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yo im mael and i am actually stuffpoints biggest weenie xoxo

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AyumiAyakura says...
f**k yeah!
Now i will just wait for my prize. :3
posted @ 01/31 04:55.35 AM

Sourloser says...
Yes they are amazing films. U can go on this website on your mobile device. Www.veoh.com/iPhone
posted @ 01/17 03:02.19 PM

Sourloser says...
I no I'm an L fan girl too! Do u happen to watch studio ghibli films?
posted @ 01/13 05:28.59 PM

Sourloser says...
Hi I joined the club random and what animes do u watch?
posted @ 01/12 07:34.32 PM

tosakisayata says...
most of mine is comedy, romance and am watching Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo and Maoyuu Maou Yuusha at the moment
posted @ 01/12 02:20.33 PM

apple124 says...
your welcome
posted @ 01/12 08:11.47 AM

tosakisayata says...
Me? hmmmm lets see yes i like anime very much and i like Harem/Romance type haha
posted @ 01/11 04:02.35 PM

tosakisayata says...
Nice to meet you too ^^
posted @ 01/11 09:07.53 AM
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