulations on redeeming the rewards!
posted @ 01/02 02:48.31 AM

Hydrostarx says...
Lol. I used to do some Japanese so I know a tad. Romaji rules.
posted @ 12/30 02:29.21 PM

Hydrostarx says...
Konichiwa! Watashi wa Hydrostarx. NIce to meet ya.
posted @ 12/30 02:22.47 PM

lala32 says...
how long does it take you to redeem a gift card in your email??
posted @ 12/27 10:06.50 AM

abanoub123 says...
i want to level up to be a silver member and it says i need to receive a physical gift in the mail and i did bet i haven't leveled up yet. is it because i need to upload a picture of the reward???
posted @ 12/22 10:40.25 PM

abanoub123 says...
have u been experiencing problems with daily surveys? since they updated there server i have been having this problem. they don't reset at midnight
posted @ 12/22 11:05.42 AM

TeresaSapphire_sl says...
wow great stats that you have and thanks for the friendship
posted @ 12/20 01:37.47 PM
Still can't find it? Time to google it!